Page  231 ï~~NETWORK APPROACH OF SHARING MUSIC ST Richard Foss and Ant Computer Science Department Grahamstown 6140, Sc e-m csrf.rures@f4.n494 Abstract: A computer music course offered the musical resources of a single computer wasteful of music resources and difficult to networking project has been initiated. The fir the same facilities as in the current studio, ti of remote, networked, IBM PC workstations. resources, and patch and mix their outputs I Introduction For the past two years, a computer music course ha comnuter science students. In the first half of the c

Page  232 ï~~transmitted over ethernet from the workstations to thes the audio and MIDI patchbays,. as well as over the mu Both MIDI being the patch audio bays and are for custom-built the network project. The audio patch bay allows for mixing of signals at the patch nodes as well volume control Gain at and these nodes. equ aization controls are provided at the inputs to the.patch bay. A single patch bay has.16 inputs and bays 16 can outputs. Patch configured to provide 64 inputs and 64 outputs. Each patch bavhasa nnnl nf nnda esWn v kt I tiA n"n '-'Ol

Page  233 ï~~can be set before sequencing and changed via a pop-up changes are not recorded. Controlled fading will be MIDI volume control on each synthesizer. A sequence patch bays would allow automated fading, equalizati without clogging MIDI lines. A first solution could machine which would provide synchronization signals t record mix level changes made by a user and transmit t could be 'played back' or recorded over. A customized approach to instrument selection. The hardware comm hardware configuration. The configuration proposed MIDI servers is cleaner. However, his proposal does workstations or theindeterminacy inherent in using a I promises to solve the clutter problem by providing a si SMPTE and MIDI signals could travel. However, it loc take some time yet. Of particular concern is the co method to reduce hardware links would be to retain transmitters and receivers for the transmission of M] available for the short range transmission of MIDI an Benefits nf the network 2nnrnorh need tnhe rnntrasts