Page  228 ï~~Compositional Envi based on PreFORM II, PatchWor Jacques Duthen IRCAM, Department of Musical Research, 31 rue Saint-Merri, F-75004 Paris, France. e-mail:, uunet!ircam! duthen. ABSTRACT: We present an integrated compositic LeLisp on the Macintosh II and based on some of t IRCAM and related to computer-aided composition. P system which includes a MIDI driver, a scheduler, a g graphical controls and a multi-application environment graphical functional programming language named compositional functions named Esquisse. Introduction The aim of this project is to build a unique environment and that offers a number of basic functions and editors used by the and edit them under various representations, as well as adding 4..o," an n * a n n1ns

Page  229 ï~~PatchWork is an integrator of graphical applications writt into a patch some generators and receivers through transfoi new object available in the system and duplicatable. The variable, or random generator, or numeric input controller patches designed by the user, or any custom-made objec designed by any programmer) They can even be whole objects in the patch. Every object receives its data from it, "cut/copy/paste" algorithmically. paradigm (which can also be used). I The data structures can be shared by different applicati applications can talk to each other. In the case of editors, the user can act directly and graphic miniaturized version of it to PatchWork modules to process Creating notation editor which includes C The way the user interacts with data is defined in an object (cf. the "Model-View-Controller" paradigm of Smallalk). r standard Macintosh events (i.e. key, mouse) as well as th Pvntn an trrxwiinAniantv~io n l r,nni nin taAn, n i

Page  230 ï~~Figure 1: The break-point function editor Apps File Edit Ctrl MN Optic S