Page  212 ï~~E -SCAFP An Extendabic Sonic Composition a Tim Anderson MILsic Technology Group University of York Heslington York YO 1 5 DD Email: tma I( ABSTRACT: This c ustomisable, 1 c nt u to,c n rl a d t a s o m toofnproduced by interfacing to any configurable D vta a device database containing translation a effect control of sound objects at any level sonic and process-cont rot parameters con1-st ruct ed avail; processing objects can t presented graphically' or textually. The can l: are downloadable to hardware. T 1,;.. l"; 1 "*Irrra nfla dtttsS i rIt!ir. 0C1 r^;4 UA* fbl t oA

Page  213 ï~~Riles in a device database decide how to COmnflU con junction With its knowledge of the device's patch used to transmit f ixedPSPs such as envelope attack-r such as filter-frequency, vibrato-depth. or FM-index. -I details., and enables the Same PSPs C..OflllhiIflI devices. Primiltive-eve nt-objs also contain any number of pa t Common onset actions are to start -a-notc and to SC protocol invoked by this message depends on the part implement the inst rument-ob j of the priimit i \e-c\'eflt - synt hesizer de vice. "start-a-note woul send I prirnt we-event -obj. p.-, he same rriil itvec\'ent -obj C DSP device - onlIy the loxw level Implementation of I change. All events may also contain event control-object; 1S[s of the Instrument-ob js Used b the event.Ani data pattern (set of ordered x8.value pairs), and two,90p; and an available PSP assigned to the, data.. Each PST I.

Page  214 ï~~If more detailed timbral control is desired, an event-co hierarchy uIt iiii ate ly, tall the PSP of an Lfstrutfl'flt the lowest level) by a primitivc-ecvcnt-ob j. Dev ice -la- - as C. Instrumnent-ob js reference al ccntr user to match the hardware system ill use.. Each hardh device-ob ject which contains: librarv device patch Loflfigtufat loll: implemented on this device. PSPs. a nd f ixedAPSPs available C necessitate the use of rules \which determine the availat A A series of pipelined rulebases to convert N' affecting possibily man y concurrent events 11to a Senf dece in uIse. anld take into account the overall sv sten Rules (\which may mlerel I mappings, pr ocessing-objs) c~onlvert IPS1s and their ranges I parameter messages, probably with different val tes. device which responds directly' to the parameter may0 parameter "vzbrato-rate'. A stream of PSIS messages f 1%l~, to 5S"/,%nf tIhe nitcI(ec) nf t he'eve'nt -nb iifs)i inde-'

Page  215 ï~~APPENDIX: - - *11 eeL stgwstructure -.- - -b Complex-event -object Setup-object Device-object nstrii ment - Scheduling-object Cornplex-event -objec Pr imiIt I ve-tvelt -objec Processing-objects Cant rol-ob Event -control-objects, ~~ Anderson.,D.P 1987 Synthazer M1anagem~ent i)a Biythe.D.. J.Kitamiira. D.Ciaiioway. and NI;11C'grove. Katosizer. Proc 196' /CA/C. p(.Lk4)rf -- n~i IA N\bilin JQ)RR " V lea t I.~ Ai 'A unto I - 9