Page  209 ï~~Real-Time Cs Software Synthesis with 60 Barry Vercoe Media Laboratory, Room E15-490 M.I.T. Cambridge, MA 02139 U.S.A. bv@ ABSTRACT: A new version of Csound i with computing for the 90's. The familiar ai package has recently been extended and re: power or synthesis computers into the hands with of c( phase C has been expanded instruments can perform analysis of incomi maieshasdbeen re-tailored for rea1-time machines, and the package has been made pc Intrndnction and goals A a I

Page  210 ï~~The growth of a hardware-specific Csound for this e most of the familiar data-paths and unit-generators w simplified for realtime reasons: FOF synthesis did nc (see below). Also, operations not contributing to sa coefficients during CF motion) were placed in a slov (this j-rate control is asynchronous with the k-rate realtime experience was important in hatching a new c sensing and control Most notable were a stable pitci following and synchronized accompaniment, see also and envelope concepts that permtushdldosta The hardware multi-processor is an attractive platform progress on how to distribute the load of unschedule multiprocessor systems are widely available, and vei frustrating to musicians because of almost annual obs As one way of beating this, the methods of realtime s experience have been ported almost intact into Csound suggest how a realtime software Csound might possib Extension the software signal processi The new software version includes several new synths

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