Page  208 ï~~Score Input to CSound via t Hans Strasburger 1,2 Stefan Kohl 1Computermusic Studio (CMRS) 2lnstit Universitit Salzburg ( Hellbrunnerstr. 34 A-5020 Salzburg, Osterreich I email: hans.strasburger@psychologie.m CSound - Barry Vercoe's portable version of his pow - shares with other synthesis programs in the Musicto input musical event data, that is, scores. Several aid the musician in this tedious task, among them Score-li, itself a port of Leland Smith's Score Inj less comfortable than what we are used to in the developed a preprocessor to the preprocessor Score-1 a Midi keyboard or from mouse clicks on the image Sllinnut. as the nrogram is called, runs on Atari S