Page  205 ï~~SECOND-ORDER UNIVERSAL REAL-TIME MUS Ui Shimony and Yehuda Zarfati Laboratory of Computer Music Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering Technion, Israel Institute of Technology Haifa 32000, Israel ABSTRACT: Any type of sound can in prin the related difference partial or ordinary coul calculating power required, parallel process multiprocessing machine is to design it by elementary processing units. This article P Processing Device" (UPD), describes its opel computer simulations for simple wave forms

Page  206 ï~~The present article describes an alternative calculating Device (UPD), which is intended to be realised as introduction is that it can be set to operate in various a modes is specially designed to emulate simultaneous acoustic instruments. Another one is designed for FM: the device has a more complicated arithmetic and shoul calculating device, with a delay of two time units betw device is its main merit, since it enables it to use few The UPD and its Modes Multipli Input i

Page  207 ï~~quite wasteful, because it is not fully utilised. It seems much more practical to allow local intercon generation of various sound functions. These simpl hierarchical system to form complicated sounds. U(n) M(n) Control Clock from host I alai Ll U(n) computer M(n) Control Clock * B