Page  172 ï~~UNISON A REAL-TIME INTE DIGITAL SOUND John A. Ba Department of Compi University of M4 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Ca email: Bate@ccm.un ABSTRACT: This system allows sound synt entered by connecting graphical representatio The results are synthesized in real time using a the host computer. The system is interactive, a at any time and hear the results instantly. Grar screen also affect the system with mini intervention. New algorithms may be encarsul

Page  173 ï~~Devices: A device is an object which performs some c production. Each device has an associated picture as well as one or more input or output pins which r leaving the device. There may also be controls in operation in certain ways. A set of primitive pre-defined devices is suppli Carrier Yibrato + 40g.7lg Hz... "....9.',.............*... a. 002 0.. ml (A) (B) Device (A) is a sine oscillator with inputs cons "W isannother sine oscillator containing twon

Page  174 ï~~processor, and additional space is assigned to satisf" simple linkage editor is then used to patch the code i; Each control in the circuit will affect one or mo oft ed vc o tii gi.E c ft eewl a eaof the signal processor one the circuit has been cornj control, or when MIDI data is received by the host stored into the corresponding addresses in the signal Device Creation: New devices may be created in two different wa hby directly supplying the signal processor code, the picture, pins, and controls. A simple symbolic form; the user must be capable of writing, assenbling, environment before presenting the results to Unison Any circuit may also be encapsulated to form a code for the circuit will become the code for the ne' enable input and output connections to be specifiec the rirritmnu inheritsAdhb the newevi fnirr