Page  159 ï~~The Sonogram: tool for visual do Simon Waters Univ. of East Anglia Kineto-Aud Music Centre Norwich NR4 7TJ. UK Scder M la e-IT: ABSTRACT The purpose representing this technique for music tial uses for the tool described, and of the sonograms use. INTRODUCTION The sonogram s par large scale visual reference for musics whic ethnic electro-acoustic music), but into many areas musical structure whic even with notated musics. The features which distinguish our p. S

Page  160 ï~~more specialised information it provides for the thc lack publishable score the sonogramn prov ides an explanation for the public regarded as 'difficult' partly becausc o that lac Mixed media fluent 1 T4 its non-reliance user being almost con principles can g rasped immediately time-objective working tool for artists and tech sic and other media interrelate choreographer: conjunction with clectroacoustic music tape, tely an'd proportionately placed events tih reference ror anyone concerned with the synch Education As an aural analysis, [ormal criticism, compositional notations/graphic score systems such features at particular interest within the educati public the sonogram s intuitive 'legibility' 4 described are evident to the non musically-liter the principles rcprescntation. not least b analogies with other disciplines at various level I.a0 % - a I I L - - - -wf -- - -- -1-*

Page  161 ï~~use. Tamas Ungvary s "Praludi urn 00 for or nogram visual reference the architi from tional the limitations simple audi tive con process. D. Glans (Switzerland) transf erred so the field critical eval]uation Ier(2) uses ( conical-bore sonogramns ad) baroque support her thesi flute (Bach those ( cylindrical) modern Partita equ ivale articulation the music which was w ritth Stoize CGermany) used sonogramns Sonograms has been showed COD ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. The writing this paper Was supported 1I Y dation, made w hose IStockholm. The authors Pcr-Olof would like 3 Paul Pignon. Strum berg, help could not have been realisec NOTES AND REFERENCES (1) WVishart, Trevor: "On Sonic Art" (Imagii L

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