Page  121 ï~~SURROUND. AB BFormat Soundfield I for the Composers' Desktop P M. Sile O'Modhrain Music Technology Group University of York Heslington York YOl 5DD. UK ABSTRACT: "SURROUNDSOUND" is a prc B-Format Ambisonic soundfiles, which runs on range of musical workstations. The reasoning potential compositional tool consider provides are briefly described. Some design de available from the author. the formulae req complex soundfield transformations are quoted of references.

Page  122 ï~~By defining these objectives, already some fundament structure had been made. If the speed of transformati parameters created by any previous transformations since the actual soundfile compilation is relatively slow before the actual compilation. These factors, together one pass, to prevent the degradation of the signal-to two distinct sections - the first of which dealt with tl a second which dealt with both the conversion of an also the cross-multiplication samples and spatia encoded output samples. Transformation Options After experimenting with analogue Ambisonic recordi should, at a minimum, provide theflollowing facilities: 1. Convert A procedure to convert mono or d \Vith ease an tihe C.SoundC can create B-Format soundfiles. Rotate allow the soundfield I arbitrary axis.

Page  123 ï~~The direction of tumble is required. The 11101 lthin imaged in one of three planes: 1) the left/right vertical the up/down horizontal plane. The 'fixed' option Start-time and remain inverted until End-time. The t be mirrored progressively, so that sounds pass th through the time specified, arriving at the opposite at For transformation functions the start and end hundredth of a second) is required, and the user may the fixed option is chosen the selected soundfield Start-time, and will remain at this position until End= soundfield will change its orientation gradually over t End-time. Further menu functions are provided for the user: Save Parameters - this functions allows parameters be saved to disk as text files. These may then be re-us Compile Output Soundfile This computes the f according to the orocesses soecified in the narameter