Page  85 ï~~CESAM Concept Engine for Sy Frode Hol Department of Compute Center for Computer Mus University of Cal Santa Barbara, C) A new computational model that addresses some of generation" synthesis languages is outlined. The mo and CSP and is formulated under the strictest realti work and a preliminary prototype shows that impler constraints are feasible. One of the key advantages c programming elements which makes it possible to h musical concepts at any level of abstraction and son intnsic boundaries like e.g. "instrument, "note" ax

Page  86 ï~~translated into a table lookup. The programming model is summarized in fig. I The ni associated with an Eventstream, which consists of time-( simply the parameters to the above transformation, fixe SIGNALS L1 1-- I.5 I-qS -- 1I.

Page  87 ï~~the table headings are as follows: A - Amplitude, F a Fre (corresponding to a, f, q and x respectively in the formula In fig. 3 a simple musical example is shown. D = Duratic The placement of Events on the time-axis can be done wi The PNO subnetwork represents the output of a network like sound or maybe plays back a sampled piano. PNO V4 I LHU RH" D A F 2N PNO D A F 16N -- 16N mf c I