Page  79 ï~~DSP Driver Software for Performance Systems Adrian Freed and Keil Center for New Music and Aud Department of Mu; 1750 Arch Stree Berkeley, CA 947' adrian@cnmatberkele ABSTRACT: We describe a software interfac performance environments and low level soft, multiprocessors. We describe the first implen proposed interface for low-cost, commerciall signal processors eson8'M, SoundAccelerator'.4I1a aI ao 0, I 04n

Page  80 ï~~Control parameters are represented as vectors of floating partly on the nature of the computations in the control s interested in. The overriding consideration, however, W representation which could be mapped efficiently to the re floating point signal processors. Industry backing of decreasing incremental system cost of floating point vindi The driver also performs housekeeping jobs for the signs and loading them with code from descriptions stored in th Driver for Motorola DSPS6001 The first implementation of a driver using the interface I DSP56001 -based [Motorola 1989] signal process( AudioMedia", MacMix ExcelleratorTM This driver has and MAX. The driver scans cards installed in a Macintosh compu information on cards with DSP resources. It matches the compiled algorithms stored in files of DSP56001 machi

Page  81 ï~~The DSP dnivcr has been encapsulated into an object using its external code resource facility. This object code into DSP nodes and read and write vectors of j host environment for the DSP driver. Its strong and e and table lookup allow musicians quickly li performances. MAX is also very useful for the rai developing new DSP algorithms for sound synthesis a Csop bad rods.Wemmtns "06P go nods Ids me'ers ann ifa bar Igf aS us wS oa ina a qIfaM Iwe'. 'sp punfl nods "4nihe DO ~ I 11w @UnImaag Mit Iotfsel ivgcw atwflth 1W startI -A -II ) /00000 The owtl message ba many tHrns o peek r pc Â~rcs $ 4The sup mesags ls I bnmmmm"" 4 'step Si I a peeklorpokeevy 'H O~Awmk a MMt of hoats 128. iGecPnta vt taes 11 I