Page  72 ï~~SOUND DATA BASE USING SPEC] AND AN ADDITIVE SYI Bernhard Feiten Elektronisches Studio T] uI TV H51, Inst. f. *omnkations wissenschaften, ThY - Berlin S trasse des 17. Juni 135 I D-1000 Berlin 12 T: +49 30 314 25699 ABSTRA CT: knowledge based proposed symbolic that level. allows The the co project imposer rounde Analysi and organisation sound. synthesis are optimized find Sir sound allows that co rrelates with human modification and composition I J L _L! _ _L... -! _...! 0 nn- --a-A.7a a a 1 ak A/%T t MAM AA N1

Page  73 ï~~To reach high time and frequency resolution the window overlap and the effective window parallel duration controlled a second FF-Analysis with a small window size, which determines the change of the average magnitude power spectrum [Feiten Becker 903. I Ai Rl The frequency tracks are approximated straight lines [Gre the.y 75:1. The straight lines correspond frequency logarithmic amplitude and scale. This leads additive synthesis model of the sound with a minimised Fig amount of data. The output from the analysis is Inch in the ".ads" format described in section 3. The results from listening tests are used to further imps requirements. Sound Editor (SOUNDED) The Sound Editor is the main level of the use be built. The Sound Editor allows to edit the redu shows the main page of the program.

Page  74 ï~~Sound and Property Data Base (SPDB) The concept of the Sound and Property Data F3 physical descniption of the sound and a symbolic de storage, a relational data base with a graphical interff fromthe reduced sound model with a neural networ them as description for retrieval of specified sound grave/acute or compact/diffuse and so on proposed b properties. For the grouping a likelyhood ratio will bN * - -a--- -t a -