Page  69 ï~~A SIGNAL EDIT THE IRCAM MUSICAL Gerhard Eck IRCAM 31, rue Saint F-75004 Pa email: eckel@ircan ABSTRACT: The SignalEditor is an extensil viewing, analyzing, editing, and processing sai Workstation (IMW). Its main intention is to pr with a sophisticated interface to handle digital a high quality graphics interface, a flexible sound file system, and a powerful signal procc discuss prototype implementation the C... A _ "

Page  70 ï~~In all signal representations one can select, copy, change the sequence of samples in the signal. Editing o (e.g. envelope editing) as well as filtering operations bz (e.g. spectral envelope editing) are supported. Another a extract features from signals using advanced signal analy guide segmentation, editing, or any other operation. F generic interface to signal processing facilities of the IM' to be realized in the same environment. The SignalEditor any signal used within the context of the IRCAM Musica The main intention of the design of the SignalEdi signal representation and editing into a tool which is flex integrated easily simultaneously, 0 Several signal representations showin allowing the observation the con representation. The Extension Language

Page  71 ï~~The virtual file interface VFILE is based virtual file scheme. 1 input/output package These functions duplicate the (stdio). Additionally they arbitrary positions in the file. This feature, which desired for editing large sound files. A virtual file i a chain of fragment files which make the ti established by the lexicographical sequence of information like the byte offset and size of the fi robust in keeping virtual files consistent becaus directories and hard links are used. Since real tinr design of the new sound file system will be based SpecDraw SpecDraw prototype implementation SignalEditor. It represents the signal in the form of be selected and used in further processing. Twc Either the selected regions are erased from the sigr