Page  53 ï~~CAPTURE, REPRESENTATION, ANI INSTRUMENTAL Claude CADOZ, Christop A.C.R.O.E. L Institut IMAG (Informatique et de Mathemn 46 Av. Felix Viallet - 38000 GR Tel:.33 76 57 4661 -Fax S ABSTRACT: In designing and construct creation, the INSTRUMENTAL GESTURE control of the sound synthesis processes mechanisms. This study is based on the imj to enable the capture and memorisation of th I.e. when the instrumentalist instrum Memorised gestual actions enable two new p to the representation and the processing of i that emerge lead to the elaboration of a "gest

Page  54 ï~~several devices given over to gestual communication. In p; these integrate tactilo-kinesthetic synthesis. To begin with, these devices enable the instrumental gestu properties, degrees of liberty,... as well as the force-feedb so that with the gesture can be executed in all its finesse ar central role, for there is no fine gestual action that does c kinesthetics. We arc going to introduce this research here. Our focus will as one of the objective elements, alongside the sound substitutes or representations), by which the musical corn then introduce the notions of edition and editor for the few guidelines for gesture editor The equipment that we use is the experimental device deve - All the machines used for sound synthesis by ph; CORDIS-ANIMA modular system. -The c'wrtnnlrnr remnn nIofk r Mnrhtihr r rm

Page  55 ï~~Hence, it is exaggerated to talk in terms of a gestual if we had a model of the operator's gestual organs could infer from this signal more characteristic in Gibet and Florens, ACROE - 87). In the simple situation studied here, we focussed evolution of the key between the instant it is stn returns to its rest position. We call this event a "SE The internal representation is based on this segn consists in extracting the segments on each of the (the key in the rest position). In this way, we c evolution data during its activity (sampling freq' associate their action time and key number. To cover more complex situations where the move degrees of liberty (joy-stick...), as well as those wh are used together, we structured this information int "channels" (relative to each organ), and "lanes" (rela A channel can be multidimensional (several lanes notion no longer applies the lane, but I multidimensional signal. a

Page  56 ï~~hiding any information concerning the events. Segmei and is always obtained via the attributes. The two representations are distinct, and can be called 4h - No representation procedure is def'nitive. Or number of base representations, but remains availab] Â~ choose, or even define himself. 0 Finally, the general representation mode of t More precisely, we have defined a paradigm, (thatw following way. the events (eventually mutiple) thata in a space (a highway) and they take place in front of t are represented in cavalier perspective along this hi proportionate to their temporal remoteness (or propoi very pertinent and operational since it effectively corre are all Lhat much smaller as they are far away in space However, it has turned out that this realistic and con more abstract form in 2D space, with time represent seuence complexity. To ccomodte or hiswe have implanted a system to the other indifferently. Processing