Page  24 ï~~COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY FOR YOU Adele Drake The Drake Research Project 3 Ure Lodge Ure Bank Terrace RIPON North Yorks HG4. LJG ABSTRACT: The Drake Research Project W children and young adults, in integrated workshc enable partictpatton tn music-making for even the York University Music Technology Department, w and performance system will be developed and ad the benefit of those who can only use switches. I

Page  25 ï~~On the positive side, and despite these problems, 11' opportunities for m1usic-mlaking previously considerec disabled. For the first time it is possible to join with of own, \\it1h the help of appropriate technology, to slowl' We shall listen to one or two examples of music fromc For moderately disabled pupils, it is easier to use a mop sounds. It is also possible to play chords (as we have to obey your nstructions on an instrumental kevboarc be hemiplegic, can access sound. from anywhere on ti mouse on the screen. Those w~ho have spina bif Ida oft playing sounds through the computer. or on a synthe this difficultyv. Pupils vvith muscular dystrophy, wh lc fingers only move across four semitones, can neverthel One of our early workshops was filmed Woodi This do recently on television in the bto for it' se.ries. disabled children specially to show other disabled I. T 1 ra

Page  26 ï~~CONCLUSION There remain problems, undoubtedly there will contradictory position of appearing to be at both ends vanguard of progress but remain in the dark ages. We can always see the next step, (and MIDI means addition we are constantly overtaken by the next piec short term, and working with existing technology, then or a tracker-ball (as anyone knows who uses a wordfar. If your body makes random and uncontrolled movei then moving a cursor horizontally S vertically or diagon frustrating, if not nightmarish. I think you will appreciate the problem and why we ne