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From Piano to Computer to Piano Risset, Jean-Claude
An Expert System for Teaching Piano to Novices Dannenberg, Roger; Sanchez, Marta; Joseph, Annabel; Capell, Peter; Joseph, Robert; Saul, Ronald
Computer Technology for Young Disabled Musicians Drake, Adèle
A Sound Design Ellis, Phil
Computer Assisted Music Instruction: Toward a More Viable Philosophy of Software Architecture Lukasik, Joseph
A Multimedia Digital Signal Processing Tutoring System Pointer, Sam; Wawrzynek, John; Wessel, David
Computer Music Courses Using Supercomputers: An Educational Experiment at NCSA/UIUC Tipei, Sever; Bargar, Robin; Cox, Ben; Kelley, David
In the Intimacy of a Sound Arfib, Daniel
Concurrent CSound: Parallel Execution fro High Speed Direct Synthesis Bailey, Nicholas J.; Purvis, Alan; Manning, Peter; Bowler, Ian
High-Level Control of Granular Synthesis Using the Concepts of Inheritance and Social Interaction Bowcott, Peter
Capture, Representation and "Composition" of the Instrumental Gesture Cadoz, Claude; Ramstein, Christophe
Modal Synthesis Compilation of Mechanical Sub-structures and Acoustical Sub-systems Calvet, Olivier; Laurens, Ronan; Adrien,
Disorder Sounds in Order: Theory and Practice in Instrument Simulaton Comerford, Peter; Kitching, Lucy
Pulsed Noise in Musical Systems, Techniques for Extraction, Analysis and Visualization Cook, Perry R.; Chafe, Christopher; Smith, Julius O.
Analytical Tools for Group Additive Synthesis Eaglestone, Barry; Oates, Shaun
A Signal Editor for the IRCAM Musical Workstation Eckel, Gerhard
Sound Data Base Using Spectral Analysis Reduction and an Additive Sythesis Model Feiten, Bernhard; Ungvary, Tamas
Modular Modelisation and Simulation of the Instrument Florens, Jean-Loup; Cadoz, Claude
DSP Driver Software for Performance-oriented Music Synthesis Systems Freed, Adrian; Gordon, Keith
An Improved Cepstral Method for Deconvolution of Source-Filter Systems with Discrete Spectra: Application to Musical Sound Signals Galas, Thierry; Rodet, Xavier
CESAM-A Concept Engine for Synthesis of Audio and Music Holm, Frode
Parameters Estimation for Non-linear Resynthesis Methods with the Help of a Time-Frequency Analysis for Real Sounds Kronland-Martinet, Richard; Guillermain, Philippe; Delprat, Nathalie
The Architecture and Musical Logic of Cmix Lansky, Paul
Synthesis of Acoustic Timbres using Principal Component Analysis Laughlin, Robert; Truax, Barry; Funt, Brian
Chaotic Non-linear Systems and Digital Synthesis: An Exploratory Study Truax, Barry
Time-shifting of Sampled Sound with a Real-time Granulation Technique Truax, Barry
Time Domain Computation of Three Dimensional Acoustic Field by Retarded Potential Holophonic Synthesis Adrien, Jean-Marie; Eotvös, Peter
An Interactive Real-time System for the Control of Sound Localization Bosi, Marina
Two New Approaches to the Simulation of Acoustic Spaces Garton, Brad
Ambisonics-A Technique for Low-Cost, High-Precision, Three-Dimensional Sound Diffusion Malham, David G.
Surroundsound: A B-format Soundfield Processing Program for the Composers’ Desktop Project Soundfile System O’Modhrain, Sile
Series Phi Digital Signal Processor Casserley, Lawrence
MIDAS: A Musical Instrument Digital Array Signal Processor Kirk, Ross; Orton, Richard
The IRCAM Musical Workstation: Hardware Overview and Signal Processing Features Lindemann, Eric
VLSI Parallel Processing for Musical Sound Synthesis Wawrzynek, John; von Eicken, Thorsten
Tracking Musical Beats in Real Time Allen, Paul E.; Dannenberg, Roger B.
A Computer Program for Analyzing Computer Musician’s Problem-Solving Ashley, Richard
A Computer Assisted Approach to Music Analysis Campbell, Bruce B.
Contemporary Music Analysis Package (CMAP) for Macintosh Castine, Peter; Brinkman, Alexander R.; Harris, Craig R.
PRISM: Pattern Recognition in Sound and Music Mont-Reynaud, Bernard; Gresset, Emmanuel
Musical Event Detection from Audio Signals within a Multi-resolution Framework Pearson, Edward R. S.; Wilson, Ronald G.
The Sonogram: A Tool for Visual Documentation of Musical Structure Waters, Simon; Ungvary, Tamas
ESATM: An Experimental System For Analyzing The Tonality of Melodies Yin, Feng; Xiang, Xhang
Autobusk: An Algorithmic Real-time Pitch and Rhythm Improvisation Programme Barlow, Clarence
An Highly Parallel Architecture for Real-time Music Synthesis and Digital Signal Processing Application Bailey, Nicholas J.; Purvis, Alan; Bowler, Ian; Manning, Peter
UniSon: A Real-time Interactive System for Digital Sound Synthesis Bate, John A.
The Sound Accelerator as a Real-time DSP Environment: Encoding/Decoding Audio Signals Bosi, Marina
New Techniques for a Real-time Phase Vocoder Bowler, Ian; Purvis, Alan; Manning, Peter; Bailey, Nick
On Mapping N Articulation Onto M Synthesiser-control Parameters Bowler, Ian; Purvis, Alan; Manning, Peter; Bailey, Nick
A Run-time System for Arctic Dannenberg, Roger B.
Efficient Dynamic Resource Management on Multiple DSPs as Implemented in the NeXT Music Kit Jaffe, David A.
A Real-time Implementation of Physical Models Malouf, Frederick L.; Lentczner, Mark; Chafe, Christopher
An Efficient Scheduling Algorithm for Real-time Musical Systems Orlarey, Yann
DSP-Sound: A Software Synthesis Package for Real-Time DPS-Based Systems Pinkston, Russell F.
Feature Classification and Related Response in a Real-time Interactive Music System Rowe, Robert
Second-Order Universal Processing Device for Real-time Music Synthesis Shimony, Uri; Zarfati, Yehuda
Score Input to CSound via the Midi Keyboard Strasburger, Hans; Kohler, Stefan; Radauer, Irmfried
Real-time CSound: Software Synthesis with Sensing and Control Vercoe, Barry; Ellis, Dan
E-SCAPE: An Extendable Sonic Composition and Performance Environment Anderson, Tim
Orpheus: A Graphical Composition Environment Buckley, Paul E. J.; Lewis, Andrew
The ST AMPLE Music Composition Language, an Implemenation of AMPLE for the Atari ST Burden, David
Variatons: A Hypermedia Project Providing Integrated Access to Music Information Burroughs, Michael; Fenske, David
UDI: A Unified DSP Interface for Sound Signal Analysis and Synthesis Depalle, Philippe; Rodet, Xavier
A Compositional Environment Based on PreFORM II, Patchwork, and Esquisse Duthen, Jacques; Laurson, Mikael
A Network Approach to the Problem of Sharing Music Studio Resources Foss, Richard J.; Wilks, Antony
Natural Selection of Musical Identities Hartmann, Per
A Language for Composition Hitt, Dan; On Lo, Yee
ANIMAL-A Rapid Prototyping Environment for Computer Music Systems Lindemann, Eric
Ensemble: An Extensible Real-time Music Performance Environment McNabb, Michael
The New UPIC System Marino, Gerard; Raczinski, Jean-Michael; Serra, Marie-Hélène
A Graphical Editor for Building Unit Generator Patches Minnick, Michael
Quill: An Interpreter for Creating Music-objects within the Dmix Environment Oppenheim, Daniel V.
EXPLODE: A User Interface for Sequencing and Score Following Puckette, Miller
Mixview: A Portable, Graphics-based Soundfile Editor and Processor Scott, Douglas
A Universal Recorder for the IRCAM Musical Workstation Smith, Bennett K.
A Real-time Operating System for Computer Music Viara, Eric; Puckette, Miller
Patchmix: A C++ X Graphical Interface to Cmix Helmuth, Mara
Algorithmic Composition: Quantum Mechanics and the Musical Domain Bain, Reginald
Subsymbolic Approaches to Musical Composition. A Behavioral Model Beyls, Peter
Beyond MIDI: Knowledge-based Support for Computer-Aided Composition Bocker, Heinz-Dieter; Mahling, Andreas; Wehinger, Rainer
Pattern Matching as an Engine for the Computer Simulation of Musical Style Cope, David
A Constraint-based Logic Program for Generating Polyphonies Courtot, Francis
Experience with a Harmony-Learning Program Harrison, Malcolm C.; Haig, Suzanne; Horowitz, Gershon
Metabolizing Music Iverson, Eric; Hartley, Roger
Computer-Assisted Composition by Interactive Rhythm Transformations Johansson, Johannes; Molin, Bengt-Arne
Algorithmic Explorations of Juxtaposition and Simultaneity in Computer-aided Composition Jones, Kevin
The Kansei Music System ’90 Katayose, Haruhio; Inokuchi, Seiji
A Neural Network that Learns to Play in Different Music Styles Linster, Christiane
Cellular Automata Music Millen, Dale
Musical Composition as a Constraint Satisfaction Problem Ovans, Russell
One Example of How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Useful in Music Fields Rousseaux, Francis
Composition by Exploration of Non-linear Dynamic Systems Di Scipio, Agostino
Counterpoint Compositions in Non-tempered Systems: Theory and Algorithms Balzer, Klaus; Streitberg, Bernd
Knowledge Information Processing in Conducting Computer Music Performer Morita, Hideyuki; Watanabe, Hiroshi; Harada, Tsutomu; Ohteru, Sadamu; Hashimoto, Shuji
A Tuning System Laboratory for the NeXT Computer Parod, Bill
Godel Tune: Formal Models in Music Recognition Systems Richard, Dominique
The Usefulness of Qualitative Theories of Musical Perception Widmer, Gerhard
Problems to be faced by Developers of Computer-based Automatic Music Recognisers Clarke, Alastair; Brown, Malcolm; Thorne, Michael
Conceptual Integrity in a Musical Notation Program Diener, Glendon R.
Towards a New Paradigm for the Representation of Musical Information Hull, Stephen
Pathways from the Dream Spell Series Bestor, Charles
Autocorrelation and the Study of Musical Expression Desain, Peter; de Vos, Siebe
Music in Architecture / Architecture in Music Dorgan, Robert Alan
POCO: An Environment for Analysing, Modifying and Generating Expression in Music Honing, Henkjan
Is More Than Three Decades of Computer Music Reaching the Public it Deserves? Landy, Leigh
Computational Modeling of Musical Expression Todd, Neil P. McA
A Modular DSP Perfomance System for the Composer/Progammer Brandt, Daniel
Modular Feedback Keyboard Cadoz, Claude; Lisowski, Leszek; Florens, Jean-Loup
ENSEMBLE: An Object-oriented Real-time Perfomance System Dyer, Lounette M.
Gestural Control of Sound Synthesis Gibet, Sylvie; Marteau, Pierre-François
MIDIGRID: An Innovative Computer-based Performance and Composition System Hunt, Andy; Kirk, Ross; Orton, Richard
A Meta-Action for the Grand Piano Riddell, Alistair M.
Recent Advances in the Coupling of the Language MAX with the Matthews/Boie Radio Drum Schloss, W. Andrew
Potential Applications of MIDI Software in Improvised Musical Performance Tobenfeld, Emile
IRCAM: Studio Report Allouis, Jean-François; Barrière, Jean-Baptiste; Battier, Marc
About 605k Barlow, Clarence
Electronic and Computer Music at the Peabody Conservatory Boyle, McGregor; Ivey, Jean Eichelberger; Pirali, Edmund; Wright, Geoffrey
Studio Report: Huddersfield Polytechnic Electronic and Computer Music Studios Clarke, Michael; Bromwich, Mark; Smith, Geoff
Woof! The Columbia University Computer Music Facility Garton, Brad; Bassett, Rick; Helmuth,
EMS Studio Report Lunell, Hans
Studio Report, University of Durham, England Manning, Peter D.; Berry, Ron; Bowler, Ian; Purvis, Alan; Bailey, Nicolas J.
The Laboratorio de Informatica y Electronica Musical of CDMC Madrid Nuñez, Adolfo
DIEM Studio Report Siegel, Wayne
The Computer Music Studio at Salzburg Strasburger, Hans; Radauer, Irmfried