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The Interactive Arts System: Introduction to a Real Time Performance Tool Allik, Kristi; Mulder, Robert
A Computer System for Learning Analytic Listening Ashley, Richard
Computer-Based Learning: Models and Lessons for Computer Music Systems Ashley, Richard
The Articially Intelligent Computer Performer on the Macintosh II and a Pattern Matching Algorithm for Real-time Interactive Performance Baird, Bridget
A Digital Signal Multiprocessor and its Musical Application Barrière, Jean-Baptsite; Baisnée, Pierre-François; Freed, Adrian; Baudot, Marie-Dominique
The Computer Music Project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: 1989 Beauchamp, James
Studio Report: Tempo Reale Bernardini, Nicola; Otto, Peter
TRAILS: An Interactive System for Sound Location Bernardini, Nicola; Otto, Peter
The Musical Universe of Cellular Automata Beyls, Peter
The Radio Drum as a Synthesizer Controller Boie, Bob
A Modular Approach to Excitator-Resonator Interaction in Physical Models Synthesis Borin, G.; De Poli, G.; Sarti, A.
Granular Resynthesis and Transformation of Sounds through Wavelet Transform Analysis Boyer, Frédéric; Kronland-Martinet, Richard
Cellular Automation as a Means of High Level Compositional Control of Granular Synthesis Bowcott, Peter
A Transputer-based Additive Synthesis Implementation Bowler, Ian; Manning, Peter; Purvis, Alan; Bailey, Nick
The Banff Centre Media Arts Program: Studio Report and Artistic Retrospective Centruy, Michael
Performance with Electronics: Gesture Interfaces and Software Toolkit Chabot, Xavier
Synthesis fo the Singing Voice Using a Physically Parameterized Model of the Human Vocal Tract Cook, Perry
Music Representation Issues: A Position Paper Dannenberg, Roger
Fugue: Composition and Sound Synthesis with Lazy Evaluation and Behavioral Abstraction Dannenberg, Roger; Fraley, Christopher Lee
A Connectionist Quantizer Desain, Peter; Honing, Henkjan; de Rijk, Klaus
Nutation: Structural Organization Versus Graphical Generality in a Common Music Notation Program Diener, Glendon R.
Studio Report for the Center for Computer Music at Brooklyn College Dodge, Charles; Bahn, Curtis
Spinning the sounds in real-time Dutilleux, Pierre
Position Paper for Music Representation Panel Dyer, Lounette M.
Contour: A Real-time Midi System Based on Gestural Input Wigenfeldt, Arne
Enhancing Scientific Animations with Sonic Maps Evans, Brian
New Media for Musicological Research and Education - The Country Blues in HyperMedia Freed, Adrian
Issues in the Design of an Optical Music Recognition System Fujinaga, Ichiro; Alphonce, Bo; Pennycook, Bruce
Meta-Issues in Music Representation: Notes of a Panel Discussion Garnett, Guy E.
A Shortest-path Algorithm for Musical Harmony Harrison, Malcolm C.; Haig, Suzanne; Horowitz, Gershon
Music Server Hirata, Kenji; Aoyagi, Tatsuya
Frequency Scheduling: Realtime Scheduling in Multiprocessing Systems Holm, Frode
Characterizing Musical Textures Huron, David
Overview of the NeXT Music Kit Jaffe, David A.
An Approach to an Artificial Music Expert Katayose, H.; Kato, H.; Imai, M.; Inokuchi, S.
Music Interpreter in the Kansei Music System Katayose, H.; Takami, K.; Fukuoka, T.; Inokuchi, S.
The MIDI Baton Keane, David; Gross, Peter
The Hybrid: A Music Performance System Kramer, Gregory; Moog, Robert; Peevers, Alan
Recent Developments at The Center for Computer Music Composition Kuchera-Morin, JoAnn; Timis, Dan
Six Techniques for Algorithmic Music Composition (Extend Abstract) Langston, Peter S.
The use of Prony's Method for the Analysis of Musical Sounds. Application to Percussive Sounds Laroche, Jean; Rodet, Xavier
Patchwork: a Graphic Language in preFORM Laurson, Mikael; Duthen, Jacques
A Real Time Computer Music Synthesis System Based on the Motorola 56001 Lent, Keith; Silsbee, Peter
Algorithms for Music Composition by Neural Nets: Improved CBR Paradigms Lewis, J.P.
Experiments with a Gestural Controller Logemann, George W.
Hyperinstruments: Musically Intelligent and Interactive Performance and Creativity Systems Machover, Tod; Chung, Joe
An Integrated Music Information Processing System: PSB-er Matsushima, Toshiaki; Ohteru, Sadamu; Hashimoto, Shuji
Real-time Acoustic Analysis of Polyphonic Music McGee, W. F.; Merkley, P
Denodulated Vector (DVQ), and Real time Music Synthesis via DVQ Codebooks Medovich, Mark J,
Computer Music System Which Follows a Human Conductor Morita, H.; Ohteru, S.; Hashimoto, S.
Hardware, Software, and Compositional Tools for a Real Time Improvised Solo Trumpet Work Morrill, Dexter; Cook, Perry R.
Musical Paste and Geometric Image Modelling Naranjo, Michael; Duc, Irène
Algorithmic Approaches to Interactive Composition Nelson, Gary Lee
The Computer and Electronic Music Studio at the CDMC, Madrid Núñez, Adolfo
DMIX: An Environment for Composition Oppenheim, Daniel V.
Midi Share Orlarey, Yann; Lequay, Hervé
Computer Applications in Music at McGill University Pennycook, Bruce
The Accelerando Project Pinkston, Russell F.
Considerations in the Design of a Music Representation Language Pope, Stephen Travis
Modeling Musical Structures as EventGenerators Pope, Stephen Travis
VLSI for a Physical Model of Musical Instruments Oscillations Rivas, David; Watkins, Steve; Chau, Paul M.
Active Music Representations Roads, Curtis
A General-Purpose Object-Oriented System for Musical Graphics Roeder, John; Hamel, Keith
On the Use of Cepstral Representation in Synthesis From Reduced Performance Information Rudolph, Mark
Perception of Concurrent Timbres and Implications for Orchestration Sandell, Gregory J.
Designing Sound Tracks for Coin-op Games or Computer Music for Under $65.00 Schmidt, Brian
A Processor for Locating Stationary and Moving Sound Sources in a Simulated Acoustical Environment Scott, Douglas
Spectral Modeling Synthesis Serra, Xavier; Smith, Julius O.
LZW Compression of Musical Files Shimony, Uri; Elroy, Noam; Hamami, Ehud
Music Processing by Transputer Networks at the Electronic Music Studio in Cardiff Shuttleworth, Justin; Greenhough, Mike
DIEM Studio Report Siegel, Wayne
Presic of the Standard Music Description Language Sloan, Donald
Unit-Generator Implementation on the NeXT DSP Chip Smith, Julius O.
The Multimedia File System Steinberg, Daniel; Learmont, Tim
A Digital Signal Processing System and A Graphic Editor for Synthesis Algorithms Tarabella, Leonello; Bertini, Graziano
Common Music: A Compositional Language in Common Lisp and CLOS Taube, Heinrich
Cantabile: A Rule-based System for Composing Melody Thomas, Marilyn Taft; Chatterjee, Siddhartha; Maimone, Mark W.
Manifold Compositions: A (Super)Computer-Assisted Composition Experiment in Progress Tipei, Sever
Kiwi: A Parallel System for Software Sound Synthesis Walker, Wiliam Franklin
Using Fractals in Timbre Construction: An Exploratory Study Waschka, II., Rodney; Kurepa, Alexandra
The Center for New Music and Audio Technologies Wessel, David; Felciano, Richard; Freed, Adrian; Wawrzynek, John