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Instrumental Gestures and Musical Composition Cadoz, Claude
The Oculus Ranae Collinge, D.J.; Parkinson, S.M.
A Database Environment for Musician-Machine Interaction Experimentation Eaglestone, Barry M.
Instrumental Gesture Modeling by Identification with Time-varying Mechanical Models Gibet, Sylvie; Florens, Jean-Loup
Man-Machine Interaction Goebel, Johannes
The VideoHarp Rubine, Dean; McAvinney, Paul
A Music-Workstation Based on Multiple Hierarchical Views of Music Balaban, Mira
A Multi-Workstation Environment for Joint Computer Music/Computer Graphics Production Czeiszperger, Michael
Dynamic Patches: Implementation and Control in the SUN-Mercury Workstation Rodet, Xavier; Eckel, Gerhard
A Real Time Synthesis Unit Raczinski, Jean-Michael; Marino, Gerard
Linguistics and Music Composition: Logical Structures Bain, Reginald
ESQUISSE: A Compositional Environment Baisnée, Pierre-François; Barrière, Jean-Baptsite; Dalbavie, Marc-André; Duthen, Jacques; Lindberg, Magnus; Potard, Yves; Saariaho, Kaija
Key-Music: An Expert System Environment for Music Composition Camurri, A.; Giacomini, M.; Ponassi, A.; Zaccaria, R.
The CAMP Music Configuration Database Free, John; Vytas, Paul
Composing With Performer Objects Greenberg, Gary
Music Learning - Compositional Thinking Greenberg, Gary
The Sound of Mathematics Streitberg, Bernd; Balzer, Klaus
What's in a Note? Böcker, Heinz-Dieter; Mahling, Andreas
Toward a Theory of Formal Musical Languages Chemillier, Marc; Timis, Dan
TTrees: An Active Data Structure for Computer Music Diener, Glendon
A Model of the Process of Listening to Simple Rhythms Rosenthal, David
An Algorithm for Recognition of Chords Tanguiane, Andranick S.
Connection Machine Tracking of Polyphonic Audio Vercoe, Barry; Cumming, David
Introducing Oscar Beyls, Peter
Moxie for the Atari ST Collinge, D.J.; Scheidt, D.J.
A Real Time Scheduler/Dispatcher Dannenberg, Roger B.
New Techniques for Enhanced Quality of Computer Accompaniment Dannenberg, Roger B.; Mukaino, Hirofumi
The CAMP System: An approach for integration of realtime, distributed, and interactive features in a multiparadigm environment Nieberle, Rupert C.; Rothkamm, Frank H.; Verwiebe, Marcus; Modler, Paul; Koschorreck, Stefan; Kosensky, Lutz
An Open Multiprocessing Architecture for Realtime Music Performance Nieberle, Rupert C.; Modler, Paul
Dynamic Modeling of Stringed and Wind Instruments, Sound Synthesis by Physical Models Adrien, Jean Marie; Causse, René; Ducasse, Eric
A Survey of Users' Experience with Digital Audio Synthesis Castine, Peter
Hierarchical Waveguide Networks Garnett, Guy E.; Mont-Reynaud, Bernard M.
Diphone Sound Synthesis Based on Spectral Envelopes and Harmonic/Noise Excitation Functions Rodet, X.; Depalle, P.; Poirot, G.
The Analysis and Resynthesis of Tones via Spectral Interpolation Serra, Marie-Hélène; Rubine, Dean; Dannenberg, Roger B.
Experiments in Computer Controlled Acoustic Modelling (A Step Backwards??) Berry, R.W.
A Real-Time Acoustic Processing Card for the Mac II Boynton, Lee; Cumming, Dave
VOCEL: New implementations fo the FOF synthesis method Clarke, John Michael; Manning, Peter; Berry, Ron; Purvis, Alan
The Sound Manager: A Software Architecture for Device Independent Sound Lentczner, Mark; Worthington, John
Resource Allocation in an Additive Synthesis System for Audio Waveform Generation Marks, Miles A.
PRAESCIO-II: Amnesia Toward Dynamic Tapeless Performance Pennycook, Bruce W.
Sound Structure in Message Roads, Curtis
Rapd Event Deployment in a MIDI Environment Waschka II, Rodney; Ferreira, Tózé
SONATE: An analysis/synthesis system of musical sounds based on perceptual data Chaigne, A.; Troxler, F.
The Development of Context Sensitivity in the Midiforth Computer Music System Degazio, Bruno
An Interactive System for Musical Improvisation Giomi, Francesco; Ligabue, Marco
The Patcher Puckette, Miller
Icon Notation for Electroacoustic and Computer Music Shimony, Uri; Markel, Shlomo; Tal, Josef