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Tutorial on Automated Composition Ames, Charles
Waveguide Filter Tutorial Smith III, Julius O.
Integration of Music and Graphics through Algorithmic Congruence Evans, Brian
Procedural Composition Greenberg, Gary
Composition Design System: A Functional Approach to Composition Hamel, Keith; Pennycook, Bruce; Ripley, Bill; Blevis, Eli
The P-G-G Environment for Music Composition Oppenheim, Daniel Vincent
Kyma: An Object-oriented Language for Music Composition Scaletti, Carla
Musical Production at IRCAM in 1986-87 Barriere, Jean-Baptiste
The Development of a Computer Music Facility at The American University Harnden, Eric N.; Massaro, Ron; Gibian, Gary L.
The Missing Link Harris, Craig R.
The Computer Music Studio at the University of California, Santa Barbara Kuchera-Morin, JoAnn; Timis, Dan
Musical Information from a Narrowed Autocorrelation Function Brown, Judith C.; Puckette, Miller S.
Modeling Piano Sound using Waveguide Digital Filtering Techniques Garnett, Guy E.
Elthar - A Signal Processing Expert that Learns Garton, Brad
Javelina: An Environment for the Development of Software for Digital Signal Processing Hebel, Kurt J.
Control of Phrasing and Articulation in Synthesis Wessel, David; Bristow, David; Settel, Zack
On the Scheduling of Multiple Parallel Processors Executing Synchronously Loy, Gareth
Real Time Synthesis of Bowed String Timbres Robinson, Charlie Q.
General-purpose Hi-fidelity Affordable Real-time Computer Music System Snell, John M.
Real-Time Granulation of Sampled Sound with the DMX-1000 Truax, Barry
The Composers' Desktop Project Atkins, Martin; Bentley, Andrew; Endrich, Tom; Fischman, Rajmil; Malham, David; Orton, Richard; Wishart, Trevor
Le_Loup, an Object-Oriented Extension of Le_Lisp for an Integrated Computer Music Environment Duthen, Jacques; Potard, Yves
A Sun-Mercury Music Workstation Eckel, Gerhard; Rodet, Xavier; Potard, Yves
A Smalltalk-80-based Music Toolkit Pope, Stephen Travis
Experiments in Music Intelligence (EMI) Cope, David
New Cognitive Theories of Harmony Applied to Direct Manipulation Tools for Novices Holland, Simon
Connectionist Models of Musical Thinking Lischka, Christoph
Morphological Metrics: An Introduction to a Theory of Formal Distances Polansky, Larry
Modeling Processes of Musical Invention Austin, Larry; DeLisa, Eugene
Instruments, Cybernetics, and Computer Music Grossman, Gary
HMSL: Overview (Version 3.1) and Notes on Intelligent Instrument Design Polansky, Larry; Rosenboom, David; Burk, Phil
Isomorphism, Computers, and the Multi-media Work Zahler, Noel
Synthesizer Management Based on Note Priorities Anderson, David P.
MIDI Synthesizers in Performance: Realtime Dynamic Timbre Production Francois, Jean-Charles; Chabot, Xavier; Silber, John
Following an Improvisation in Real Time Dannenberg, Roger B.; Mont-Reynaud, Bernard
Audio Time Compansion for Studio and Performance Synchronization LoCascio, Marc
The Dysfunctions of MIDI Moore, F. Richard
Sound Synthesis by Physical Models: Application to Strings Adrien, Jean Marie; Causse, René; Rodet, Xavier
From Small Beginnings Kitching, L. K.
Principal Components Analysis and Resynthesis of Spectral Cues to Perceived Direction Martens, William L.
A Microcomputer-Based Analysis/Resynthesis Scheme for Processing Sampled Sounds using FM Payne, Russell G.
PARSHL: An Analysis/Synthesis Program for Non-Harmonic Sounds Based on a Sinusoidal Representation Smith, Julius O.; Serra, Xavier
Computer Printing, Storage, and Transfer of Musical Scores Assayag, Gerard; Timis, Dan
ORPHEUS: A Music Notation Program Cook, Diane Joyce
Data Structures in the Note Processor Dydo, J. Stephen
Towards an Extensible Data Structure for the Representation of Music on Computers Free, John
Issues in the Design of a Music Notation Systems Hamel, Keith A.
High Quality Music Notation: Interactive Editing and Input by Piano Keyboard Müller, Giovanni; Giulietti, Raffaello
Personal-Computer Microworlds for Learning About Signals and Sound Dolson, Mark; Singer, Abe; Rivas, David
PRECOMP/GT -- A Graphic Tool for Learning Topics in Computer-Assisted Composition Kufrin, Richard
Design of an Intelligent Tutoring System in Harmony Sorisio, Linda
Computer Music and Human Engineering: The Making of Labyrinth Keane, David