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The Premise Is That There Be Music Brün, Herbert
The CARL Computer Music Workstation -- an Overview Moore, F. Richard
Designing an Operating Environment for a Realtime Performance Processing System Loy, D. Gareth
A Cost Effective Input Processor-Pitch Detector for Electronic Violin Voelkel, Andrew
User Software for Realtime Input by a Musical Instrument Chabot, Xavier
Data Reduction of Musical Signals Wilson, Timothy A.
Sound Synthesis by Hierarchic Sampling Schwartz, Gary
Alias-Free Synthesis by Stochastic Sampling Wold, Erling Henry; Dippé, Mark A. Z.
A New Approach to Digital Reverberation Using Waveguide Networks Smith, Julius O.
Recent Advances in Musique Concrète at CARL Dolson, Mark
A Network Sound System for UNIX Roth, James M.; Kendall, Gary S.; Decker, Shawn L.
A Unified Approach to the Editing of Time-Ordered Events Decker, Shawn L.; Kendall, Gary S.
The Synthesis of Complex Audio Spectra by Cheating Quite a Lot Bowler, Ian
Physical Models of Instruments: A Modular Approach, Application to Strings Adrien, Jean-Marie; Rodet, Xavier
High Quality Synthesis-by-Rule of Consonants Rodet, Xavier; Depalle, Phillippe
Identity and Ambiguity: The Construction and Use of Trimbral Transitions and Hybrids Vandenheede, Jan; Harvey, Jonathan
A Low-Cost Development System for Digital Audio Signal Processing Hoge, Stephen F.; Agnello, Anthony
The Emulator II Computer Music Environment Massie, Dana C.
Some Aspects of Sample Rate Conversion Rossum, Dave
A Machine-Independent Sound Conversion/Storage System Hebel, Kurt J.
The Use of Interpolating Memories for Music Processing by Microcomputer Noetzel, Andrew
A Computer-Based Harmonic Analysis/Additive Synthesis System Chouinard, L.; Bélanger, L. N.; Huynh, H. T.
Sound Kit: A Sound Manipulator Lentczner, Mark
The Image and Audio Systems Audio Workstation Pennycook, Bruce; Kulick, Jeffrey; Dove, Dave
A New Architecture for a Digital Sound Synthesizer Rubbazzer, M.; Santoiemma, M.; Patella, G. A.
Music Synthesis by Simulation Using a General-Purpose Signal Processing System Kitamura, John; Buxton, William; Snelgrove, Martin; Smith, Kenneth C.
Music Applications for the MSSP System Gordon, John W.
A Sine Generation Algorithm for VLSI Applications Gordon, John W.; Smith, Julius O.
Semiotics and Computer Music Composition Bernardini, Nicola
Functional Integration of Complex Instrumental Sounds in Musical Writing Malherbe, Claudy; Assayag, Gérard; Castellengo, Michèle
Models of Continuity between Synthesis and Processing for the Elaboration and Control of Timbre Structures Barrière, J. B.; Potard, Y.; Baisnée, P. F.
Architecture and Aesthetics: The Construction and the Objectives of Elektronikus Mozaïk Keane, David
Exploring Language Lanza, Alcides
Digital Transformations in 'Tides' Smalley, Denis
“Les Chants de l'Amour”, a Piece for Computer Generated Tape and Mixed Choir Grisey, G.; Barrière, J. B.; Baisnée, P. F.
A System for Interactive Music Composition through Computer Graphics Malouf, Frederick L.
The Prefiguration of a Musical Composition: Model of a Computer Graphics Program Goldberg, Theo
A Personal Computer, Musical Knowledge-Based System Using Active Objects Morris, Stephen
HMSL (Hierarchical Music Specification Language): A Real-Time Environment for Formal, Perceptual and Compositional Experimentation Rosenboom, David; Polansky, Larry
Applications of Linked Data Structures to Automated Composition Ames, Charles
“Maiden Voyages” - A Score Produced with MP1 Tipei, Sever
Vivace: A Rule Based Al System for Composition Thomas, Marilyn Taft
Synthetic Rehearsal: Training the Synthetic Performer Vercoe, Barry; Puckette, Miller
Real-Time Computer Accompaniment of Keyboard Performances Bloch, Joshua J.; Dannenberg, Roger B.
The Rolky: A Poly-Touch Controller for Electronic Music Johnstone, Eric
The Development of a Practical Live-Performance Music Language Bartlett, Martin
Some Technical and Aesthetic Considerations in Software for Live Interactive Performance Lifton, John
Macintosh as a Live Performance Tool Gresham-Lancaster, Scot
The Hands: A Set of Remote MIDI-Controllers Waisvisz, Michel
Graphics Interfaces for MIDI-Equipped Synthesizers Prusinkiewicz, Przemyslaw
Man-Machine Dialog using MIDI Files Arfib, Daniel
MADDM -- Dance-Directed Music Gillett, Ross; Smith, Kenneth C.; Pritchard, Bob
M.I.N.I. (Musical Instruments Numerical Interface) Debiasi, Giovanni B.
Untitled: An Interactive Installation Kuivila, Ronald
The Synchronization of Audio Production in Computer Music Schmidt, Brian L.; Roth, James M.
Orchestral Instruments: Analysis of Performed Transitions Strawn, John
Palette: An Environment for Developing an Individualized Set of Psychophysically Scaled Trimbres Martens, William L.
Qualities and Functions of Musical Timbre McAdams, Stephen; Saariaho, Kaija
Foundations for Artificial Intelligence Research of Western Tonal Music Balaban, Mira
KSM: An Essay in Knowledge Representation in Music Ashley, Richard D.
On Finding Rhythmic Patterns in Musical Lines Mont-Reynaud, Bernard; Goldstein, Mark
Techniques for Note Identification in Polyphonic Music Chafe, Chris; Jaffe, David; Kashima, Kyle; Mont-Reynaud, Bernard; Smith, Julius
New Computer Music Facilities at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Beauchamp, James; Aurenz, Scot
The Electronic Music Studio at University College, Cardiff Greenhough, M.; Bowler, I.; Morris, S.
Recent Developments at the Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College Rosenboom, David; Polansky, Larry
Electronic and Computer Music at The Peabody Conservatory Wright, Geoffrey