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An Experimental Music Composition Language With Real-Time Capabilities Loy, Gareth
A Design for a Single Pass Scanner for the DARMS Music Coding Language Brinkman, Alexander R.
Flavors Band: Beyond Computer Improvisation and/or A Meta-Composition Language Fry, Christopher
eMerge: Toward a Knowledge-Based Spectral Editor Strawn, John
Spectra and Timbre Strawn, John
Spectral Pre-Processing for Audio Digital Filter Design Smith, Julius O.
An Automated Approach to Tuning Dannenberg, Roger B.; Benade, Arthur H.
The Code of Musicality - Incorporated into Real Time Computer Performance Clynes, Manfred
Musical Applications of the Phase Vocoder Dolson, Mark
The Alles Machine Revisited Nelson, Gary; Talbert, John
A Synthesizer Debugger Jaffe, David
Sensors for Playing Computer Music with Expression Snell, John M.
A Microprocessor Based Digital Flute Yunik, M.; Borys, M.; Swift, G. W.
Towards a Computer Research of Tonal Music Balaban, Mira
Production Systems: Three Applications in Music Ashley, Richard D.
Computer Pitch Recognition: A New Approach Dworak, Paul E.; Clendinning, Jane Piper
Waveshaping Analysis and Implentation: A Generalized Approach Using Complex Arithmetic Freed, Daniel J.
Some Initial Ideas on the Control of Digital Sound Synthesis Through AI Techniques Dierbach, Charles
The MIDIM System Kaegi, Werner
The Compositional Organization of Timbre in a Binaural Space Truax, Barry
Using the Computer in a Search for New Aspects of Timbre Organisation and Composition Saariaho, Kaija
Music Languages and Preprocessors: A Tutorial Pennycook, Bruce W.
Interactive Composing: An Overview Chadabe, Joel