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The New Electronic and Computer Music Facility at Simon Fraser University Truax, Barry
Computer Audio Research Laboratory Studio Report Moore, F. Richard; Loy, D. Gareth
The GRM Digital Studio for Treating Natural Sounds Mailliard, Benedict; Geslin, Yann; Allouis, Jean-Francois
Real-Time Synthesis at the University of Victoria Celona, John; Longton, Michael
Studio Report S.I.M./Rome (Use of Advanced Digital Technology for Musical Purpose) Petrarca, Stefano; Sani, Nicola
Studio Report IASM Napoli Turco, C.
Phthong - An Interactive System for Music Composition Blum, Thomas
Use of Microprocessor in Real-Time Synthesis of Sounds Sapir, Sylviane; Kronland-Martinet, Ricard
The Control Channels of Instrumental Playing in Computer Music - Real Time in Computer Music, Incidence on the Choice of the Basic Models Cadoz, Claude; Luciani, Annie; Florens, Jean-Loup; Dars-Berberyan, Talin
A Generalized Orchestra Compiler for the Z80 Microprocessor Kleen, Leslie
An Alternative Approach to Software for the DMX-1000 Marr, Alan; Pennycook, Bruce W. J.
A Portable “Walsh” Synthesizer Haus, Goffredo; Malcangi, Mario
An Efficient Method to Implement Amplitude Modulation: A Hardware Realization Cavaliere, Sergio; Ortosecco, Immacolata; Parascandolo, Pasquale; Piccialli, Aldo
A μ-Processor-Based System for Music Composition and Production Tarabella, Leonello
A Sound File System for UNIX Loy, Gareth
The AXIS Digital DSY8201 Polyphonic Digital Music Synthesizer Asta, Vito; Freed, Adrian
Remembering Performance Gestures Abbott, Curtis
Introduction to the Mshell Pope, Stephen T.
The Audio Composition System at The Defense and Civil Institute for Environmental Medicine Pennycook, Bruce W.
A Multimicrocomputer System for Real-Time Music Synthesis: Design and Implementation Noetzel, Andrew S.
Architecture of a Processor for the Digital Analysis/Synthesis of Sound Debiasi, Giovanni B.; Rubbazzer, Maurizio
The SYTER Project: Sound Processor Design and Software Overview Allouis, Jean François; Bernier, Jean-Yves
Real-Time Control System for Digital Synthesizer De Loye, Martin
On Automatic Pattern Recognition and Acquisition of Printed Music Andronico, Alfio; Ciampa, Alberto
Music and Causality Antoni, Giovanni Degli; Haus, Goffredo
Formal Representation of Basic Blocks for Sound Synthesis Santoiemma, M.
Synthesis of Bowed Strings Smith III, Julius Orion
Is MUSIC V a Real Time Program? (Oldies but Goodies) Arfib, Daniel
Computer Synthesis of Sound Applied to Composition with Sonic Processes Risset, Jean-Claude
A Computer Orchestra Beauchamp, James
Digital Simulation of the Piano Rogers, J.
A Microprocessor Oriented Toward the Frequency Synthesis De Santis, Antonio
The Simulation and Extrapolation of Instrumental Sounds Using Direct Synthesis at IRCAM Battier, M.; Lancino, T.
A Flexible Acoustic Ambience Simulator Stautner, J. P.; Hale, R. L.
The CHANT Project: Modelization and Production, an Environment for Composers Including the FORMES Language for Describing and Controlling Sound and Musical Processes Rodet, X.; Barriere, J. B.; Cointe, P.; Potard, Y.
Computer Music as a Permanent Service - Towards Musical Telematics Grossi, P.; Bertini, G.; Andreoni, R.
From Music Score to Sound: A Rule System for Musical Performance of Melodies Fryden, L.; Sundberg, J.; Askenfelt, A.
Research on Timbre and Musical Contexts at CCRMA Strawn, John
Analysis and Synthesis of Music Using a Model of the Auditory Transform Stautner, John P.
A Computer-Assisted Instruction Approach to Music for Junior-Age Children: Using ALF for Teaching Music Composition Upitis, Rena
Design Considerations for Computer-Assisted Music Instruction Clements, Peter J.
Construction and Harmonization of Microtonal Scales in Non-12-Tone Equal Temperaments Chalmers, Jr., John H.
Did Beethoven use the Enneadecaphonic Algorithm? Gagliardo, E.; Ghislandi, M.
A Program of Tomographic Analysis of Musical Texts Grossi, P.; Bertini, G.
The Automatic Transcription of German Lute Tabulatures: Researches Concerning Algorithms Polyphonic Structures Charnasse, Hélène
A Microprocessor Based Keyboard Instrument for Microtonal Music Swift, G. W.; Yunik, M.
A Multiply Touch-Sensitive Clavier for Computer Music Systems Moog, Robert A.
Computer Music Language Aids Interaction between Composer and Choreographer Marc, Josef
PHANTASMAGORIA: A Chronicle of Computer-Assisted Composition/Performance Austin, Larry
The Aesthetic Integration of Computer-Composed Scores Koenig, Gottfried Michael
Stochastic Generation of Note Parameters for Music Composition Hiller, Lejaren
Composing within Sound (An Introduction) Branchi, Walter
Surface Control of Computer Music Dydo, J. Stephen
ALGOMUSIC: An Algorithm for the Genesis of Musical Structures Belfiore, Alfonso
Interactive Orchestration Based on Score Analysis Roads, C.
Una teoria neurale della musica e tecniche compositive derivate Melzi, Giovanni; Ozzola, Vito
About GRADIENT Ames, Charles