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Preface Roads, Curtis
Opening Address Xenakis, Iannis
An Inexpensive Digital Sound Synthesizer Alles, H.G.
Use of High-Speed Microprocessors for Digital Synthesis Allouis, J.F.
A Microcomputer-controlled Synthesis System for Live Performance Bartlett, Martin
A Low Cost, Real-time, Frequency Modulation Hardware Module for Mini and Micro Computers Blum, Richard
An Introduction to the SSSP Digital Synthesizer Buxton, William; Fogels, E.A.; Fedorkow, Guy; Sasaki, Lawrence; Smith, K.C.
The DMX-1000 Signal Processing Computer Wallraff, Dean
Digital Synthesis of Complex Spectra by means of Multiplication of Non-linear Distorted Sine Waves Arfib, Daniel
Brass Tone Synthesis by Spectrum Evolution Matching with Nonlinear Functions Beauchamp, James
Interactive Synthesis Without Obscure Diagnostics Bridwell, Nelson J.
The Use of Hierarchy and Instance in a Data Structure for Computer Music Buxton, William; Reeves, William; Baecker, Ronald; Mezei, Leslie
A Musical View of Analysis-Synthesis Cann, Richard
Nuance Blending for the Synthesis of a Brass Choir Ferretti, Ercolino
Using the PLATO/TI980A Music Synthesis System: The PLACOMP Language Murray, David J.; Beauchamp, James; Loitz, Gary
Interactive Digital Composition Petersen, Tracy Lind
A Composer's Notes on the Development and Implementation of Software for a Digital Synthesizer Rolnick, Neil B.
Further Studies in Compositional Algorithms Ghent, Emmanuel
Phrase Structure in Computer Music Hiller, Lejaren
Timbral Structures for Computer Music Howe, Jr., Hubert S.
Tuned Cyclic Tone Systems Lefkoff, Gerald
Music 3150, A Fortran Program for Composing Music for Conventional Instruments Matthews, Justus
Some Simplifications and Improvements in the Stochastic Music Program Myhill, John
Reflections on my use of Computers in Composition 1970-1975 Nelson, Gary
Score-Time and Real-Time Rogers, John; Rockstroh, John
Polyphonic Timbral Construction in “Androgyny” Truax, Barry
Plucking - One Aspect of Plucked String Synthesis and its Realization by Computer and a Musical Application Wright, Maurice
Ludwig: an Example of Interactive Computer Graphics in a Score Editor Reeves, William; Buxton, William; Pike, Robert; Baecker, Ron
Nedit - A Graphical Editor for Musical Scores Wallraff, Dean
Computer-aided Composition and Performance with AMUS Bales, W. Kenton; Hamilton, Richard L.; Scott, Dan W.
An Overview of the Structured Sound Synthesis Project Buxton, W.; Fedorkow, G.; Baecker, R.; Reeves, W.; Smith, K.C.; Ciamaga, G.; Mezei, L.
Computer Music at University of Padova Dashow, James; de Poli, Giovanni; Tisato, Graziano; Vidolin, Alvise
Studio Report: Computer Music at the University of Pittsburgh Slawson, Wayne
The Perceptual Factoring of Acoustic Sequences into Musical Streams McAdams, Stephen E.; Bregman, Albert S.
Time-Frequency Analysis in the Context of a Perceptual Model Petersen, Tracy Lind
The Analysis and Transcription of Musical Sound Piszczalski, Martin; Galler, Bernard A.
Coding and Drawing Music Scores Aperghis-Tramoni, C.
The Micro-computer as an Input Device for Music Analysis or Composition by Computer Boody, Charles G.
Command-String Notation - A New Music Notational System Celona, John A.
Computer-based Processes for Tablature Transcription: Input Language Applications and Development; Analytical Aspects Hultberg, Warren E.
Current Applications of a Music Representation and Processing System Nerheim, Rosalee
A Computer-assisted Analysis of Melodic Borrowing from the Cantus Firmus in the Chorale Preludes of Bach's Orgelbüchlein Brinkman, Alexander R.
Statistical Analysis of Structure of Azerbaijan Folk Songs Gadgiev, Sh. A.
Computational Ethnomusicology in Hungary in 1978 Halmos, István; Köszegi, György; Mandler, György
Armenian Universal Structural-Analytical Catalogue of Musical Texts - UNSACAT Hosovsky, Vladimir; Mkrtoumian, Igor; Hakopian, Edward
A Hierarchical Analysis of Ruggles' Portals Polansky, Larry
The Computer Assists in Attempting to Solve a Problem of Twentieth Century Music Sward, Rosalie L.