The International Computer Music Association is an international affiliation of individuals and institutions involved in the technical, creative, and performance aspects of computer music. It serves composers, computer software and hardware developers, researchers, and musicians who are interested in the integration of music and technology.

ICMA functions include:

  • Presenting the annual International Computer Music Conference
  • Professional Networking
  • Publication of the newsletter ARRAY
  • Specialized Publications, Recordings and Projects
  • Sponsored Research
  • ICMA Commissions and Awards
  • Membership directory
  • Searchable database of all musical works performed at ICMC and/or commissioned by ICMA. (Great thanks to Barry Truax for helping with the program information!)

The International Computer Music Conference

The ICMA cosponsors the annual ICMC, which, since its inception in 1974, has become the preeminent yearly gathering of computer music practitioners from around the world. The ICMC’s unique interleaving of professional paper presentations and concerts of new computer music compositions—refereed by ICMA-approved international panels— creates a vital synthesis of science, technology, and the art of music.


International Computer Music Association, Inc.
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Fax: +1 (734) 878-3031
Email: icma@umich.edu