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CONTENTS. Page. Preface............................. 2 Repertory of Symptoms of the Lower Extremities........... 1-156 (John L. Ferson, M.D.) Repertory of Male Sexual Organs................. 157-164 | (Chandler Weaver, M.D.) Repertory to Appetite, Thirst, Desires, Aversions........ 165-175 (Edward Cranch, M.D.) Repertory of Outer Chest..................... i176-208 (S. F. Shannon, M.D.) Repertory of Stomach Symptoms.................. 209-229 (A. P. Bowie, M.D.) R

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PREFACE. T HE "Repertory to Hering's Condensed Materia Medica," so far as completed, is herewith presented to the Homowopathic Medical Society of Pennsylvania. To insure absolute correctness each paper has been sent to the author, or compiler, for revision. Attempt has been made to preserve a symmetrical arrangement of all the papers, and at the same time to allow each author as much freedom as possible in the repertorial arrangement of the symptoms. J. C. GUERNSEY, M.D., Ch'm., Editorial Co

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. ARRANGED BY JOHN L. FERSON, M.D., PITTSBURG, PA. Abscess of knee, gouty, with pain and loss of sleep: Guaiacum. popliteal, hamstrings contracted after: Lachesis. psoas, causing paralysis of lower limbs: Cuprum met. muscle contracted after: Lachesis. Abdomen, drawing, laming pain from, down left leg: Carbo veg. stitches through from bruised pain in crest of ilium: Kreosotum. Accompanying the pains, weariness, heaviness and inability to move: Colchi

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2 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Aching in limbs as if bones were broken: Eupatorium perf. in muscles and joints on awaking, bruised feeling: Ptelea tri. in nates while sitting; pain extends to small of back, sacrum and hip-joint: Staphisagria. in sacral bones, with sore pain in thighs: Calcarea phos. in shin bones: Lachesis. in sole of left foot; no relief from change of position: Hydrastis. lymphatic swelling on ball of great toe: Baryta carb. of legs and knees, weakness: H

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. 3 Air, left hip pains, as it sprained, when walking in: Hepar. tension in right tarsal joint when walking in: Belladonna. Alternate days drawing, tearing in limbs on, or at night; worse at rest: Lycopodium. Anguish, and pain in legs; limbs cold, especially feet, feel as if in cold water: Gelsemium. Ankle, and bones of feet, tearing in; ceases when warm in bed: Ammonium carb. and thigh, right, pains come into, after leaving left limb: Benzoic

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4 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Ankle, swelling of feet around, with difficult breathing: Hepar. swollen after a sprain: Agnus cast. and inflamed; stitches go from to lower leg: Manganum acet. tearing in nates, hip, knee, leg, foot, and: Ambra. to, from knees: Lachnanthes. tension in, on motion: Bryonia. to hips; pain gradually rises, causing constant motion and shifting of feet when sitting, better when walking: Belladonna. weak, foot turns under when walking: Carbo an. Ank

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. 5 Apoplexy, paralysis of limbs after: Nux vom. Arthritic inflammation of knees; also with nodosities: Nux vom. lancinations, followed by contractions of limbs: Guaiacum. nodosities about joints, with swelling, redness, and sensation as if sprained: Rhododendron. pain in heel: Mephitis. pains brought on by least cold: Phosphoricum ac. in foot, worse towards evening; fears passers may strike it; big toe red, feels strained: Arnica. in joints: Se

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6 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Asleep, both legs; sensation as if, step, not firm: Ambra. feet, alternately with hands: Cocculus. and lower legs feel as if: Rhododendron. feel as if: Ammonium mur., Psorinum. feel as if; swelling of feet: Sepia. feel dead or: Lycopodium. go, immediately after sitting down: Antimonium tart. go, when crossing legs or sitting: Laurocerasus. pricking as if, with numbness: Colchicum. foot, first left then right goes, disappears on walking: Millef

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. 7 Asleep, nates go, when sitting: Alumina. soles feel as if, limbs weak, when walking: Oleander. toes go, while walking; hot prickling in toes: Aconitum. lacerating, jerking, rheumatic pains in legs, as soon as he goes: Lachesis. limbs jerk when falling: Kobaltum. Atrophy of left leg; caries of right hip: Capsicum. of muscles; sciatica: Plumbum. Bandaged, knees pain as if firmly, when sitting, with tottering stiffness and paralytic feeling of

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8 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Bed, pain in limbs like a bruise, worse in warmth of: Veratrum alb. tearing in ankles and bones of feet; ceases when warm in: Ammonium carb. when lying in, feet pain; when walking, the knees: Magnesia carb. coverings, warmth of, aggravates stinging, drawing, rheumatic pains in pale, swollen, tense and hot joints: Ledum. Black, painful spots on red, swollen legs: Nux vom. spots on swollen feet: Secale. Bleed easily, putrid, bluish, spongy ulcer

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. 9 Bone, pains after mercury or checked gonorrhoea: Sarsaparilla. pain left leg, pressive: Bromium. Bones ache intensely, as if broken: Eupatorium perf. aching pains from hips to ankles, felt mostly in: Mercurius jod. rub. bruised pain in: Crotalus. gnawing and fine shooting along, with tearing in joints: Belladonna. gnawing and stitching pains in, especially at joints; less during motion: Drosera. gnawing pains in when sitting, left hip: Ammoni

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10 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Boring pain in one or both tibiae: Bromium. in right hip-joint: Lilium tig. screwing, tearing pressure, in bones of feet: Bismuthum. stinging in knee and foot-joints: Helleborus. Bound, limbs feel as if, or powerless: Taraxacum. (See " Bandaged.") Breathing, stitching pains in hip-joints when: Sabina. Brittle or soft nails: Thuya. Broken, left thigh feels as if, at the middle, when sitting, ceases on rising: Illicium. Bruised feeling along lef

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. II Bruised pain in joints and bones: Crotalus. in knees: Graphites. in left instep: Kali iod. in limbs; in joints; worse during motion and at night: Nux vom. in limbs, worse during wet, cold weather, or in warmth of bed; better when walking: Veratrum alb. in muscles and joints on awaking; aching: Ptelea. in right thigh and on inner side near and below the patella; drawing: Camphora. in soles: Phosphor. in soles, stinging, or pricking: Arum triph.

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12 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Burning in ball of great toe, stitches; crawling, burning; severe pressive pain: Causticum. in corns, they are sensitive, smart: Ranunculus bulb. with pain: Mephitis. in feet: Lachnanthes, Secale. in feet and hands, worse at night: Sanguinaria. in feet at night, or heat: Sepia. in feet, heat: Fluoricum ac. in feet, internal; cramps: Nux mosch. in feet, or great coldness: Natrum mur. in feet, sharp pain, could not keep her shoes on: Eupatorium p

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. 13 Burning in legs, stinging: Kali carb. Sin legs, tensive, hot, swollen legs: Pulsatilla. in legs, to knees, evening and next morning: Natrum sulph. in nates, itching, sore spots, oozing scurfs, stinging spots, and feeling as if asleep: Calcarea phos. in posterior muscles of thigh when standing, better when walking: Phosphoricum ac. in skin of inside of thighs: Eupatorium perf. in soles: Calcarea carb., Cuprum met., Manganum acet. in soles and pa

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14 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Burning in ulcer, old, on legs, nightly tearing and itching: Lycopodium. itching pain in small spot on right hip, then on thigh, then on little toe; all on external aspect of limb; also internally on left thigh and knee: Lithium carb. Burrowing, boring or pressive pain on the tibiae: Clematis. Bursitis, especially about knee: Sticta. Buzzing or tingling sensation in lower limbs: Kreosotum. Calf and thigh, muscles of, feel relaxed: Mercurius co

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. 15 Calf, right, itching of, with swelling of blood-vessels: Cyclamen. jerking pain in, ceases quickly when touched: Taraxacum. pain in, as from a blow, with lassitude of legs: Arnica. pinching, tearing in: Bryonia. stitches from outside of, down to ankle, violent: Guaiacum. sore pain in: Crotalus. swelling of; scrofula: Dulcamara. Callosities on soles, close to toes: Antimonium crud. Callous ulcers on the feet: Graphites. Calves, aching and weakne

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16 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Calves feel bruised; pain at night; muscles will not obey the * will: Gelsemium. feeling in, as from a blow: Nux mosch. formication in: Zincum. heavy laming pains in, pain in left knee-joint: Mercurius iod. flay. itching of: Ipecacuanha. pains in, torment him at night: Argentum nit. painful tension in, when walking: Carbo an. red spots on: Sarsaparilla. on, turning yellow or green, as from contusion, preventing movement: Conium. rheumatic pain

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. L7 Chilliness constant, with synovitis of knee; effusion: Ledum. Chilly feet, covered with cold sweat: Drosera. Cold, after a, paralysis of lower limbs; cedema of feet: Cocculus. after a slight exposure of the feet: Conium. aggravates rheumatic pains in joints; pale tensive swellings: Nux vom. exposure to, causes pain in joints: Dulcamara relieves pains of rheumatism: Thuya. slight, causes arthritic pains: Phosphoricum ac. weather, with wet, aggra

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18 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Cold feet, when going to bed: Ammonium carb. with nausea and palpitation: Glonoinum. foot, other one hot, or cold, sweaty feet: Lycopodium. hands, warm feet: Phosphoricum ac. heels, when in contact, although sensation of burning in, at night: Ignatia. knees: Agnus cast. as from a cold wind: Climex. left leg is numb and, while sitting: Hypericum. legs, clammy, worse at night; child: Mercurius. powerless; angina pectoris: Oxalicum ac. with hemor

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. 19 Coldness of legs, heaviness: Nux mosch. of legs, icy: Tabacum. of legs, skin wrinkled on lower leg: Rhododendron. of limbs: Camphora, Dulcamara, Veratrum alb. of limbs, icy: Sepia. of limbs, trembling, with cold sweat: Tabacum. of limbs, with numbness: Antimonium tart., Argentum nit. of thighs, numb, with fever: Spongia. sensation of, in entire right leg: Sabina. of, in legt and foot, with whitish swelling: Calcarea carb. Condyles, pains especi

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20 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Contraction of toes: Nitrum. of toes, with stiffiness: Graphites. sensation of, in right thigh; limb seems to be shortened: Ambra. Contusion, red spots on calves, turning yellow or green, as from, preventing movement: Conium. Convulsive jerking of the lower limbs: Ignatia. twitching of legs: Squilla. twitchings of legs and feet: Ipecacuanha. Cooler than other parts of the body is the affected limb: Ledum. Coolness of surface of limb, with inte

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. 21 Cracked skin of the feet: Hepar s. c. on joints; chilblains: Sulphur. Cracking in right knee, when rising in morning: Mezereum. of all joints when walking or turning: Caulophyllum. of hip, knee and ankle-joints and creaking in: Camphora. of hip or knee-joint, when stooping: Crocus. of joints on moving them, stiff, rheumatic: Petroleum. on moving them, stiff, swollen: Natrum mur. weakness, swelling: Sulphur. when limb is stretched:,Thuya. with p

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22 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Cramps in calves, particularly when standing: Euphorbia. when he moves them: Baptisia. when lying in bed: Lachnanthes. when walking or rising from seat, better lying: Anacardium. worse at rest, especially at night: Ferrum. in entire limbs, with painless watery stools: Podophyllum. in feet: Causticum. and cutting pain: Natrum carb. during night: Lachnanthes. internal burning: Nux mosch. in foot, right, plantar surface: Natrum ars. in leg, left,

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. 23 Cramplike pains, numbness in limbs and joints: Platinum. on right thigh, above popliteal space: Cyclamen. waken out of sleep; cold sweat follows: Eupatorium perf. stitching pain in right foot: Natrum mur. tension in muscles of left leg, with violent drawing, tearing pains from left ischium to os calcis and sole of foot: Chamomilla. Crampy, contracting, drawing pains in the legs, from thighs into toes; worse on motion or walking: Gelsemium. draw

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24 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Crural neuralgia, stinging, stitching pains during movement: Staphis. (See " Genito-crural.") Curved limbs, or stiff, after mercurialization: Lachesis. Cutting, lancinating pains in hip-joint: Ignatia. pain and cramps in feet: Natrum carb. pain in hip: Phytolacca. stitches in the outer muscles of right thigh, just above the knee, only when sitting: Beladonna. Damp and cold feet: Calcarea carb. Dancing caused erysipelatous inflammation of left

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. 25 Diarrhoea, sweat and profuse suppuration with hip disease: China. Digging, boring or shooting pains in soles: Belladonna. cramplike, jerking pain in right hip: Cannabis sat. in calf: Cuprum met. wandering, pressing pains, confined to small spots; lasting but a short time; soon returning: Nux mosch. Discharge, black, ichorous and offensive, in third stage of hipjoint disease; great weakness; Carbo veg. offensive; from ulcers on legs, which burn

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26 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Drawing, bruised pain in right thigh, and on the inner side, near, and below the patella: Camphora. contracting, crampy pain in the legs, from thighs into toes; worse on motion or walking: Gelsemium. crampy pain on the dorsum of the feet, especially on moving them: Camphora. dull, twitching, pricking pains in joints, fingers; knees, elbows: Aloes. feels as if a tendon was, from sole of foot through bone of leg, during and after walking: Crotal

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. 27 Drawing pain along tibia: Agaricus mus. down entire left leg: Baryta carb. from upper part of left calf to popliteal space; cannot lie on left side: Ledum. in calves, with pain when stepping, as if spikes penetrated sole and ran through limb to hip; worse right limb: Cannabis ind. in feet: Cannabis sat. in flexors of leg, seeming to start from the hollow of the knee, and draw to tip of toes: Cyclamen. in hips, thighs, legs and feet; more right

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:28 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Drawing, stinging, rheumatic pains in swollen, tense, pale, hot joints: Ledum. stitches, and tension in the thigh: Manganum acet. suddenly, from left hip to foot: Crotalus. tearing, from toes to dorsum of foot: Anacardium. in left hip-joint on moving: Aconitum. in limbs at night and on alternate days; worse at rest: Lycopodium. in limbs; especially at night: Sabina. in limbs, paralytic: Magnesia mur. in thighs and legs, knees and feet, worse

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. 2<9 Elongated, leg becomes, hip aches: Thuya. Emaciated limbs, cold, bluish, paralyzed: Nux vom. Emaciation of legs: Selenium. Epidermis exfoliated from below knees; with profuse watery exudation; cedema of limbs: Graphites. Epistaxis, after repeated and severe, great soreness and bruised feeling in the joints: Agaricus. Erysipelas bullosum, large, red, painful spots on legs like: Calcarea carb. of legs or arms, surface bluish, glossy, swelling, i

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30 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Evening, heat in feet and hands: Ledum. insupportable pain and aching in legs towards, better on moving: Mercurius iod. rub. itching around ankle in: Selenium. in soles of right foot: Ammonium mur. of toes after lying down in, violent; sweat between toes: Clematis. legs go asleep in, when sitting: Calcarea carb. swollen and fatigued towards: Agnus cast. pain in feet as if sprained in, tense and swollen: Bryonia. in right knee in, so that he c

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. 31 Excoriation between the legs: Graphites. Excruciating pain in bunion (externally): Hypericum. pains in left big toe, worse at night and from touch, must change his position: Manganum acet. Exertion causes hurting of legs; and bruised feeling in tarsal joints; even the least: Natrum mur. causes twitching of muscles in legs; even slight: Manganum acet. Exhaustion, great, follows walking; early in sciatica: Plumbum. in the lower limbs: Guaiacum. E

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32 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Extends from knees down, agreeable thrilling: Cannabis ind. knee to heel, bubbling sensation: Rheum. knee to toes, drawing in flexors: Cyclamen. knee to toes, tearing pain: Alumina. left hip to sacrum, tearing pain: Carbo veg. middle of thigh or leg to knee, pain: Guaiacum. right tarsus to knee, drawing, tearing, lancinating pain: Guaiacum. thigh, right, to knee, drawing pain: Colocynthis. toes to dorsum of foot, cramplike, drawing,, tearing p

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. 33 Feet and hands sweat, after fever: Silicea. tremble: Psorinum, Sarsaparilla. and knees pain as if heavy stones were tied to parts, must move about for relief: Veratrum alb. and legs cold after suppressed foot-sweat: Silicea. cold, especially evening in bed, when feet get warm the hands get cold: Sepia. cold, cedematous swelling of: Colchicum. convulsive twitchings of: Ipecacuanha. cramp, must walk about: Rhus tox. drawing pains in: Magnesia car

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34 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Feet, burning in: Lachnanthes, Secale. of, at night: Sepia. of, or coldness: Natrum mur. pain in, sharp, could not keep her shoes on: Eupatorium perf. stinging, tingling in: Zingiber. chilly, covered with cold sweat: Drosera. cold: Ambra, Antimonium tart., Benzoicum ac., Capsicum, Cistus can., Cocculus, Ferrum, Hepar, Kali carb., Podophyllum,'Sabadilla, Muriatic ac., Natrum carb., Rumex. afternoon: Sanguinaria. and clammy up to knees: Laurocer

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. 35 Feet, cramps in, during night: Lachnanthes. in, internal burning: Nux mosch. crawling in:.Ethusa. distention of veins of: Natrum mur., Sulphur ac. drag when walking, legs tremble, gait unsteady: Nux vom. dragged along, shuffling gait: Secale. drawing, crampy pain on dorsum of, especially when moving them: Camphora. in knees, ankles, toes and: Caulophyllum. pain in: Cannabis sat. pain in legs, thighs, hips and, more right side: Chelidonium. tear

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36 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Feet, itching of dorsum of: Causticum. of thighs and, intolerable: Arsenicum. lame feeling in: Mercurius iod. flay. laming pain in: Paris. must constantly change position of, or walk about for relief, cannot lie still at night: Arsenicum. numb: Aconitum. clumsy: Phosphorus. insensible; knee-joints suddenly bend when standing: Arnica. tingling: Nitr. tired feeling in, only when sitting: Platinum. numbness in feet, going off by motion, only felt

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REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. 37 Feet, stinging as from pins in, beginning of chill: Eupatorium perf. stitches in: Jacea, Kalmia, Mephitis. subsultus tendinum of: Iodium. sweat, cold: Benzoicum ac. of hands and, long-lasting and warm: Ledum. of of unbearable odor, making toes sore: Sepia. profusely: Sepia. sweats of, local, transient; cold limbs: Silicea. swell: Theridion. are painful on walking, feel every pebble: Sabadilla. in evening: Rhus tox. suddenly: Veratrum alb. swell

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38 REPERTORY OF SYMPTOMS OF THE LOWER EXTREMITIES. Feet, tearing in all parts: Argentum m. in ankles and bones of, ceases when warm in bed: Ammonium carb. in, at night, during pregnancy: Phosphorus. in balls of, painful to step theron: Berberis. pain in, after severe chill; must lie down and keep quiet; pain in ankle, worse from motion: Chamomilla. tender and bathed in foul moisture: Petroleum. tingle, lying in bed: Hypericum. tingling in: Dulcamara. tired or inflamed after a walk: Arnica. to,