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The Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick / [1949] [1949 Yearbook]
Schmahl, Horace; Gen. William Donovan, CIA / [1951] [9 letters between Donovan/CIA/Schmahl]
[1942] 98.7% Convictions Scored by Correa
[1945] [Adam Kunze obituary]
John Earl Haynes / [2007] Ales: Hiss, Foote, Stettinius? Access restricted by copyright holder.
[1951] Alger Hiss Gives Self Up To Start Term Access restricted by copyright holder.
Fred J. Cook / [1980] Alger Hiss--A Whole New Ball Game
Ian Sayer; Douglass Botting / [1989] America's Secret Army: The Untold Story of the Counter Intelligence Corps
Ullius Amoss / [1953] Americans Entice MIG out of Poland
Stephen W. Salant / [2001] [Appeal filed with CIA]
[1918] [Armand Chankalian: Selected Personnel Records]
[1951] Army Commands in Korea Shifted
[1942] Army Dictionary Wants Words, But Don't Send in 'Wasserflugzeug'
Bergen Evening Record / [1938, 1941] [Articles published in the Bergen Evening Record about Kunze's Bund activities] Access restricted by copyright holder.
[1943] [Briefs of Cases in Which Exclusion Has Been Ordered]
[1949] Broady Aided in Ryan Annulment
Milton Lewis / [1955] [Broady Guilty on 16 Counts In Tap Case; Faces 27 Years; Broady Disbarred in State on Association's Petition]
[1958] [Broady to FBI (146-1-4362) about Schmahl's OSS record]
[1945] [Business partnership and incorporation documents for Adam Kunze, Inc.]
Warren Moscow / [1949] Chief Broady Aide Sought in 13 States in Wiretap Inquiry
Kathryn I. Dyer / [2001] [CIA Accepts Appeal]
Kathryn I. Dyer / [2001] [CIA Adjustment of Scope of Search]
Kathryn I. Dyer / [2001] [CIA "final response"]
Stephen Salant / [2001] [CIA Neglect of a Portion of Appeal]
[1982] [CIA response to FOIA request]
Kathryn I. Dyer / [2001] [CIA response to FOIA request]
[1959] CIC in the Zone of the Interior, World War II
Kevin C. Ruffner / [2000] CIC Records: A Valuable Tool for Researchers
[after 1945] CIC with the Manhattan district
unknown (initials O. C. D., Jr.) / [1944] Conference Held on 18 February 1844 re Horace W. Schmahl
Allen Weinstein / [c1997] [Conspiracy theories]
[1948] [Coram Nobis exhibit #13]
[1948] [Coram Nobis exhibit #2]
[1982] [Coram Nobis Petition: excerpt from Point VIII]
Leonard L. Gorin / [2005] [correspondence about CIC role at UN Conference in 1945]
[1942] Counter-Espionage Is Revived By Army
Athan Theoharis / [2002] The Counterintelligence Dilemma: Containment or Law Enforcement? Access restricted by copyright holder.
[1957] [Court of Common Pleas Testimony about OSS]
[1947] Detention of Communists in the Event of Sudden Difficulty with the Soviet Union
[1989] [Dispatch of a Typical SI Mission]
[1942] [Documents relating to Schmahl's employment as translator by the U.S. Attorney's Office, Naturalization Control Unit, New York]
[1941] [DOJ General Index on Kunze and on Schmahl]
[1941] [DOJ General Index on Schmahl]
By Christopher H. Pyle / [2003-] Domestic Spying: Again?
Stephen Salant, Conrad R. McCormick / [2003-2008] [Email Correspondence between Conrad McCormick and Stephen Salant Re: Horace Schmal]
Steve Salant, John Earl Haynes / [2004] Email exchange with John Earl Haynes
Stephen Salant; Horace Schmahl, Junior / [2005] [Email exhange with Horace Schmahl, Junior ]
Jack Harrison Pollack / [1972] [Excerpt from Dr. Sam: An American Tragedy]
[1944] [Excerpt from Scherzberg vs. Madeira and Drum: Defendants' Memorandum of Law]
Jeff Kisseloff / [2001-] [Excerpt from The Alger Hiss Story: Search for the Truth]
Tom Moon / [2000] [excerpt from This Grim and Savage Game: OSS and the Beginning of US Covert Operations in World War II]
Ib Melchior / [1993] [Excerpts from Case by Case: A U.S. Army Counterintelligence Agent in World War II]
Willis George / [1946] [Excerpts from Surreptitious Entry]
[between 1949 and 1976] Extracts from time sheets of Edward C. McLean 1948 and 1949
A. Gorsky / [1948] Failures in the USA (1938-1948)
[1940] [FBI Espionage file 146-11-38 (a,b,c_172-174) concerning Horace Schmahl]
[1942] [FBI file on Adam and Caroline Kunze]
[1940] [FBI file on Adam Kunze]
[1949] [FBI memo on date of manufacture of typewriter]
[1948] [FBI memo re: Jay David Whittaker Chambers: Perjury]
[1965] [FBI memo regarding resignation of Armand Chankalian]
[1948] [FBI Memorandum re Horace Schmahl]
Spencer, T.G., Special Agent / [1949] [FBI Memorandum re Horace Schmahl]
[1949] [FBI memos regarding Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss, with chronologies of past interviews]
[1943] [FBI reference to results of Exclusion Hearing for Adam and Caroline Kunze]
[1945] [FBI secret memo on Soviet espionage activity]
[1945] [FBI summary of interview with Whittaker Chambers]
[1961] Frank B. Bielaski Dead; Was a Director in O. S. S.
War Department, Military Intelligence Division / [1943] [Franklin Victor Reno, 1943 including 1937 investigation]
Fred J. Cook / [1984] Freedom Medalist
[1969] Gen. Willard Wyman Dies at 71; Led Normandy Invasion Force
[1989] General Background, History of the Counter Intelligence Corps
Martha Glaser / [1974] The German-American Bund in New Jersey
[1944] Graduates of Twenty-First Class
Lieutenant Thompson / [1942] [Handout on Questioned Documents (Handwriting, Typewriting)]
[1963] [Harold Bretnall: obituary]
Susan Butler / [2001] Haunted by the Cold War
John Kobler / [1955] He Runs a Private OSS Access restricted by copyright holder.
[1978] A. Horace Schmahl and others
Horace W. Schmahl / [1942] [Horace Schmahl CV as translator, not investigator, and related documents]
[2000] [Horace Schmahl: Certificate of Military Service]
[1943] [Horace Schmahl: OSS Personal History Statement]
Major Robert C. Wright / [1944] [Informal report on the Horace W. Schmahl Case at Detachment D]
Horace Schmahl / [1943] [Inquiry about a position in OSS]
[1944] [INS account of denaturalization proceeding]
Marian Smith / [2001] [INS account of security investigation; phone call from Schmahl about MITC at Camp Ritchie]
Mary K. Knill / [2004] [Items requested by James Srodes, November 12-15, 1996]
Ed Reid / [1953] Judge Ye Not!
Milton Lewis / [1949] Jury Acquits Broady, Jones of Wire Taps
[1942] Kunze Held Here for Draft Evasion
Horace Schmahl / [1950] Letter demonstrating that the private investigator supposedly working on Alger Hiss' defense effort was actually reporting to the FBI.
Athan Theoharis / [2005] [Letter from Athan Theoharis to Stephen Salant]
Donovan, Leisure, Newton & Lumbard / [1941] [Letter from Donovan, Leisure, Newton & Lumbard to Schmahl & Schmahl]
Fred J. Cook / [1982] [Letter from Fred Cook to Stephen Salant]
Herbert O. Briick, Vice Chairman, Agency Release Panel / [2003] [Letter from Herbert O. Briick]
[1946] [Letter from Horace Schmahl to American Consul, Dominican Republic]
Horace W. Schmahl / [1946] [Letter from Horace W. Schmahl to American Consul in the Dominican Republic]
[1943] [Letter from Howard F. Corcoran to Lt. Gen. Drum, 1st Army, Governors Island re: Individual Exclusion Case of Fritz Carl Buschner]
Iz Zach / [after 1963] [Letter from Iz Zack to Stephen Salant]
Janet Mathieson / [2002] [Letter from Janet Mathieson to Stephen Salant re information releasable under FOIA]
John Lowenthal / [1976] [Letter from John Lowenthal to Stephen Salant]
Joseph G. Miller / [1938] [Letter from Joseph G. Miller]
L. Grier Durant / [1943] [Letter from L. Grier Durant to Horace Schmahl]
Richard L. Thornburgh / [1977] [Letter from Richard L. Thornburgh, Assistant U.S. Attorney General, to Stephen W. Salant]
[1941] [Letter from Robert H. Thayer to Colonel William J. Donovan; memo from JRM to Mr. Bruce; memo from David Bruce to Colonel Donovan]
Robert B. von Mehren / [2001] [Letter from Robert Von Mehren to Stephen Salant]
Stephen Salant / [after 1997] [Letter from Stephen Salant to Ib Melchior]
George A. Nole / [1975] [Letter from Strategic Services Unit to Peter Irons]
[2001] [Letter from Thomas J. McIntyre, Dept. of Justice, to Stephen W. Salant]
William J. Donovan / [1943] [Letter from William Donovan to Major E. G. Solomon, Director of Selective Service, re Ib Melchior]
[1949] [Letter re 1947 Offer to FBI to Help with Communist Party Matters]
[1956] [List of career highlights of Willard Wyman] Access restricted by copyright holder.
[2003] Lost Patrol Access restricted by copyright holder.
[2003] Lost Patrol Access restricted by copyright holder.
Ken Lawrence / [1981] Mail Surveillance--Part 2
John Edgar Hoover / [1945] Memo for the Attorney General
J. Edgar Hoover / [1949] [Memo to Director of Intelligence regarding Col. Dean Ivan Lamb's account.]
[1948] [Memo to the FBI Director regarding Whittaker Chambers]
John Edgar Hoover / [1945] Memorandum for the Attorney General
unknown (C. W. C.) / [1951] Memorandum for the record
[Manice Lockwood] / [1973] [Memorandum of conversation: Lockwood and Schmahl]
E.C. McL. / [1948] Memorandum re Harry L. Martin
D. E. Shannon / [1948] [Memorandum re: Jay David Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss]
Anthony Karge / [2009] Memorial Day parade grand marshal returns to service
[1941] [Memos regarding Schmahl and the Military Dictionary Project]
[1963] Mr. Bretnall Dies in his 65th Year
Alistair Cooke / [1952] The Nagging Doubts About the Hiss Case
[1947] Named as Chief of Staff For the U.S. First Army
Peter Irons / [1974] Notes on the roles of Horace W. Schmahl, Adam Kunze and William J. Donovan in the Hiss Case
[1958] Notice of Hearing of Motion for a New Trial Based on the Ground of Newly Discovered Evidence; With An Introductory Note by William Reuben
Wythe Williams / [1940] "Official" Document Factory Access restricted by copyright holder.
E.C. McL. / [1949] Oral report from Mr. Schmahl Today, Investigation completed since last report
[1945] [OSS Counterfeiting Manual,] vol. 2: Documentation
[1943] [OSS memos re: Ib Melchior and handwritten note from Melchior]
Gerard E. Horst / [1943] [OSS Requisition by Name: Secret Mission of Specialized Category]
[1941] Parole Refused to Kuhn, 'Risk to Public Safety' Access restricted by copyright holder.
[after 1945] [Pearson memo]
Prepared under the direction of the Chief, C.I.C. / [1949] Penetration and Undercover. In: Counter Intelligence Corps Investigator
Fred Rodell / [1958] Phony, Fabricated Evidence
National Security Agency; Central Intelligence Agency / [1996] Preface
[1942] Proposition for Establishing Cover for Agent's Work in Denmark
Stephen W. Salant; Allen Weinstein / [1976] [Published exchange of letters between Stephen Salant and Allen Weinstein]
[lecture by:] Lieutenant Thompson; [notes by:] Isadore Zack / [1942] Questioned Documents
[1945] [Redacted FBI document re Amerasia break-in and investigation of Hiss]
J. Marshall McAveney / [1945] [Report from military intelligence]
[1944] [Report of OSS security investigation]
Stephen W. Salant / [2001] [Request of CIA under FOIA]
[1945] [Secret documents and Office of Strategic Services memos discussing counterfeiting and cover stories]
[1948] Sleuth "Hired By Hiss" Touched Off Hunt for Typewriter Here
James Srodes / [1996] The Spy of the Century
[1955] [Subpoena for all Schmahl Records]
Horace Schmahl / [1949] [Summary Complaint Against Axis Sally by Horace Schmahl]
E.C. McL. / [1948] [Summary of Schmahl's search for the typewriter, discussing the salesman Thomas Grady]
[1957] [Summary of St. Louis Personnel Record and PI Application: Special Agent, Counter Intelligence Corps]
Herbert L. Packer / [1958] A Tale of Two Typewriters
War Department / [1943] Technical manual Counter Intelligence Corps
[1989] Training of CIC Personnel
C. M. Crosby; Horace Schmahl / [1944] [Transfer of Schmahl from OSS to Air Corps and Upgrade in Rank]
[1958] Tribute to a Great General
Fred Cook / [1977] The Typewriters Are Always the Key
E.C. McL. / [1948] Typewriter
Howard L. Dutkin / [1949] [U.S. Recordings of Broadcasts from Germany Played in Court] Access restricted by copyright holder.
Leonard L. (Igor) Gorin / [2004] United Nations Formation 1945 -- CIC Security Role
[1989] War Diary of the Certification and Documentation Branch of The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in London, Volume 2, to January 1945.
[1945] [Washington Field office background check on Hiss; notes on mail surveillance of Hiss residence]
John Lowenthal / [1976] What the FBI Knew and Hid
Athan Theoharis / [1978] What the New Hiss Suit Uncovers
[Marisa Agha] / [2003] White Bear Lake: Police captain makes transition [from South to North]
War Department / [1946] Willard Gordon Wyman
[1971] Willard Gordon Wyman
[1949] Wiretap by Police Is Hinted in Court
William S. Fairfield and Charles Clift / [1953] The Wiretappers, part II Access restricted by copyright holder.
William S. Fairfield and Charles Clift / [1952] The Wiretappers, part I Access restricted by copyright holder.
Joan M. Jensen / [1991] World War II: Expanding the Boundaries