My research leaves no doubt that in preparing for Hiss’s libel suit against his accuser (Chambers), Hiss’s lawyers inadvertently allowed the person they had hired as Chief Investigator to be replaced by a Special Agent in the Army’s secret Counter Intelligence Corps during World War II. And it leaves little doubt—at least in my mind—that his funneling information in 1948–51 to the Justice Department and FBI about Hiss’s legal strategies (some with postscripts “destroy this letter”) was also done on behalf of Army Military Intelligence. After all, this elite spy-catcher (their term) had approached the FBI to offer his help with Communist Party matters a year before he penetrated the Hiss defense. Moreover, he confided to the FBI soon after joining Hiss’s team about his “present employment in the Military Intelligence.” In addition, he used as his contact when divulging Hiss’s defense secrets the same person at the Justice Department he had used as a contact when doing undercover work for the military against the German–American Bund in 1943.

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