Historic Illustrations of Art and Architecture

View of the Interior of the Temple of Poseidon at Paestum.






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The historic illustrations included in this project were originally published during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Many originally appeared in publications that predated the widespread use of photography for art documentation. These engravings, line drawings, and plans reflect both the technological and aesthetic standards of their time. By their very nature, they often represent subjective interpretations of the monuments and works depicted, and as such they offer fascinating insights into the cultural values of art and architectural history during the formative years of these disciplines.

These illustrations have been scanned as full-sized TIFF files at 600 dpi. A fielded catalogue record, including subject headings, has also been created for each illustration. These records also include full bibliographic information on the sources, which were published between 1879 and 1921.

While these illustrations are often beautiful examples of the draftsman's or engraver's skill, by their very nature they also represent subjective interpretations of the monuments and works depicted. Anyone wishing to use these images for teaching and research purposes should bear this in mind. Moreover, some of these illustrations may no longer reflect current scholarship due to ongoing research and critical reassessment of individual sites and works since their original publication. Therefore, the use of these images for pedagogical purposes should be complemented as necessary by comparison with updated plans, drawings, and photographs of the subject works and sites.

Citation of Historic Illustrations of Art and Architecture/Allan T. Kohl for use of these images and their related information content in scholarly publication is customary (and appreciated), but is not a legal requirement of use.

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