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Seibel, Erwin., 1942- / [1975] Lake and shore ice conditions on southeastern Lake Michigan in the vicinity of the Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant : Winter 1973-74 / by Erwin Seibel, Christopher T. Carlson, Joseph W. Maresca.
Biggs, W. Gale (Walter Gale), 1935- / [1962] A lake breeze index by W. Gale Biggs, Maurice E. Graves.
Leutheuser, Fredric C. / [1981] Lake Erie sediment oxygen demand / Fredric C. Leutheuser.
Rossmann, Ronald. / [1986] Lake Huron 1980 intensive surveillance : management and summary / by Ronald Rossmann.
Rossmann, Ronald. / [1981] Lake Huron bibliography, with limited summaries / by Ronald Rossmann, Thomas Treese.
Evans, Marlene S. / [1983] Lake Huron crustacean and rotifer zooplankton, 1980 : factors affecting community structure with an evaluation of water quality status.
[1985] Lake Huron intensive survey, 1980 / by Russell A. Moll ... [et al.] ; project officer, David C. Rockwell.
[1970] Lake Michigan environmental survey : final report / [edited] by John C. Ayers.
[1983] Limnological characteristics of northern Lake Michigan, 1976 / by Claire L. Schelske ... [et al.].
Lin, C. Kwei. / [1982] Limnology and pollution in Lake Valencia, Venezuela / by C. Kwei Lin.