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Stoermer, Eugene F., 1934- / [1980] Characteristics of benthic algal communities in the upper Great Lakes / by E.F. Stoermer.
Rossmann, Ronald. / [1975] Chemistry of nearshore surficial sediments from southeastern Lake Michigan / Ronald Rossman.
Ladewski, Barbara G. / [1981?] A comparative analysis of Lake Huron phytoplankton assemblages after entrainment at selected water intake facilities.
Lauritsen, Diane D. / [1981] Comparative studies of the zoobenthos of a natural and man-made rocky habitat on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan / Diane D. Lauritsen, David S. White.
[1985] Compensation in fish populations subject to catastrophic impact / Pamela J. Mansfield ... [et al.].
Biggs, W. Gale (Walter Gale), 1935- / [1962] Computer evaluation of double-theodolite data by W. Gale Biggs.
Colley, Raymond. / [1985] Constraints imposed by acid sulfate soils on the Gambia's bridge-barrage scheme / by Raymond Colley.
MacLean, William F. / [1962] Continuous seismic profiles along the proposed water intake tunnel route-City of Detroit Lake Huron Water Supply Project / by William F. MacLean.
[1971] Cook Plant preoperational studies 1970 / John C. Ayers ... [et al.].
[1970] Cook Plant preoperational studies, 1969 / John C. Ayers ... [et al.].
Ayers, John C. (John Carr), 1912- / [1972] Cook plant preoperational studies, 1971 / John C. Ayers, H.K. Soo, William L. Yocum.
[1973] Cook Plant preoperational studies, 1972 / John C. Ayers, Erwin Seibel.
Ayers, John C. (John Carr), 1912- / [1964] Currents and related problems at Metropolitan Beach, Lake St. Clair / John C. Ayers.
Ayers, John C. (John Carr), 1912- / [1959] The currents of Lakes Michigan and Huron / John C. Ayers.