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Dams, Richard. / [1970] Nondestructive activation analysis of environmental samples : technical report / [by] Richard Dams [and] John A. Robbins. John W. Winchester, Project Director.
Davis, Curtiss O. / [1979] Water chemistry and phytoplankton field and laboratory procedures / Curtiss O. Davis and Mila S. Simmons, editors.
Delumyea, Richard G. / [1977] Atmospheric inputs of phosphorus to southern Lake Huron, April-October 1975 / by Richard G. Delumyea and Resy L. Petel.
Dorr, John A., III. / [1975] Underwater operations in southeastern Lake Michigan near the Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant during 1974 / John A. Dorr III, Timothy J. Miller.
Dorr, John A., III. / [1985] Studies on adult, juvenile, and larval fishes of the Gambia River, West Africa, 1983-1984 / John A. Dorr III.
Dorr, John A., III. / [1980] Scuba observations in eastern Lake Michigan near Muskegon Harbor, 13-14 September 1979 / John A. Dorr, David J. Jude.
Dorr, John A., III. / [1986?] Diver assessment of the inshore southeastern Lake Michigan environment near the D.C. Cook Nuclear Plant, 1973-1982 / John A. Dorr III and David J. Jude.