9. All the above are recurrent quotes from conversations with Serbs from Bosnia and from Serbia I had during and after the Bosnian war. It must be stressed that, although the sheer dimensions of Serb crimes make accounting in their case more urgent than in others, similar though less intensive denial can be encountered also among Croats, both from Bosnia and Croatia. Perhaps unsurprisingly it was among the Bosnian Muslims, who were mainly victims of both sides, that I found the greatest willingness to address the issue of crimes committed by their own side. These observations are supported by the attitudes adopted by the respective states towards extraditing their war crime suspects to the Hague: none, bar Slobodan Milosevic on the Serb side (Biljana Plavsic had turned herself in, other Serb suspects were forcibly arrested by international forces), some grudging extraditions, with stiffening resistance and finally refusal on the Croat side, and almost faultless cooperation on the Bosnian Muslim Page  201side.

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