10. On its 2003 website, The Institute for Research on Women and Gender at the University of Michigan reported its undertaking of just such a project, with a goal "to map the relationship between women's activism and feminist scholarship, and to examine how 'Women's Studies' as an academic enterprise has been produced and institutionalized in relation to the histories of feminism in each site. Our goal is to use these histories to think comparatively about women's movements and gender studies curriculum in the broader context of globalization, and to re/think the genealogies of 'global' feminism". This project articulates variously with different regions, not only by selection but also by the articulation of feminism with different sets of cultural politics. For one important reflection on this, see Elaine Weiner, "Liberalization and Liberation: Gender, Class and the Market in the Czech Republic," University of Michigan unpublished doctoral dissertation, 2003.

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