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White Horse Eagle, Osage chief, 1822- / [c1931] We Indians, the passing of a great race, being the recollections of the last of the great Indian chiefs, Big Chief White Horse Eagle, as told to Edgar von Schmidt-Pauli; translated by Christopher Turner.
Pinero, Arthur Wing, Sir, 1855-1934. / [1894] The weaker sex : a comedy in three acts, / by Arthur W. Pinero...
Fortes, Meyer. / [1949] The web of kinship among the Tallensi; the second part of an analysis of the social structure of a Trans-Volta tribe.
Phillips, Hubert, comp. 1891- / [1932] The week-end problems book, compiled by Hubert Phillips ...
Wells, David Ames, 1828-1898. / [1873] Wells's Natural philosophy; for the use of schools, academies, and private students: introducing the latest results of scientific discovery and research; arranged with special reference to the practical application of physical science to the arts and the experiences of every-day life. With three hundred and seventy-five engravings, by David A. Wells.
Dejaure, 1761-1790. / [1792] Werther et Charlotte, drame-lyrique, en un acte, en prose ...
Larminie, William, ed. and tr. / [1893] West Irish folk-tales and romances;
Beadle, J. H. (John Hanson), 1840-1897. / [1881] Western wilds, and the men who redeem them. An authentic narrative, embracing an account of seven years travel and adventure in the far West; wild life in Arizona; perils of the plains; life in the cañon and death on the desert ... adventures among the red and white savages of the West ... the Mountain meadow massacre: the Custer defeat: life and death of Brigham Young. etc. By J. H. Beadle ...