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Boucicault, Dion, 1820-1890. / [c1856] The phantom: a drama, in two acts. By Dion Boucicault.
Lucani / [unknown] Pharsaliae
Philodemus, ca. 110-ca. 40 B.C. / [1884] Phil0demi de mvsica librorvm qvae exstant edidit Ioannes Kemke.
Wood, Arthur Evans, b. 1881. The philosophy of community organization [by] Arthur Evans Wood.
Lunn, Charles, 1838-1906. / [1888] The philosophy of voice, showing the right and wrong action of voice in speech and song, with laws for self-culture, by Charles Lunn ...
Trollope, Anthony, 1815-1882. / [1871] Phineas Finn, the Irish member. By Anthony Trollope ... With twenty illustrations by J.E. Millais, R.A.
Kulāp Sāipradit, 1905-1973. / [2469 1926] Phit nāng kamnan / dōi Sībūraphā.
Wičhitwāthakān Lūang, (Kimlīang), 1898-1962. / [2513 1970] Phlī chīp phư̄a chū / Phon Trī Lūang Wičhitwāthakān.
Armstrong, Lilias Eveline, d. 1937. / [1967] The phonetic and tonal structure of Kikuyu / by Lilias E. Armstrong.
Krungthēp Bannākhān. / [2470 1927] Photčhanānukrom phāsā Thai chabap lek læ khambanyat (technical terms) / Khō̜ng Krungthēp Bannākhān.
Hare, James H., ed. 1856-1946. / [1905] A photographic record of the Russo-Japanese war,
World's Columbian Exposition / [1894] Photographs of the World's Fair; an elaborate collection of photograph's of the buildings, grounds and exhibits of the World's Columbian Exposition, with a special description of the famous Midway plaisance.
[1970] Phra Pathommasomphōt : khamkō̜n.
Wyld, Robert Stodart, 1808-1893. / [1875] The physics and philosophy of the senses;
Weulersse, Georges, 1874- / [1959] La physiocratie à la fin du règne de Louis XV, 1770-1774.
Weulersse, Georges, 1874- / [1950] La physiocratie sous les ministères de Turgot et de Necker (1774-1781)