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Jones, William, comp. 1871-1909. / [1915] Kickapoo tales collected by William Jones; tr. by Truman Michelson.
Partʻewian, Surēn. / [1909] Kilikean arhawirkʻě / Surēn Partʻewean.
Mac Lear, Martha. / [c1915] The kindergarten and the Montessori method; an attempt at synthesis
Boethius, d. 524. / [1899] King Alfred's old English version of Boethius De consolatione philosophiae. Edited from the mss., with introduction, critical notes and glossary by Walter John Sedgefield.
Schwerké, Irving. / [1927] Kings Jazz and David (Jazz et David, rois)
Parsons, Elsie Worthington Clews, 1874-1941. / [1969] Kiowa tales / by Elsie Clews Parsons.
Deeping, Warwick, 1877-1950. / [1928] Kitty, by Warwick Deeping.