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Ja Je Jo Ju
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MacDonald, William, 1863-1938. / [1906] Jacksonian democracy, 1829-1837, by William MacDonald.
Tormo y Monzó, Elías, 1869-1954. / [1913] Jacomart y el arte hispano-flamenco cuatro centista, por E. Tormo y Monzó.
Sheth, Chimanlal Bhailal. / [1953?] Jainism in Gujarat (A. D. 1100 to 1600)
Jain, Kailash Chand. / [1963] Jainism in Rajasthan.
Beckwith, Martha Warren, 1871-1959. / [1924] Jamaica Anansi stories / by Martha Warren Beckwith; with music recorded in the field by Helen Roberts.
Beckwith, Martha Warren, 1871-1959. / [1969] Jamaica folk-lore, collected by Martha Warren Beckwith, with music recorded in the field by Helen H. Roberts.
Beattie, James, 1735-1803. / [1946] James Beattie's London diary, 1773 / edited with an introduction and notes by Ralph S. Walker.
Griffis, William Elliot, 1943- / [1880] Japanese fairy world. Stories from the wonder-lore of Japan,
Embree, John F. comp. (John Fee), 1908-1950. / [1944] Japanese peasant songs / compiled and annotated by John F. Embree ; with the assistance of Ella Embree and Yukuo Uyehara.
Hancock, Harrie Irving, 1868- / [1903] Japanese physical training; the system of exercise, diet, and general mode of living that has made the Mikado's people the healthiest, strongest, and happiest men and women in the world,
Barrès, Maurice, 1862-1923. / [1948] Le jardin de Bérénice.
Martin de Córdoba, d. ca. 1476. / [1956] Jardín de nobles doncellas.
Egner, D W. / [1925] Javanese word-list.