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Tourneux, Maurice, 1849-1917. / [1902] Eugène Delacroix, par Maurice Tourneux; biographie critique, illustrée de vingt-quatre reproductions hors texte.
Weller, Charles Frederick, 1870- / [1956] Eugenia Winston Weller's lovely life.
Murray, Gilbert, 1866-1957. / [c1913] Euripides and his age,
Verrall, A. W. (Arthur Woollgar), 1851-1912. / [1895] Euripides, the rationalist; a study in the history of art and religion,
Ritter, Julius, 1821- / [1875] De Euripidis Alcestide : dissertatio inauguralis / proposuit Iulius Ritter.
Cheyney, Edward Potts, 1861-1947. / [1904] European background of American history, 1300-1600, by Edward Potts Cheyney.
Barber, John Warner, 1798-1885. / [1855] European historical collections : comprising England, Scotland, with Holland, Belgium, and part of France. Giving ... the most prominent and interesting events ... in the history of these countries: biographical notices of distinguished persons ... with geographical descriptions of the ... several countries visited. Illustrated by 275 engravings ... By John W. Barber.