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Jaloux, Edmond, 1878-1949. / [c1922] L'escalier d'or; roman, par Edmond Jaloux.
Ballesteros Gaibrois, Manuel. / [c1949] Escritores de Indias: selección, estudio y notas por Manual Ballesteros.
Tisserant, Charles. / [1930] Essai sur la grammaire banda.
Montaigne, Michel de, 1533-1592. / [1913] Essais de Michel de Montaigne, Introduction par Emile Faguet ... Ed. Lutetia ...
Pope, Alexander, 1688-1744. / [1899] Essay on man, epistles I.-IV. / With introduction and notes by E. E. Morris ...
Mazzini, Giuseppe, 1805-1872. / [1892] An essay on the duties of man, addressed to workingmen, written in 1844 and 1858 by Joseph Mazzini. Reprinted by permission of Mrs. Emilie Ashurst Venturi, ed. of "The life and writings of Joseph Mazzini" ...
Foster, John, 1770-1843. / [1864] An essay on the improvement of time. By John Foster, ed. by J. E. Ryland, M.A., with a preface by John Sheppard.
Meek, Thomas. / [1799] An essay on the liberty of the press: in which the rational and prudential limits of the noble invention of printing are properly defined ... By the Rev. T. Meek, A.M.
James I, King of England, 1566-1625. / [1869] The essayes of a prentise, in the divine art of poesie. Edinburgh. 1585. A counterblaste to tobacco. London, 1604.
Arnold, Matthew, 1822-1888. / [1914] Essays, by Matthew Arnold, including Essays in criticism, 1865; On tanslating Homer (with R. W. Newman's reply) and five other essays now for the first time collected.
[1926] Essays in memory of Barrett Wendell, by his assistants.
Dowden, Edward, 1843-1913. / [1910] Essays modern and Elizabethan, / by Edward Dowden ...
Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894. / [1923] Essays of travel and in the art of writing, by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Stjerna, Knut Martin, 1874-1909. / [1912] Essays on questions connected with the Old English poem of Beowulf / by Knut Stjerna ; translated and edited by John R. Clark Hall.
Hunt, Leigh, 1784-1859. / [1929] Essays (selected), / by Leigh Hunt.
Ross, Alan Strode Campbell. / [1963] The essentials of Anglo-Saxon grammar, with tables for sound-changes.
Grau, Jacinto, 1877-1958. / [1941] Estampas.
Forest, H.U. / [1950] L'esthétique du roman balzacien / H.U. forest.