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Jacob Isaac, ha-Ḥozeh, mi-Lublin, 1745-1815. / [643, 1882] Sefer Divre emet : ʻal ha-Torah / ṿe-hu ḥibur eḥad meha-sheloshah ḥiburim she-ḥiber...Yaʻaḳov Yitsḥaḳ ha-Leṿi Horṿits Lontsuṭ.
Jacob, Joseph. / [1774] Animadversions on the use of broad wheels, and the preservation of the public roads ...
Jacob, Max, 1876-1944. / [1922] Art poétique, par Max Jacob ...
Jacob, P. L., 1806-1884. / [1878] Science and literature in the middle ages and at the period of the renaissance. By Paul Lacroix (Bibliophile Jacob) ... Illustrated with thirteen chromolithographic prints by F. Kellerhoven and upwards of four hundred engravings on wood.
Jacoubet, Henri. / [1929] Le genre troubadour et les origines françaises du romantisme, par Henri Jacoubet.
Jahr, G. H. G. (Gottlieb Heinrich Georg), 1800-1875. / [1867] Klinische Anweisungen zu homoeopathischer Behandlung der Krankenheit.
Jain, Kailash Chand. / [1963] Jainism in Rajasthan.
Jakobson, Roman, ed. 1896- / [1949] Russian epic studies, edited by Roman Jakobson and Ernest J. Simmons.
Jaloux, Edmond, 1878-1949. / [c1922] L'escalier d'or; roman, par Edmond Jaloux.
James I, King of England, 1566-1625. / [1869] The essayes of a prentise, in the divine art of poesie. Edinburgh. 1585. A counterblaste to tobacco. London, 1604.
James, Henry, 1843-1916. / [1914] Notes on novelists, with some other notes, by Henry James.
James, William, 1842-1910. / [1905] The principles of psychology, by William James.
James, William, 1842-1910. / [1905] The principles of psychology, by William James.
Jāmī, 1414-1492. / [1899] Salámán and Absál; an allegory tr. from the Persian of Jámí: together with a bird's-eye view of Faríd-Uddín Attar's Bird-parliament. By Edward FitzGerald; ed. by Nathan Haskell Dole.
Jāmī, 1414-1492. / [1887] The Behâristân (Abode of spring) A literal translation from the Persian [by Edward Rehatsek]
Jāṉakirāmaṉ, Ti., 1921-1983. / [1966] Ammā vantāḷ.
Jankélévitch, Vladimir. / [1950] L'ironie ou la bonne conscience.
Janzé, Charles Alfred, baron de, / [1886] Les Huguenots; cent ans de persécution, 1685-1789.
Japan. Dept. of Railways. / [1913-1917] An official guide to Eastern Asia, trans-continental connections between Europe and Asia ... . Prepared by the Imperial Japanese Government Railways.
Japan. Monbusho. / [between 1947 and 1956] Gist of teaching music : (trial) : 1947 / The Monbusho ; [translated by H. Seno].
Japan. Nōshōmushō. / [1893] General view of commerce & industry in the Empire of Japan. Published by the Bureau of Commerce and Industry, Department of Agriculture, Japan.
Jarry, Alfred, 1873-1907. / [1901] Messaline; roman de l'ancienne Rome.
Jayadeva, 12th cent. / [1962] The song of divine love, Gita-Govinda.