Help Guide

Use and Access

Text digital collections provide access to high-quality texts and associated metadata for use in teaching, learning, research, and scholarship. Some collections are restricted to use at U-M, while most are available for public use. Please note the rights statement associated with each collection in order to determine your personal use of the material.

Restricted Materials and Logging In

When a collection or title within a collection is restricted to use at U-M, that means it’s restricted to faculty, staff and students who are members of the U-M community. If you feel you should have access and do not, please check with your department first and if you continue to have trouble contact us at

To access restricted materials, you should login using the “Login” link in the upper right of any page with your U-M uniqname and Kerberos password.

System Requirements

We regularly test for compatibility with the two most recent releases of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge. If you are using a much older version of these browsers, you may experience difficulty while using text digital collections. For best performance, we recommend using a recent version of Chrome.

Searching Text Digital Collections

The search engine uses string matching to determine search hits. That means, for each query term, the primary rule is this: what you put in the form text box is literally what the search engine will look for. Two words will be searched as a phrase.

The search interfaces allow you to perform simple and advanced searches. For more information on searching, see the Help Guide menu on the right.

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