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Influenza Encyclopedia

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Y Activities Closed Because of Epidemic 1918
"Y" Classes Not Closed By Epidemic 1918
Y. Gymnasium Is Closed This Week 1918
Y. M. C. A. Classes And Entertainments Are Hit 1918
Y. M. C. A. Classes Begin 1918
Y. M. C. A. Making Ready 1918
Y. M. C. A. Schools Open 1918
Y. M. C. A. Soon To Be In Motion 1918
Y.M.C.A. Getting Ready 1918
Y.M.C.A. Remains Open Despite the Influenza 1918
'Y' Resumes Tomorrow 1918
"Y" Secretary Victim Of "Flu" 1918
"Y" Tuesday Clubs Postpone Meetings 1918
Y. W. C. A. Canteen Asks For Use Of Autos For Its Work Among Influenza Stricken 1918
Y. W. C. A. Classes Resume 1918
Y. W. C. A. Wants Use Of Autos, Money And Pint Jars To Fight Influenza Epidemic 1918
Y. W. C. A. Will Open Gymnasium Classes Next Tuesday; Believe Physical Exercise Will Prevent Influenza By Helping To Keep Young Women In Good Condition 1918
Yakima Ban Will Be More Strict 1918
Year's Death Rate Shows Increase 1918
Year's Death Rate Was Below Normal 1919
Year's Vital Statistics 1919
Yearly Report, Baden Street Settlement, July 1, 1918 - July 1, 1919 1919
Yeast Eating Suggested to Ward Off Flu 1918
Yemanette; Poor Thing! Quarantined 1918
Yesterday Record Day For Influenza 1918
York Rd. Section Hard Hit 1918
York To Get Tent Hospital 1918
York Would Delay Draftees 1918
You and Flu 1918
You Can Do Something, Can't You? To Help In Fight Against Epidemic 1918
You can't smoke on street cars till "flu" ends 1918
You Have Flu If � 1918
Young Ewing Allison Correspondence 1918
De Young Is Attacked By Mayor Rolph 1918
Young Physician Pneumonia Victim 1918
Young Society Girl Is Influenza Victim 1918
Young Society Women Find Training Valuable in Present Epidemic 1918
Your Health 1918

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