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VA. State Fair Is Ordered Closed By Health Board 1918
Vacation Over; Flu Ban Raised; Schools Reopen 1919
Vaccinate A Thousand A Day For Flu 1918
Vaccination Against 'Flu' Here Is Urged 1918
Vaccination Against Flu Begun Here 1918
Vaccination against Pneumonia 1918
Vaccination and innoculation 1918
Vaccination Cheap (How To Keep Well) 1918
Vaccination Discussed 1918
Vaccine Arrives For Treatment Of Spanish Influenza 1918
Vaccine cuts army in influenza deaths 1918
Vaccine, Foe of Pneumonia, Ready 1918
Vaccine For All War Department Workers 1918
Vaccine For Influenza To Be Given Out 1918
Vaccine For The Plague 1918
Vaccine Is Found To Put Finish To Spanish Scourge 1918
Vaccine Is Used As Experiment To Check Influenza 1918
Vaccine Offered Free 1919
Vaccine Preparing To Check Influenza 1918
Vaccine Sent To Check "Flu" 1918
Vaccine To Fight Dread Influenza 1918
Vaccines Against Influenza 1918
Valuable Data On Influenza 1919
Valuable Work By U. S. P. H. S. 1919
The Value of the Face Mask and Other Measures 1918
Value of Vaccination Against Influenza 1918
Vanderbilt Farm To Help Navy Fight Influenza 1918
Variations in Case Fatality During the Influenza Epidemic of 1918 1921
Varsity Players To Catch Up With Original Schedule 1918
Venice 'Flu' Cases; May Restore Ban 1918
Venice Has Clean Bill 1918
Venice Saloon Ban To Be Lifted Today 1918
Venice Saloons and Cafes Close to Halt Influenza Spread 1918
Venice Schools Close 1918
Ventura Reports 31 New Influenza Cases 1918
Very Few Deaths From Spanish Influenza 1918
Veteran Justice "Flu" Victim 1918
Vicar General Issues Injunction to Catholics 1918
Victim Of 'Flu' Attacks Woman, She Kills Him 1918
Victim Of Influenza 1919
Victim Of Influenza Has 150 To 1 Chance Of Survival 1918
Victims Of Malady Number 136 1918
Victory Claimed By Rival Camps 1918
Victory-Columbus Day Parade Cancelled Owing to Influenza 1918
Victory over "flu" shown in day's reports 1918
Victory Over Influenza Expected Next Week 1918
Victory Over Influenza Shown By Reports 1918
Victory Ready For Big Opening 1918
Victory Theater Makes Big Hit 1918
Victory Theater To Open 1918
Victory Theater To Open Monday 1918
Victory Theater To Open November 4 1918
Victory Theater Will Open Today 1918
The Victory To Open When Ban Is Lifted 1918
Vigilance urged as grip wave recedes 1918
Vigorous Action to Stamp Out Grippe 1918
Vigorous Effort To Stamp Out Influenza 1918
Vigorous Influenza Campaign Is Begun 1919
Villages Adopt Strict Measures To Fight Plague 1918
Violated Health Order 1918
Violating Influenza Quarantine Will Be Rigidly Prosecuted 1919
Violators Of "Flu" Rules Will Be Prosecuted 1918
Violators Of Ban Order Are Warned 1918
Virginia Governor's Office Papers related to influenza 1918
Virginia State Board of Health Minutes, 1918 1918
Virginia World War I History Commission, "Health Source Material" [1919]
Virginia World War I History Commission, Notes on Red Cross Activities in Virginia during World War I and the influenza epidemic [1919]
Visitation Of Grip Dodges Chicago; Only 2 Die In Day 1918
Visitation Of Influenza Is Rated Everybody's Calamity 1918
Visiting Nurse Efficient Aid 1918
Visiting Nurse Service Helps Fight Plague 1918
Visiting Nurse Society of Philadelphia, Minutes, October 4, 1918 - January 3, 1919 1919
The Visiting Nurse Society of Philadelphia. Year ending December 31, 1918 1919
Visiting Nurses Are Big Help in War on the Flu 1918
Visiting Nurses Association Annual Report, January, 1919 1919
Visiting Nurses Busy 1918
Visiting Nurses Discover 34 New Influenza Cases 1918
Visiting Nurses Make Appeal For Autos 1918
Visiting Nurses Working Overtime 1918
Visitors Barred From Hospital 1918
Visitors Barred From Seeing Orphan Children 1918
Vital Statistics Bill Proposes New Methods 1919
Vital Statistics Of The City Of New York For The Year 1918 1919
Vocational-North Football Game Canceled Because Of Epidemic; to Be Played Later 1918
Voice of the people 1918
Volume 14 (1918) and 15 (1919), The Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association 1919
Voluntary Quarantine Is Suggested as Help in Fighting Epidemic 1918
Volunteer "flu" workers wanted: where addresses may be left at centers 1918
Volunteer for Influenza Tests 1919
Volunteer For Local Nursing 1918
Volunteer Nurse Survey Fruitless 1918
Volunteer Nurses Are Still Urgently Needed For Homes 1918
Volunteer Nurses To Help To Check Influenza Needed 1918
Volunteers Asked By Dayton's Bluff Club 1918
Volunteers Called For Nurses Work 1918
Volunteers For "Flu" Work 1918
Volunteers Must Respond At Once 1918
Volunteers Needed For Grip Fight 1918
Volunteers Receive Appreciation for their Services 1918
Volunteers Report Influenza Cases 1918
Vote A Million To Fight "Flu" 1918
Vote Of Thanks To Mrs. Halsey 1918
Votes To Cancel Sunday Services 1918
Votes To Lift Ban But Warns Public To Use Precaution 1918
Voting Safe If You Wear Your Mask 1918

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