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Influenza Encyclopedia

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"U" Lid Is Lifted 1918
'U' Opening Is Delayed Week By Influenza 1918
U. S. Aid In Epidemic Soon 1918
U. S. Aids City In Fight On Influenza 1918
U. S. Appeals To Doctors Of 3 States 1918
U. S. Army Health Expert Assigned To Combat 'Flu' 1919
U. S. Calls Toledoan To Help "Flu" Fight 1918
U. S. Court Adjourns 1918
U.S. Fighting Influenza Hard; Rules Issued By Government To Stop Spread Of Noxious Disease 1918
U. S. Flu Danger Is Over 1918
U. S. Flu Figures Urge More Care 1918
U. S. Funds For Flu Research 1919
U. S. Health Service Issues Bulletin Touching Upon Spread Of Influenza 1918
U. S. Naval Training Camp, Chart Of Influenza Epidemic [September - December 1918], Seattle, Washington 1918
U. S. Naval Training Camp, Chart Of Influenza Epidemic [September - December 1918], Seattle, Washington 1918
U. S. Officer Coming To Take Charge Of Flu Epidemic Here 1918
U. S. Officials Are Quarantined Aboard Steamer 1918
U. S. Orders Inspector To Probe Camp At U. 1918
U. S. Public Health Service Issues Bulletin On Spanish "Flu" 1918
U. S. sends call for physicians to combat "flu" 1918
U. S. Watching Flu Cases 1918
'U' To Extend Grid Schedule 1918
"U" Turns on Heat, Men Open Windows, Out Goes Influenza 1918
U. W. VA. Closed 1918
"U" Will Open Wednesday 1918
Unable To Fill All Calls For Nurses 1918
Unanimous Decision Removes Lid 1918
Unchecked On Kansas Side 1918
Undue Alarm In Influenza Outbreak Here 1918
Undue Celebration Effect Is Feared 1918
Undue Crowding Forbidden Here 1918
Uniform Methods Sought to Stamp Out "Flu" in State 1918
Unique Condition In Flu Situation Discovered Here 1918
Unite Forces To Check Influenza 1918
United Charities Appeals For Nurses To Care For Influenza Patients 1918
United Charities Issues Call For Women Workers 1918
United Charities Needs Women To Help Care For Sick 1918
United War Work Campaign, Bulletin No. 10, Oct. 31, 1918 1918
University Ban Will Continue 1918
University Classes Are Temporarily Suspended 1918
University Closed To Most Students 1918
University halts all its classes 1918
University Men Quarantined To Check Influenza 1918
University News 1919
University of Dallas Observes Closing Order 1918
University of Louisville Resumes Studies Monday 1918
University Of Utah To Reopen Monday 1919
University Ready To Resume Course 1919
University School Closed 1918
Unless Influenza Ban Is Lifted by Monday First Game Will Be Nov. 2 1918
Unmuzzled Muse Takes Fresh Fling At Chronicle Contest 1918
Unnecessary Meetings Barred In State; 247 New Influenza Cases In City 1918
Unofficial Information Is That Public Schools Will Start Next Week 1918
Unpaid Public Health Commission Is Wanted 1918
Unsigned Complaint (December 5th, 1918) sent to U. S. Government, with attached reply 1918
An Unwelcome Visitor 1918
Up To Individual To Avoid The Influenza Says Kahn 1918
Up To Individuals To Stamp It Out 1918
Upholds heat in ordinance 1919
Urge Clean-Up Measures To Combat Influenza 1918
Urge Cleanliness To Prevent Flu 1918
Urge Doctors To Use Serum 1919
Urge Greater Efforts As 'Flu' Proves Stubborn 1918
Urge more vigor here in fight on influenza 1918
Urge Prayers To Halt "Flu" 1918
Urge Quarantine In Flu Cases To Combat Epidemic 1918
Urge Steps To Combat Recurrence Of Epidemic 1918
Urged Need Of Full Time Health Officers 1919
Urged To Give Milk For Diet Kitchen 1918
Urgent Appeal For Red Cross Articles And More Workers 1919
Urgent Appeal To School Teachers 1918
An Urgent Appeal To the Public 1918
Urgent Appeal To Women 1918
Urgent Appeal to Women Made by Red Cross 1918
An Urgent Call For More Nurses 1918
Urgent Call For Nurses At Camp Fremont 1918
Urgent Call For Nurses Is Made By Red Cross 1918
Urgent Call For Physicians To Care For "Flu" Patients 1918
Urgent Call To Nurses 1918
Urgent Calls Sent Out by Red Cross 1918
Urgent Calls Unanswered 1919
Urges Boiling Public Dishes 1918
Urges Churches to Close Sunday 1918
Urges Continuance Of "Flu" Precautions 1918
Urges Doctors to Be Cautious 1918
Urges Doctors to Learn Serum's Use 1919
Urges Flushing Of Gutters Daily and Ventilating Cars 1918
Urges Fresh Air In Influenza Cases 1918
Urges Medical Tests To Prevent Influenza 1919
Urges More Power for State Health Executive 1918
Urges nurses for all people by short course 1919
Urges Precautions Against Another Influenza Epidemic 1919
Urges Precautions Over Christmas 1918
Urges Public To Stop Misuse of Telephone 1918
Urges Public To Study Influenza 1918
Urges Quarantine At Naval Station 1918
Urges State-Wide Fight Against "Flu" Epidemic 1918
Urges Thanks For Epidemic Fighters 1918
Urges Use Of Vaccine As Influenza Guard 1919
Use All Resources To Fight Epidemic 1918
Use Gas Mask To Ward Off Influenza 1918
"Use Gauze," Is Plea Of Dr. Crosby 1918
Use Hotel At Skaneateles As Hospital 1918
Use Of Central Hospital Annex Leads To Duel 1918
The Use of Convalescent Human Serum in Influenza Pneumonia��A Preliminary Report 1918
Use Of Ice Cream As Influenza Guard, Urged 1919
The Use of Influenza Vaccine in the Present Epidemic 1918
Use of Influenza Vaccine Is Advised by Health Officer 1918
Use Of Placards Is Endorsed 1919
Use Of School Buildings Denied, Due To Epidemic 1918
Use Of Vaccine In Albany Not Urged 1918
Use of Vaccine in Influenza 1918
Use Phone Only If Necessary 1918
Use Whisky In Fight Against Influenza 1918
Used 826 Paid And Volunteer Nurses 1918
Usher Bars Sailors From City Subways 1918
Using Every Car it Can Man, Elevated Declares 1918
Using "Flu" Masks To Cloak Thievery 1918
Using The Plague As A Smoke Screen 1918
Usual Business Again Resumed 1918
Usual Denver Holiday Festivities Are Called Off For 'Flu' Epidemic 1918
Usual Sunday Increase In Influenza Figures 1918
Utah Community Scourge-Stricken 1918
Utah Men Return From Farm Congress 1918
Utilities Convention Has Been Postponed 1918

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