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A.P. Gilbert, Methods Department, Dies of Pneumonia Following Spanish Influenza 1918
P.J. O'Rourke, Grain Demonstrator Succumbs to Pneumonia 1918
P. R. T. Force Hit By Influenza 1918
Pa's Thankful There's a Law of Compensation (Polly and Her Pals) 1918
Packing House Employs Hear About Spanish "Flu" 1918
"Pan" Closes Five Weeks 1918
A Pandemic Autumn Plague 1918
The Pandemic in the Army Camps 1918
Pandemic Influenza 1918
Pandemic 'Influenza' and Secondary Pneumonia at Camp Fremont, Calif. 1918
Pandemic Of Influenza In U. S. Is Feared 1918
Pandemics 1919
Pantages Reopens To Big Audience 1918
Pantlid Does Well In Spite Of War And "Flu" 1919
Parents Told How To Help Fight Influenza 1918
Paris Has Increase Of Influenza Deaths 1919
Paris Symphony Orchestra Tour Postponed Because of Influenza 1918
Park Board Places Ban On Amateur Games 1918
Parochial School Opens 1918
Parochial School Opens Oct 28 1918
Parochial Schools 1918
Parochial Schools Reopen Thursday 1918
Parochial Schools Suspend Classes 1918
Parochial Schools To Open On Monday 1918
Part Of Police Force Dons 'Flu' Masks 1918
Partial Ban Order To Be Made Tuesday 1918
Partial Ban Will Close City Schools 1918
Partial Lifting Of Closing Order In City Tomorrow 1918
Parties To Be Tabooed in Ohio 1918
Pasadena Ball Game Masked 1919
Pasadena Buys Hospital Beds 1919
Pasadena Planning Noisy Jollification 1918
Pasadena Snorts Under Masks 1919
Pasadena To Enforce Drastic Regulations 1918
Passes Are Issued To Men Of S. A. T. C. 1918
The Passing Epidemic 1918
Passing of Flu Gives Institute Activities Chance 1918
"Passing The Buck" 1918
Past Year Death Rate Increased By Influenza 1919
Pastor Addresses Congregation in Front of Church 1918
Pastors Aid In Crusade 1918
Pastors Are Busy In Spite Of "Flu" 1918
Pastors Need Support While Flu Ban Is On 1918
Pastors Protest Church Closing 1918
Pastors Protest Closing Churches 1918
Pastors Send Messages To Members Of Churches 1918
Pastors To Discuss Closing Of Churches 1918
The Pathologic Anatomy of Influenzal Bronchopneumonia 1919
Pathologic Similarity Between Pneumonia of Bubonic Plague and of Pandemic Influenza 1918
Pathological Anatomy of Pneumonia Associated with Influenza 1921
The Pathology of Epidemic Influenza 1919
The Pathology of Influenza 1920
The Pathology of Pneumonia Accompanying Influenza 1919
Pathology of the Pneumonia Following Influenza 1919
Patients Under Care of Red Cross Should Not Pay 1918
Patriotic Service 1918
Patronage of Street Cars Has Fallen Off Greatly Because of Precautions Against Influenza 1918
Patrons of School to Meet in Open Air 1918
Pawtucket Heads Agree On Closing Of Public Schools 1918
Pawtucket High School Is Closed Because Of Cold 1919
Pay For Losses In The Epidemic 1918
Pay Heed to Advice of State Board of Health 1918
Peace And Influenza Cause Havoc In Market For Drugs 1918
Peace Confreres Start Final Draft of Treaty 1919
Peace Talk And Influenza Hurt Loan Campaign 1918
Peace Will Help Check The Flu 1918
Peaceful Sunday Now Inaugurated To Fight Malady 1918
Peak Not Hit By Rising Tide of Influenza 1918
Peak Not Reached, Riverside Report 1918
Peak Of "Flu" Passed 1918
Peak Of 'Flu' Is Reached Here Now, Is Hope 1918
Peak Of Disease Passed In Utah 1918
Peak Of Epidemic Believed Passed 1918
Peak Of Epidemic Is Believed Past 1918
Peak Of Grip Epidemic Is Reached Here � Flannagan 12,000 Cases Estimated 1918
Peak Of Influenza Epidemic Due Soon 1918
Peak Of Influenza Epidemic Is Past, Dr. Thinks 1918
Peak Of Influenza Past, Say Officials 1918
Peak Of Plague Is Passed Here 1918
Penn's Opening Game Prevented By Influenza 1918
The People Must Help 1918
People Urged To Wear Masks Everywhere 1918
Percentage Of Deaths Under Other Camps 1918
Perhaps Fido Has Flu, Too 1918
The Periodicity of Influenza 1946
Periscope: The Influenza Epidemic 1918
Permanent bar to smoking on cars is ordered 1918
Personal accounts of the 1918 - 1919 influenza epidemic by nurses at the School of Nursing, Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts [1919]
Personal Service Given Cheerfully 1918
Persons Directs Civilian Influenza Relief Campaign 1918
Perth Amboy Needs Doctors and Nurses 1918
Pesek to Meet Zbyszko When Flu Ban Lifted 1918
Pest Epidemic In All States 1918
Peter V. Ross In The Enquirer, San Francisco, Cal. 1918
Peters Asks Elevated to Run More Cars to Help Check Epidemic 1918
Petersburg Ban Lifted 1918
Petersburg Closes Schools 1918
Petersburg Lifts Ban 1918
Petition Asks That All Churches In City Be Opened At Once 1918
Petition regarding quantities of confiscated whiskey 1918
Petition Sent to Mayor George L. Baker by Committee Representing All the Christian Science Churches and Society in Portland, Oregon 1918
Petworth Citizens Delay Rally 1918
Phila. Closing Ban Rescinded, To Take Effect Wednesday 1918
Phila. Lid Lifted Without Disorder 1918
Phila.'s Epidemic Wasn't Influenza 1918
Philadelphia Led In Grip Fatalities 1918
"Philo" To Reopen 1918
Phone Booths Are Closed 1918
Phone Girls Feel City Closing Ban 1918
'Phone Office Crippled 1918
Physical Examination Of Registrants Begun 1918
Physician Arrested 1919
Physician Gives Advice To The Enquirer Readers On Flu Treatment 1918
Physician One Of Victims Of Grip Epidemic 1918
Physician Victim of "Flu" 1918
Physicians Admit They Are Baffled By New Disease 1918
Physicians Advised Not to Use Vaccine When "Flu" Develops 1919
Physicians Again Required To Report Influenza Cases 1918
Physicians Among Epidemic Victims 1918
Physicians And Nurses Listed For Quick Service 1918
Physicians Are Given Influenza Directions 1919
Physicians Believe "Flu" Is Easing Up 1918
Physicians Called To Plan Checking Influenza Gains 1919
Physicians Confer On Influenza Fight 1918
Physicians Confer; Plan To Fight 'Flu' 1918
Physicians Discuss Influenza Epidemic 1918
Physicians Discuss Influenza Epidemic 1918
Physicians Fall Victims To "Flu" 1918
Physicians in Villages Ask How to Inject Serum for Flu 1918
Physicians More Cheerful Over Influenza Situation 1918
Physicians Must Report All Cases of Influenza 1918
Physicians Needed To Fight Influenza 1918
Physicians Not Lax In Reporting 'Flu' 1919
Physicians Oppose Use Of Bad Liquor 1918
Physicians Plan War On Grippe 1918
Physicians Predict Flu Cases Will Grow Because Of Revelry 1919
Physicians Report 54 More Patients 1918
Physicians Say Crisis Is Over 1918
Physicians to Get Vaccine to Use Against Influenza 1918
Physicians To Register All Nurses In Effort To Stamp Out Influenza 1918
Physicians Told How To Fight Influenza; Public Health Service Issues Bulletin To Combat Spread of Spanish Disease 1918
Physicians Unite To Fight Epidemic 1918
Physicians Uphold Influenza Vaccine 1918
Physicians Wanted Immediately 1918
Physicians Wanted Immediately 1918
Physicians Will Make Reports Of Influenza Cases 1918
Physicians Would Use Confiscated Booze To Combat Disease 1918
Pickles, Eggs, Lettuce, Etc., Welcome Flu, Says Visitor 1918
Picture of Sneeze Helps City Fight Off Influenza 1918
Pierce County (Washington) Medical Society, Minutes, January 1919 1919
Pikers Cancel Game With Aviators Booked Saturday 1918
Pitfalls in Determining the Prophylactic or Curative Value of Bacterial Vaccines: With Special Reference to Influenza 1919
Pitt Night Classes Will Meet Monday 1918
The Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Red Cross in the Influenza Epidemic, September, October, November, 1918 [1918]
Pittsburgh, For First Time, Sees All Sports Suspended 1918
Placard City Against Grip 1918
Placard Homes Of Flu Victims 1918
Place A Light Near The Window 1918
Place Areas Under Quarantine At Dix 1918
Places and Events Affected By Board of Health Order 1918
Places Ban On Xmas Assemblies 1918
Placing Ban On City Is Not Being Considered Now 1918
Plague Abates Outside of Denver 1918
Plague Abates Thruout State 1918
Plague Abates Thruout State 1918
Plague Abating Thruout State 1918
Plague Abating Thruout State 1918
Plague Adds 128 St. Paul Victims 1918
Plague At Capital 1918
Plague At Crest; Move To Lift Lid 1918
Plague Attacks 9,039 Residents Since Beginning 1918
Plague Cause of Many Deaths Here 1918
Plague Checked Here, Is Belief 1918
Plague Claims 12 Victims Here 1918
Plague Claims Fewer Victims In City's Toll 1918
Plague Continues To Ravage State 1918
Plague Crest Hit Days Ago 1918
Plague Germs Are Puzzling Physicians 1918
Plague Has Been Ousted In City 1918
Plague In City Is At Minimum 1918
Plague In State Is Controlled 1918
Plague Kills 134 In Camp Sherman 1918
Plague Kills 22; 178 New Cases 1918
Plague Of 'Flu' Hasn't Hit City, State Doctors 1918
Plague Rages Thruout State 1918
Plague Rages Unabated In City Despite Drastic Rule 1918
Plague Reports Encouraging 1918
The Plague's Progress 1918
Plague Sets New Mark Of 5,390 Cases 1918
Plague Shows Steady Decline 1918
Plague Situation Is At Standstill 1918
Plague Situation Summary for City 1918
Plague Situation Well Cleaned Up 1918
The Plague Slays Its Millions 1919
Plague Spread Checked Thruout City, Is Belief 1918
Plague Spread Slows In State 1918
Plague Status Doctors' Topic 1918
Plague Still Rages In State 1918
Plague Toll Decreasing 1918
Plague Worst In Nation Since Yellow Fever 1918
Plagues And Epidemics Expert Discusses Influenza From View of Old Disease Scourges 1919
Plainer Funeral Caskets 1918
Plan Conference Tomorrow Night To Discuss Influenza Relief 1918
Plan Drastic Step To Conquer 'Flu' 1918
Plan Drastic Step To Halt Influenza 1918
Plan Fine For All Flu Law Violators 1919
Plan Influenza Survey 1919
Plan K. C. Hut Here For Use Of Soldiers 1918
Plan New Fight Upon Influenza 1919
Plan New State Health Control 1919
Plan New, More Stringent Ban 1919
Plan No Drastic Anti-Grip Move 1918
Plan Prevention Of Grip Next Year 1918
Plan School Opening In 10 Days 1919
Plan Survey Of Influenza Cases 1918
Plan To Check Influenza Taken Up By Officials 1918
Plan To Co-operate In Combating 'Flu' 1918
Plan to Halt Grip 1918
Plan To Head Off Influenza 1918
Plan To Lift School Ban Where Possible 1918
Plan To Make Up Lost School Time 1918
Plan To Make Up Lost School Time Announced 1918
Plan To Prevent Spread Influenza 1918
Plan to Prevent Spread of "Flu" 1919
Plan To Put End To Epidemic Here 1918
Planning Battle With Influenza 1919
Planning To Check Influenza Here 1918
Plans Being Made For Baptist Meeting 1918
Plans Discussed To Curb Spanish Grippe 1918
Plans For Flu Victims 1918
Plans Of Ohio Politicians Hit By Influenza 1918
Plans Outlined For Course Of Study In Red Cross Service 1919
Plans To Lift All Flu Bans In Week 1918
La Plata County Placed Under Quarantine To Control Influenza 1918
Play It Safe on the Epidemic 1918
Play "School Days" Has Been Postponed 1918
Playgrounds Reopen; Youngsters Glad 1918
Playhouses To Be Dark Temporarily 1918
Plays To Be Seen Again Tomorrow 1918
A Plea for Open Churches 1918
Plea Is Made for Influenza Ban by Blue 1918
Plea made for $11,500 1919
Plenty Of 'Kicks' In Some Nostrums 1918
Plenty Of Boxing In November If Influenza Only Subsides 1918
Plenty Of Fresh Air Good For Influenza 1918
Plenty Of Vaccine Virus 1918
Plenty of Week-end Football if Quarantine Is Not Extended to Outside Amusements 1918
Plums For Noncoms 1918
Pneumonia After "Flu" Causes Five Deaths Wednesday 1918
Pneumonia and "Flu" Decreasing in Chicago 1919
Pneumonia and Flu Still Unchecked in City and State; Schools Closed 1918
Pneumonia And Influenza Deaths Reported On Wane 1919
Pneumonia And Its Complications At The Base Hospital Camp Dodge 1918
Pneumonia and Some of its Complications at Camp Bowie 1919
Pneumonia at a Base Hospital 1918
Pneumonia at Camp Funston 1918
Pneumonia at Camp Funston 1919
Pneumonia Can Be Prevented By Latest Vaccine 1918
Pneumonia Cases Are Decreasing In Army Camps 1918
Pneumonia Cases Are Doubled in 2 Days 1919
Pneumonia Cases Develop At Travis Result Influenza 1918
Pneumonia Cases Increase In G. R. 5 More Die Of Flu 1918
Pneumonia Cases On Increase Here 1918
Pneumonia Cases Sent From Jail 1918
Pneumonia Cases Show Decrease 1918
Pneumonia Causes 10 Per Cent of Winter Deaths; How To Avoid It 1918
Pneumonia Causes Six Deaths At Camp Lee 1918
Pneumonia Claims Three In One Family 1918
Pneumonia Death Toll Is Doubled 1918
Pneumonia Following Influenza 1920
Pneumonia Following Influenza (At Camp Pike, Ark.) 1919
Pneumonia Following Influenza In The Camps In The United States 1921
Pneumonia Gains In Grip Outbreak 1918
Pneumonia Hits Army Here 1918
Pneumonia Is On Increase 1919
Pneumonia Jackets 1918
Pneumonia Kills Dr. E. E. Kennedy Health Official 1919
Pneumonia Kills Four At Travis; Influenza Grows 1918
Pneumonia Of Lobar Type Is New Menace 1918
Pneumonia Offers a Serious Problem 1918
Pneumonia Question Is Matter of Deep Concern, Says Physician 1919
Pneumonia Reaches Its Highest Stage at This Time of Year 1918
Pneumonia Takes Heavy Toll Here 1918
Pneumonia Toll In Camps Grows 1918
Pneumonia Ward Roper Hospital 1918
Pneumonia Wards Are Nearly Ready 1918
Pneumonia Wards Making Progress 1918
Pointers On Influenza 1919
Poison Gas And Influenza 1918
Police and Fire Departments Hit Hard by Influenza 1918
Police and Firemen Feel Epidemic Here 1918
Police and Firemen Stricken 1918
Police Court Every Other Day 1918
Police Court Is Held In Park 1918
Police Court News 1918
Police Court to Hold Sessions In Open Air 1918
Police Department To Enforce The Order 1918
Police Force Crippled By Epidemic and War 1918
Police Force Handicapped 1918
Police Force Is Hard Hit By Influenza 1918
Police Given Order To War On Influenza 1918
Police May Stop Arrests If 'Flu' Epidemic Keeps Up 1918
Police must be ill on own time now, city is so poor 1918
Police Prohibit Halloween Celebration; Ban Crowds 1918
Police Raid Saloons In War On Influenza; Keep Church Windows Open 1918
Police Ready To Aid 1918
Police Requested To Break Crowds 1918
Police Sergeant Acts Doctor And Saves Flu Victim 1918
Police Take 100 Maskless Folk To Jail 1919
Police To Be Put In Stores 'To Keep Crowd Moving' 1918
Police Treating Influenza Patient In A Basement 1918
Police Whisky Turned Over To Fight Influenza 1918
Police Will Enforce Flu Masking Order 1918
Policeman Casey Doing His Bit; Rescues Family of "Flu" Victims; Spends Nights With the Sick 1918
Policeman Dead From Influenza 1918
Policemen Fail To Arrest Spanish Flu 1918
Policemen Must Wear Flu Masks 1918
Policewomen Of Oakland Doing Work Of Salvage 1918
Polish Parish Much Affected By Grip 1918
Political Drives Will Open Today Despite Epidemic 1918
Political Drives Will Open Today Despite Epidemic 1918
Political Meetings May Be Opened Soon 1918
Politics Are Off In Colorado Till 'Flu' Is Checked 1918
Politics faces real shutdown by influenza 1918
Politics Seems Doomed By Flu 1918
Pomona Valley To Lift Ban Monday 1918
Pomonans Impose Strict 'Flu' Rules 1918
Pool Efforts To Fight Epidemic 1918
Poolroom Proprietor Faces Health Charge 1918
Poor Hard Hit By "Flu" 1918
Poor Suffering From Influenza; Charities Helping 1918
Popular Young Matron of Omaha Victim of "Flu" 1918
Portable "flu" hospitals to be established today 1918
Porter Rid Of Influenza 1918
Portland Children Kept From School 1918
Portland Churches Ask Epidemic Ban 1919
Portland Death Rate Low 1919
Portland Has Total Of 580 Grip Cases 1918
Portland Health Bureau 1918 Annual Reports 1918
Portland Ready To Combat Influenza 1918
Portland's Influenza Chart 1919
Portland's Influenza Chart 1919
Portland's Influenza Chart 1919
Portland's Influenza Chart 1919
Portland's Influenza Chart 1919
Portland Schools To Start Work Monday 1918
Porto Rico Hard Hit By "Flu" 1918
Post Hospital Is Equipped For Highly Effective Work 1918
Post Influenza Relief Requiring More Money 1919
Post Under Quarantine 1918
Postal Clerks Wear Masks As They Sort Camp Dodge Mail 1918
Postmaster Chance Among Mask-Wearers 1918
Postoffice Not So Congested 1918
Postpone Active Work 1918
Postpone Baptist General Convention Until Dec. 5 1918
Postpone C. E. Meeting 1918
Postpone Church Meeting 1918
Postpone Examinations 1918
Postpone Farmers' Meet As Result Of Influenza 1919
Postpone Gatherings Because of Epidemic 1918
Postpone Home Card Campaign 1918
Postpone Tech Opening 1918
Postpone the Librarians' Meeting 1918
Postpone Welfare Push 1918
Postponed Meetings 1918
Postponed Meetings 1918
Postpones Action On Grip Ban 1918
Postpones Meeting 1918
Powers Again Urges 'Flu' Masks 1918
Powers Against Reopening Of L. A. Schools 1918
Powers Says 'Flu' Danger About Past 1918
Powers Scores Flu Carriers 1919
Practical, Healthy Women Are Needed 1918
Practical Nurses Again Are Needed 1918
Praise Given To Teachers In Flu Work 1918
Praise Is Deserved 1918
Praises Handling Of Influenza Here 1918
Prayer for epidemic period 1918
Prayer Services At Homes Urged 1918
Prayer Sunday's Influenza Remedy 1918
Prayers to be Offered Daily at Noon For Success of Allies 1918
Prayers Urged To Abate Flu 1918
"Pre-Flu" Days Are Back in the Oakland Playhouses 1919
Preacher Says 'Flu' Is Curse of God for Crimes 1919
Precaution And Fear 1918
Precaution is Needed 1918
Precautions against Influenza 1918
Precautions Are Taken at Gordon to Ward Off 'Flu' 1918
Precautions At Polls Ordered To Prevent Spread Of Plague 1918
Precautions In The District Urged To Prevent Spread Of Influenza 1918
Precautions Must Be Taken against Spanish Influenza 1918
Precautions Must Not Stop, Warning 1918
Precautions Taken To Check Possible Spread Of Disease 1918
Precautions Taken To Stop The Spread Of "Flu" In Clifton 1918
Precautions To Avoid Contracting and Spreading of Influenza 1918
Precautions To Avoid Contracting and Spreading of Influenza 1918
Precautions To Check Influenza 1918
Precautions Urged To Stay Influenza 1918
Precautions Will Be Taken To Protect Voters From "Flu" 1918
Preliminary Report of Influenza Epidemic 1918
Preliminary Report Of The Survey Of The After-Math Of The Epidemic In Kentucky Counties [1918]
Preliminary Report on the Influenza Epidemic in Chicago 1918
Preliminary Statistics of the Influenza Epidemic
Preliminary Statistics of the Influenza Epidemic 1918
Prep athletes off until "flu" danger passes 1918
Prepare Food For Influenza Patients 1918
Prepare For Care Of Contagious Cases 1918
Prepare To Fight "Flu" Epidemic 1918
Preps Affected By War And 'Flu' 1918
Preps Again Hit By New Influenza Ban 1918
Preps Vote To Keep Schedule 1918
Presbyterian Action 1918
Presbyterian School Closed by Influenza 1918
Presbyterian Synod Meets Here Tuesday 1919
Presbyterians Set Day Of Prayer To Check Influenza 1918
Presbyterians To Worship In Open 1918
Prescribe "Don't" List To Stave Off The "Flu" 1918
Prescriptions For Narcotics May Be Refilled, Says Order 1918
The Present Epidemic of Influenza. Complications 1919
The Present Epidemic of Influenza. Symptomatology 1919
Present Important Problems Of Public Health In Baltimore 1918
Present Influenza No Less Virulent Than Formerly 1918
Present Influenza Unlike All Others 1918
President Of State Health Board Writes On "Flu" Situation 1919
Press Hard Hit by Flu Epidemic 1918
Press statement, September 19, 1919 1919
Press Vaccination Plaint 1918
Prevalence of Influenza cause Synod to Ask Day of Humiliation 1919
Prevent Influenza! 1918
Prevent Influenza, Is Medics' Demand 1919
Preventative For Influenza Found 1918
Preventative Measures 1918
Preventative Medicine For Influenza 1918
Preventative Of Pneumonia Is Prepared Here 1918
Prevention And Treatment of Influenza 1918
Prevention Better Than Cure 1918
Prevention Better Than Cure! 1919
Priest Victim At Keyser 1918
Priests Confer With Health Men 1918
Priests Contract Influenza 1918
Priests Oppose Church Closing 1918
Primary Children Come To Aid Of Red Cross 1918
Principals And Teachers To Aid In Fighting 'Flu' 1918
Printed Record of the Board of Education of the City of St. Louis, July 1st, 1918, to June 30th, 1919 1919
Priv. Wolfe Is Victim Of Grip 1918
Probably Lift Camp Dick Quarantine This Week 1918
A Problem For Professionals 1919
Problem Is Faced at Hospital 1918
Problems of School Studied by Principals 1918
Proceedings and Discussions of the American Public Health Association at New Orleans, LA., October 27�30, 1919 1919
Proceedings of Congress and committees in brief 1918
Proceedings of The Board of Education Of The City School District Of The City of Cleveland, January 7, 1918, to December 30, 1918, inclusive Volume XXXIX 1918
Proceedings Of The Board of Supervisors (Official), October Session 1918
Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of Erie County, N. Y. for the year 1918 1918
Proceedings Of The City Council Of The City Of Minneapolis Minnesota From January 1, 1918, to January 1, 1919 1918
Proceedings of The Council of the City of Buffalo, January 1918 to December 1919 1919
Proceedings of the Forty-Sixth Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association at Chicago, Ill., December 8�12, 1918 1919
Proceedings Of The Meeting Of Camp And Base Hospital Surgeons, Camp Zachary Taylor, Kentucky. Thursday, October 24, 1918. 1918
Proclaims Tomorrow As "Clean-Up Day" 1918
The Proclamation 1918
Proclamation addressed to "The People of San Francisco" by Mayor James Rolph, Jr., regarding the recurrence of epidemic influenza 1918
Proclamation addressed to "The People of San Francisco" by Mayor James Rolph, Jr., with cover letter addressed to Board of Supervisors 1918
A Proclamation By James P. Goodrich, Governor Of Indiana [1918]
A Proclamation by the Governor of Indiana [1918]
Proclamation By The Mayor 1918
Proclamation Of Mayor Asks Masks For All 1918
Proclamation On 'Flu' Epidemic 1918
The Production of Acute Respiratory Disease in Monkeys by Inoculation with B. Influenzae 1920
Prof. W. W. Routten Dies At Clemson 1918
Program 1918
Progress 1916 - 1918, Special Issue of the Monthly Bulletin of The Department of Public Health and Charities of the City of Philadelphia, Sept.-Oct.-Nov., 1919 1919
Progress In Mask Drive 1918
Progress Made Against Plague 1918
Progress Making On The New Houses 1918
Progress of the Influenza Epidemic in the Larger Cities of the United States 1918
Progress Reported In Influenza Situation 1918
Prominent Railroad Man Is Victim of Influenza 1919
Promote Quarantine Of Spanish Influenza 1918
Prompt Report On Influenza Is Urged 1918
Proper Diet Given Influenza Victims 1918
Proper Greeting: Good Morning, Have You Gargled Your Nose? 1918
Proper Precaution 1918
Proper Precaution 1918
Proper Treatment of Flu Described by J.J. Woodside 1918
Proper Treatment Of Influenza Described 1918
The Prophylaxis of Influenza
Propose Changes In School Laws 1918
Proposed Staff Organization For Possible Influenza Emergency [1918]
Proposed Thanksgiving Day Game Is Postponed 1918
Proprietors Of Movies Protest Against Order 1918
Prospectors Of Hon. Healthy Dept. Take Jap Stork For Flu 1919
Protect The Public 1918
Protection Afforded by Anti-pneumococcus Vaccination Against Respiratory Infections 1921
The Protective Qualities of the Gauze Face Mask 1918
Protective Steps Taken By Mayor 1918
Protest Is Made By Theater Men 1918
Protest Location Of 'Flu' Hospital 1918
Protest Saloon Hours 1918
Protest Voiced By Suburbanites 1918
Protestant Churches In Pittsfield Close 1918
Protestant Churches Not Having Services Sunday 1918
Protests Action Of State Board Of Health 1918
Protests Against Closing Of Churches 1918
Protests Against Lifting Of Ban 1918
Protests Opening Of Public Schools 1918
Proves Influenza Has Spent Force 1918
Providence Closes All Schools And Theatres 1918
Providence Magazine, October - November 1918 1918
Providence May Close Public Assembly Places 1918
Providence Sending Six Nurses to Boston 1918
"Psychic Influenza" Easy To Put Down, Says Writer 1918
Psychological Effect Of Influenza Upon Mind Muddles Statisticians 1918
Psychology Put Skids Under Flu Scare With Aid of Big Celebrations 1918
Public Activities To Be Suspended 1918
Public Aiding Fight Against Influenza 1918
Public Amusements Closed In Fight Against Influenza 1918
Public Appears To Heed Warning 1918
Public Assemblies And Liquor Selling Remain Under Ban 1918
Public Called Upon To Aid Authorities To Check Disease 1918
Public Can Prevent A New Closing Order By Exerting Caution 1918
Public Cautioned Against Relaxing In Influenza War 1918
Public dancing barred in fight on influenza 1918
Public Duly Warned To Use Precautions To Prevent Epidemic 1918
The Public Evading Ban 1918
Public Evening Schools Reopen For Class Work 1918
Public Funerals Are Not Stopped 1918
Public Funerals Spread Disease 1918
Public Gathering Ban Here Lifted 1918
Public Gathering Places Close by City Council for Two Months 1918
Public Gatherings Are Forbidden Also throughout County 1918
Public Gatherings Barred Till Oct. 7 1918
Public Gatherings Not To Be Stopped 1918
Public Gets Vaccine For "Flu" On Monday 1918
Public Halls Must Be Well Ventilated 1919
Public Health 1918
Public Health 1918
Public Health and Street Cars 1918
The Public Health Law: Rules and Regulations of the Colorado State Board of Health 1920
Public Health Nurse Service 1918
Public Health Nursing 1918
Public Health Officers Aiding 1918
Public Health Reservists Result From the Recent Epidemic of Influenza 1918
Public Health Service 1918
Public Health Service Warns Against Influenza Sure-Cures 1918
Public Health Tending Better 1918
Public Health Tending Better 1918
Public Is Asked To Aid In Fight Against Epidemic 1919
Public Is Told To Avoid Influenza 1918
Public Is Urged To Learn To Fight Influenza Cases With Home Treatment 1918
Public is Warned to Use Caution Against Another Flu Epidemic 1918
Public Libraries To Open Monday 1918
Public Library Cure For Ennui 1918
Public Library Has "Flu" Rule 1918
Public Library Reopened 1918
Public Library Reopens Monday 1918
Public Library Still Closed 1918
Public Library To Open 1918
Public Meeting Ban In Indiana To Be Extended 1918
Public Meeting Ban Lifted by State Body 1918
Public Meetings Are Forbidden 1918
Public Meetings Off Until Oct. 20 1918
Public Meetings, Dinners and Dances Curtailed 1918
Public Meets Canceled On Account Flu 1918
Public Museum Ordered Closed 1918
Public Must Aid Health Officials Check Epidemic 1918
Public Night Schools Will Reopen Tomorrow 1918
Public Places May Be Closed Indefinitely 1918
Public Places Of City Closed Another Week 1918
Public Places Remain Closed For The Present 1918
Public Records Show Epidemic Is Waning; New Cases Decrease 1918
Public Resolution, No. 42, 65th Congress (H. J. 333), Joint Resolution to aid in combatting "Spanish Influenza" and other communicable diseases [1918]
Public Restrictions Strongly Impressed By Health Officer 1918
Public School Courses Are Due for Trimming 1918
Public Schools Again At Work 1919
Public Schools Are To Reopen Wednesday 1918
Public Schools Close To Dec. 30 1918
Public Schools Closed 1918
Public Schools May Spread Influenza 1918
Public Schools of Chicago During Influenza Epidemic, 1918 1919
Public Schools Of City Are To Reopen Today 1918
Public Schools Of City Reopen This Morning 1918
Public Schools Open On Monday 1918
Public Schools Open Tomorrow 1918
Public Schools Open Yesterday 1919
Public Schools Opened 1918
Public Schools Re-Open Monday 1918
Public Schools Ready To Open 1918
Public Schools To Close Usual Time Next June 1918
Public Schools To Open Later 1918
Public Schools To Open Monday As Flu Ban Ends 1918
Public Schools To Open This Morning 1918
Public Schools To Open Today 1918
Public Schools To Remain Open 1918
Public Schools To Reopen Today 1918
Public Schools To Stay Closed; More Flu Cases 1918
Public Schools Will Add Hour To Day Session 1918
Public Schools Will Be Opened 1918
Public Schools Will Not Be Closed Account of Increased Number of Influenza Cases 1918
Public Schools Will Not Open 1918
Public Schools Will Open Today 1918
Public Schools Won't Open Yet 1918
Public Scorns To Stay At Home 1918
Public Still Has A Chance To Avoid Ban 1918
Public Urged To Check Influenza 1918
Public Urged To Greater Zeal In Health Fight 1918
Public Warned Again Regarding Influenza 1918
Public Warned Against Danger Of Contagion 1918
Public Warned By Dr. Hassler 1918
Public Warned To Stop Unnecessary Store Trips 1918
Public Will Be Admitted To Big Football Game Tomorrow 1918
Public Will Get Its First Look at 1918 Football, When Ban Lifts, Tomorrow 1918
Public Worship Resumed In City With Ban Lifted 1918
Public Worship Tabooed Yesterday As Inimical Closes All Church Services 1918
Pulaski Hard Hit By "Flu" 1918
Pulaski To Give Up Business 1918
Pumpkin Show Hit By Health Board 1918
Punish Custer officers for "flu" neglect 1918
Pupils Downhearted Because Schools Close to Prevent Epidemic! 1918
Pupils Flocking Back To School 1918
Pupils From Grip Homes Barred 1918
Pupils In School In Little Danger Of 'Flu,' Says Board 1918
Pupils instructed in influenza 1918
Pupils Kept Home Because Of Influenza 1918
Pupils Not To Lose By Schools Closing 1918
Pupils Swamp Health Office For Permits 1918
Puritan Sunday Due to the Grippe 1918
Purple-Ohio State football game Saturday given o.k. 1918
Push Grip Fight 1918
Put "Flu" Cases In Quarantine 1918
Put "Flu" Savings In Thrift Stamps 1918
Put Influenza Ban Up to State Board 1918
Put Off Examinations Until Epidemic Passes 1918
Put on "heavies" as influenza armor, city told 1918
Put on masks at Camp Upton 1918
Put The Loan Across Anyhow! 1918
Put Under Quarantine 1918
Puts Closing Ban On All Meetings 1918

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