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Influenza Encyclopedia

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K. C. Deaths Due To Epidemic Are 1,401 1919
K. C. Order May Donate Hospital; Knights Are Busy Caring For Sick 1918
K. C. Pupils Will Resume Studies Here On Monday 1918
K. C. Schools To Resume Sessions Tomorrow 1918
K. C. Secretaries Fight Influenza 1918
K. C. Starts Fight In Earnest Against Influenza Epidemic 1918
K. C. Will Have Flu Cases All Winter 1918
Kahn Tells How To Prevent Influenza 1918
Kahn Warns Public As Flu Increases 1918
Kahn Would Keep The Schools Shut 1918
Kaiser Answered at Camp 1918
Kansas Side Better Now 1918
Kansas Side Cases Grow 1918
Kansas Side Needs Help 1918
Kansas Side Protests Saloons 1918
Karb Asks Stores To Shorten Hours 1918
Keep Away From Crowds If You Want to Stay Clear of Influenza 1918
Keep Away From Crowds If You Want to Stay Clear of Influenza 1918
Keep Away From Crowds Is Warning Against Flu 1918
Keep Children At Home 1918
Keep Cool And Be Careful 1918
Keep Cool And Smash The "Flu." 1918
Keep Schools Closed 1918
Keep Schools Open 1918
Keep Up 'Flu' War, Citizens Are Warned 1918
Keep up the fight 1918
Keep Up the Health Safeguards! 1918
Keep Up Ventilation Even If It Gets Cold 1918
Keep Visitors From Sick Room, Advice of Dr. Kahn 1918
Keep Warm But Keep Cool! 1918
Keep Well! How to Avoid Influenza and Other Sickness 1918
Keep Windows Open to Avoid the "Flu" Urges Local Doctor 1918
Keeping the 'Flu' Out of a Surgical Hospital 1918
Keeping The Quarantine 1919
Keeping Well 1918
Keeps Alive Bill To Check Health Board 1919
Keerful! Lifting Of Ban Halts To Give Time To Observe if Influenza Is Being Fought 1918
Keiley Secures Ten Camp Lee Surgeons To Fight Influenza 1919
Kennedy Encouraged by Latest Reports on "Flu" Situation 1918
Kentucky Conference of Social Work 1918
Kentucky in the World War, 1917 - 1919, Civilian Records, Volumes 1 - 3 [1919]
Kentucky Women Entered "Front Line Trenches" In Emergency 1918
Kern Health Board Orders Restrictions 1918
Kid Population in Flu Masks Invades Southeastern Fair 1918
Kiel And Starkloff Disagree On Ban 1918
King And Gardner Declare Influenza Situation Serious 1919
King County's Schools To Stay Closed, Says Sparling 1918
Kirksville's Influenza Hospital 1919
Kissing Influenzial Sweethearts Are Admonished 1918
Kitchin Ill With "Flu" 1918
Knights Call Off Sport Programs 1918
Knitters Urged to Stay at Work in Spite of Ban 1918
Krusen To Insist On Cleaning Of Streets 1918
Krusen Warns 'Flu' May Return Here 1918
Krusen Will Fight Further Epidemics 1918

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