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Gain of 759 Grip Cases City Record in 24 Hours 1918
Gain On The Influenza 1918
Gains Against 'Flu' Are Attributed to Rigid Quarantine 1918
Gains slightly here 1918
Game Canceled Because Of Flu 1918
"Gas" Ban Is Off; Flu Edict to Continue Next Week 1918
Gas From War Front Is Cause Of 'Flu' Says Physician 1918
"Gas Masks" On Phones To Ward Off Influenza 1918
Gasless Sunday Plan Abandoned 1918
Gatherings Called Off 1918
Gauze For Masks In Demand At All Drug Stores Today 1918
Gauze Mask Order Amazes Dutch Girl Circling Globe 1918
Gauze Masks Free For Sick Rooms Today 1918
Gauze Masks Must Be Worn On The Street 1918
Gauze Masks Now Cover Many Faces 1918
Gauze Masks Popular Now, Seen In Street And Office 1918
Gauze Masks Prevail Until Flu Is Extinct 1918
Gauze Masks to Bar Grippe Germ 1918
Gauze Muzzle Is Opposed By Doctors 1918
Gauzeroom Closing Orders Rescinded 1918
Gen. Blue Advises In Influenza Fight 1918
Gen. Influenza Surrenders 1918
General Call For Flu Nurses May Be Issued 1918
General Closing In The Churches 1918
General correspondence regarding influenza, George Luis Baker [1918]
General Election Occurs On Tuesday 1918
General Health Is Vital 1918
General Health Of City Good During 1918 Despite Serious Wave Of "Flu" And Pneumonia 1919
General Is Adequate Today 1918
General Letter #11, To All Division Managers, Re: General Instructions (Fifth Letter from Chairman of National Committee) 1918
General Letter #6, Statement made by Surgeon General Blue to each State Board of Health 1918
General Letter #7, General Instructions (First night letter, from Chairman of National Committee) 1918
General Orders, No. 61 1918
General Survey of Communicable Diseases in the A.E.F. 1921
General Use of Flu Mask Urged by Abercrombie 1918
Generous Giving To Influenza Fund 1919
George Luis Baker (Mayor, Portland, Oregon) Subject Files: Stella Smith claim 1919
George Luis Baker correspondence and documents regarding Influenza Hospitals 1918
George Luis Baker correspondence regarding influenza masks 1918
George Luis Baker correspondence regarding influenza quarantine 1918
George Luis Baker correspondence regarding information on influenza 1918
George Luis Baker correspondence regarding police 1918
George Luis Baker correspondence regarding streetcars 1918
George Luis Baker correspondence regarding Vancouver Barracks 1918
George Luis Baker Correspondence, October 1918 - February 1919 1918
George M. Miller Appointed Captain In Red Cross Relief 1918
George Oscar Thompson Correspondence, September - November 1918 1918
Georgia is Leading Red Cross Roll Call 1918
Georgia Schools Are Being Demoralized By Influenza; Instruct the Public 1919
Germ Is a Persistent Worker 1918
Germ Masks To Combat Influenza 1918
Germ Threatens Phone Service In New Orleans 1918
German Pirates Bring Influenza 1918
Germans Spread Disease? 1918
Germs and Germinations 1918
Germs Breed Life Diseases; Guard Victims City Is Told 1918
Germs Jump Eighteen Inches, Official Decree 1918
Germs Of Influenza Still Are Present 1918
Get After The Spitter! 1918
Get Mask And Wear It Or Take Chance On Jail, City To Enforce Order 1918
Get Report Of Nineteen Fresh Cases 1918
Gets Two Reports On "Flu" 1918
Getting Quart Of Liquor 1918
The ghoulish coffin trust 1918
Gifts For Diet Kitchen 1918
Gifts For Diet Kitchen 1918
Gifts for Quarantined Men Collected in City 1918
Gifts Pour Into Children's Homes 1918
Gillen Asks Governor to Remove Health Director 1918
Gillen Now Orders Quarantine Here 1918
Gillen's Saloon Order Put In Force Against Himself 1918
Ginter Park Grippe Cases Not Considered Serious 1918
Girl Motorists Aid Fight On "Flu" 1918
Girl Scouts Furnish Food To 600 Patients 1918
Girls' Auto School To Open Wednesday 1918
Girls Battling Grip Epidemic 1918
Girls Help To Fight "Flu" 1918
Girls Make Use Of Flu Vacation 1918
Girls To Resume Military Lessons 1918
Girls Wear Masks on Streets Pioneers of Precaution Step 1918
Give 1200 Doses Of Flu Vaccine 1918
Give Anti-Flu Serum 1918
Give Lemons For Soldiers 1918
Give Lives Trying To Save Boys 1918
Give More Flu Warnings 1918
Give Out Pamphlet About Influenza 1918
Give Programme On Anti-Flu Platform 1918
Give the Boys in Camp Protection 1918
Give Time, Cash To Flu Hospital 1918
"Give Us Beds, Bedding," Is the Plea of Flu Hospital 1918
Given High Score For Soda Fountain 1918
Gives All Time To Aid "Flu" Sick 1918
Gives Flu Death Rates 1919
Gives Interesting Data About "Flu" 1919
Gives Rules to Aid in Avoiding Influenza 1918
Gives Suggestions for Fight against Spanish Influenza 1918
Gives Up "Flu" Fight On Gillen 1918
Gives Warning Against Spanish Influenza Spread 1918
Glad Charleston Gave Generously 1918
Glendale Schools Stay Shut 1919
Glimpses of volunteer workers serving in the Oakland Red Cross Emergency Hospital in the Municipal Auditorium 1918
Gloomy Sunday Is Result Of the Influenza Ban On All Places of Amusement 1918
Gloucester Passes Crisis 1918
Go at Once to Marion Square 1918
Go To Bed At First Sign Of Flu Attack, Dr. Sommer Advises 1919
Go To Church In Your Own Home Today 1918
Go To Sunday School Urged 1918
Go-To-Church Sunday Urged 1918
Goat Island Quarantined On U. S. Order 1918
Goblins Abroad This Evening 1918
Goes To Jail To Test 'Flu' Closing 1918
Goes To Sea To Flee Flu 1918
Goldenrod and Influenza 1918
Good Decrease In Flu Epidemic 1918
Good Plays�If Theatres Reopen 1918
Good Treatment For S. A. T. C. Boys 1918
Good Vote In County Seen Despite Flu 1918
Good Weather a Great Aid, Dr. Woodward Says 1918
Good Weather for Fighting Grippe; Not for Outdoor Meetings 1918
Good Work Is Shown By Local Hospitals 1918
Good Work Of Red Cross Recognized At Camp Lee 1918
Gossip of the theater 1918
Got The Flu? What To Do 1918
Got Your Flu Mask? This Is How To Wear It 1918
Gotham Flu Wave Is Not Worrying Denver Officials 1919
Gotham Refuses To Get Scared 1918
Gov. Hobby Compliments Base Hospital Officer 1918
Gov McCall Confers on the Influenza Situation 1918
Gov. Riggs Denies Influenza Charge 1918
Gov. Stephens Calls on All People to Wear Gauze Masks 1918
Gov't Asks About "Flu" 1918
Government Aid for Charleston 1918
Government Christmas Shopping Regulations! 1918
Government Gets in Fight on Flu 1918
Government's Doctors Here for Epidemic 1918
Government study of flu 1919
Governor Acts on Grippe Situation 1918
Governor Asked To Send Nurses To San Antonio 1918
Governor Calls Meeting To Close Universities In Fight Against Influenza 1918
Governor Moves To Stop Circus 1918
Governor Pleads For Nurses 1918
Governor Recovering From Epidemic Attack 1918
Governor Sleeper Issues Proclamation Closing State Because Of Influenza Spread 1918
Governor Speeds Doctors to Help Influenza Sufferers in Fire Zone 1918
Governor Stops Big Draft Call Because Of Flu 1918
Governor Thanks Cardinal for Aid 1918
Governor To Speak Here October 23 1918
Governor Urges Stringent Regulations to Prevent Spread of Influenza 1918
Grade Schools Open Jan. 2 And Last Till July 1918
Grade Schools Will Not Open Here Tuesday 1918
Gradual Drop In Death Roll Here 1918
Gradual Lifting Of Influenza Ban Expected In Ohio 1918
Graduate Nurses and Nurses Aides 1918
Graduate Nurses Meet 1918
Graduate Nurses Needed 1918
Graduate Nurses Teach Novices In New Hospital 1918
Gram Declares Influenza Now Well In Hand 1918
Gram Outlines Plan Of Fight On Influenza 1918
Gram Will Ask Council To Help Fight Influenza 1918
Grand Junction Closes Schools, Churches, Theaters And Stops All Gatherings Due To Influenza 1918
Grand Rapids Has Lowest Death Rate In The U. S. 1918
Grand Rapids Sends 7 More Nurses To Combat Influenza 1918
Grandville School Closed By Epidemic 1918
Grant Checks Influenza 1918
Grants $1,000 To Carry On "Flu" Crusade 1919
Grants Money To Fight Epidemic 1918
Grapefruit Urged For "Flu" Victims Now 1918
Grave Diggers and Workers in Coffin Plants Are Needed 1918
The Great Epidemic of 1918: So You Think You've Got it Bad 1995
Great Falling Off In Influenza Cases 1918
Great Falling Off In Number Of "Flu" Cases 1918
Great Increase In Influenza 1918
Great Movie Stars to be Seen Tonight Despite the "Flu" 1918
Great Relief To Lawyers 1918
Greater Epidemic Caution Is Urged 1918
Greater Fatalities Credited Influenza Than War Cost U. S. 1918
Greatest Joyfest World Has Ever Seen 1918
Greatest Spurt in Spread of "Flu" Epidemic Is Reported From Surgeon General's Office 1918
Grew Fat On Germs Of 'Fluey' 1918
Gridiron Games Are Called Off 1918
Gridiron Games Set Back Week 1918
Gridiron Snarl Becomes Worse 1918
Grim Hand Of Death Clutches Our Community 1919
Grim Reaper Takes Heavy Toll In City Since Saturday 1918
Grip Attacks 363 More, But Only One Dies in City 1918
Grip Ban Likely To Be Extended Over Next Week 1918
Grip Ban Likely To Be Extended; More Cities Hit 1918
Grip Ban May Go On Month 1918
Grip Brings Chums Grief 1918
Grip Cases Again Show An Increase 1918
Grip Cases Among Civilians Growing 1918
Grip Cases Falling Off 1918
Grip Cases Yesterday, 107 1918
Grip Claims 847, City Total Is 9,201 1918
Grip Continues To Take Toll Of Death 1918
Grip Death Here 1918
Grip Death Toll Up State Is 4,543 1918
Grip Deaths Increase 10 in 24 Hours 1918
Grip Deaths Increase 49 Over Last Week 1918
Grip epidemic at Great Lakes under control 1918
Grip Epidemic Continues To Abate 1918
Grip Epidemic In This City 1918
Grip Epidemic Is Decreasing 1918
Grip Epidemic Is Near An End 1918
Grip Epidemic On Wane Among Soldiers 1918
Grip Epidemic On Wane Throughout Capitol District 1918
Grip Epidemic Orphans Are Problem City Is Now Facing 1918
Grip Epidemic Steadily Is Subsiding 1918
Grip Epidemic Victims Now Number 4,445 1918
Grip Fight Grows 1918
Grip Figures For The Past 24 Hours 1918
Grip Figures Not Comparable Today 1918
Grip Germ Is Found 1918
Grip Halts Schall Tour 1918
Grip History In A Picture 1918
Grip Hits Pupils In Schenectady 1918
Grip (How To Keep Well) 1918
Grip In Check, Says Copeland 1918
Grip In Fire Zone 1918
Grip In Lowell 1918
Grip in the Navy 1918
Grip in the Y. M. C. A. checked by vaccine 1918
Grip Is In 25 Camps With 20,000 Cases 1918
Grip Is Reported Prevalent Here 1918
Grip Is Unabated Among Civilians 1918
Grip Jumps Death Toll In Month 400 1918
Grip Kills Many In New England 1918
Grip Lessening In Eastern New York 1918
Grip May Keep Road Alive 1918
Grip No Respecter Of Trolley Service 1918
Grip Of Epidemic Appears Broken 1918
Grip Orphans To Receive Proceeds 1918
Grip Orphans' Home Is Closed 1918
Grip Patients Fill Hospitals 1918
Grip Patients No Longer Admitted 1918
Grip-Pneumonia Deaths In City 1918
Grip Prevents Meetings 1918
Grip Quarantine May Last Two Weeks 1918
Grip Quarantine Order Is Revoked 1918
Grip Report Again Shows A Decrease 1918
Grip Reports Are More Encouraging 1918
Grip's Toll Larger Than War's, Dr. Biggs Says 1919
Grip shuts off Jackie liberty at Great Lakes 1918
Grip Situation In Brief 1918
Grip Situation Shows No Change In Schenectady 1918
Grip Spreading In Chicago; City Warns Of Peril 1918
Grip Spreads In Army 1918
Grip Spreads In Many Places In Capitol District 1918
Grip Starts Fires In School Buildings 1918
Grip Status Improves 1918
Grip Stricken Homes Get Aid 1918
Grip Strikes All On Board 1918
Grip Takes Away 14 From Albany 1918
Grip��The Epidemic in Pittsburg 1908
Grip Total Takes Jump, But Deaths Remain Few 1918
Grip Under Control At Ayer Camp 1918
Grip Victims Appeal to Red Cross for Aid 1918
Grip Wanes, But Copeland Urges Care 1918
Grip Wave Receding Rapidly 1919
Grip Well In Hand 1918
Grippe Abates Slowly; Advise Utmost Caution 1918
Grippe Abating 1918
Grippe Abating 1918
Grippe Abating 1918
Grippe Cases 1918
Grippe Cases Double in 24-Hour Period 1918
Grippe Cases in Boston 1918
Grippe Checked 1918
Grippe Claimed 91,386 in 45 American Cities 1918
Grippe Claims 63 Victims in Boston 1918
La Grippe Claims More Soldiers 1918
Grippe Conditions are Better All Over State 1918
Grippe Death List Again Shows Drop 1918
Grippe Death Toll Drops 20, to 124 1918
Grippe Deaths in Boston Down to 26 1918
Grippe Deaths in Boston Down to 32 1918
Grippe Deaths in Boston Drop to 19 1918
Grippe Deaths in Boston Total 60 1918
Grippe Deaths Set New Record of 171 1918
Grippe Epidemic 1918
Grippe Epidemic 1918
Grippe Epidemic Believed Waning 1919
Grippe Epidemic Curtails Services 1918
Grippe Epidemic in State is Overcome 1918
Grippe Epidemic Is Under Control 1918
Grippe Epidemic Slowly Subsides 1918
Grippe Epidemic Waning Local Authorities Think 1918
Grippe Fast Losing Hold, Reports Show 1918
Grippe Fighters More Optimistic 1918
Grippe Fought With 'Gas' Mask 1918
Grippe Germ Squad is Fat and Healthy: Woodward Says Second "Flu" Epidemic on Wane 1919
Grippe Halted 1918
Grippe Hits Harvard 1918
Grippe Holds Bay State Employees 1918
Grippe Increase 1918
Grippe Is Good Excuse 1918
Grippe Making Great Headway 1918
Grippe On Increase, Precautions Urged 1919
Grippe Plague Claims 592 Lives In Richmond 1918
Grippe-Pneumonia Deaths Only 39 1918
Grippe-Pneumonia Toll for the Day 1919
Grippe Record in Boston 1918
Grippe Relaxing 1918
La Grippe Reported In Three Texas Counties 1918
Grippe Revival Subsiding 1918
Grippe Seems To Be Losing Hold In City 1918
Grippe Situation Called Favorable 1918
Grippe Situation Improves In City 1918
Grippe Situation More Favorable 1918
Grippe Situation Now Well In Hand 1918
Grippe Situation Shows No Change 1918
Grippe Situation Slightly Better 1918
Grippe Situation Thought Better 1918
Grippe Spreads In Navy 1918
Grippe Status 1918
Grippe Still Adds To Its Victims Here 1918
Grippe Still Rages In State And City 1918
Grippe Toll Drops to 170 in Boston 1918
Grippe Unable to Block Loan 1918
Grippe Victims Since Sept 14 Total 1298 1918
Grippe Waning 1918
Grippe Wave Over Crest, Say Doctors 1918
Gripped by the Flu 1998
Groggy and on the Ropes 1918
Gross Pathology of Epidemic Influenza at Walter Reed General Hospital 1919
Group Of Eight Ill Of Influenza 1918
Growing Demand For Drastic Measures To Check Epidemic, Now Spreading Fast 1918
Growth of Epidemic Prompts Drastic Order by Dr. Royer 1918
Growth Of Grip Takes Hospitals 1918
Guard Against Flu Flare-Back 1918
Guard Against It 1918
Guard Sailors at Great Lakes from influenza 1918
Guards At Brown University Gates Enforce Quarantine 1918
Guests, Callers, Outdoor Meetings Barred With 'Flu' Peril Spreading 1918
Guide To Health Issued 1918
Guild In Need Of Cars For Nurses 1918
Guild Nurses Are in Need of Cars 1918
Guild Of St. Agnes Receives Generous Responses To Requests For Assistance 1918
Guild Of St. Agnes Wants Clothing For Little Ones And Needs Suitable Help 1918
Guild Of St. Agnes Will Set In Motion Its Forces To Succor Influenza Sufferers 1918
Guilford Explains Reopening Plans 1918
Guilford Fears Rise In Epidemic 1918
Guilford Wins Fight to Keep Schools Shut 1918
The Guth's Station Camp of the U.S.A.A.S. [1918]
The Guy Who Always Wants To Butt In 1918
Gym Classes Not Under Influenza Quarantine 1918
Gymnasium Soon To Open 1918

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