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Influenza Encyclopedia

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Each Boston Policeman Receives Grippe Mask 1918
Each Individual Responsible for Influenza Spread 1918
Each Person Urged To War On Influenza 1918
Early Abatement Of Epidemic Is Thought Probable 1918
Early Closing Order Generally Observed 1918
Early Closing Order Goes In Effect Today 1918
Early Lifting Of Ban Is Expected 1918
Early Lifting Of Ban Now Probable 1918
Early Lifting Of Health Order Not Suggested 1918
Early Lifting Of Meetings Ban Believed Near 1918
Early Manifestations Of Influenza From Transatlantic Vessels Arriving At New York 1919
Early Recuperation From The Epidemic 1918
Early Rout Of Spanish Influenza Predicted 1918
Early Vote Is Light; Officials Lacking 1918
The Ears Should Be Left Free 1918
East Atlanta Hard Hit By Spanish "Flu" 1918
East-End Medic Called 1919
East Kentucky In Dire Straits 1918
East Nashville 1918
East St. Louis Acts to Prevent Outbreak of Influenza Epidemic 1918
East-West Contest Is Indefinitely Postponed 1919
Eastbay Men Are Awarded Commissions 1918
Easter Vacation May Be Dropped 1918
Eastern Section of City Harder Hit by Flu Than All Others 1918
Eastern Specialist Is Visiting Seattle Says Epidemic Is Well Handled 1918
Eat Grippe Germs, But Do Not Catch Disease 1918
Eat Yeast to Keep Influenza Away Is Doctors' Plan 1918
Ebb Of Influenza Tide Seen 1918
Ebright Issues Grippe Warning 1918
Eclectic Treatment of Influenza
Eclectic Treatment of the 'Flu' 1919
Edict Of Board Ignored 1918
Edict Puts Group Under Double Ban 1918
Education Meetings Off Because of Influenza 1918
Educational Society Meeting Off 1918
Educators Argue For Keeping Schools Open 1919
Educators Not To Come 1918
Edward's Only One of Many That Flu Epidemic Sent to Orphanages 1919
Edwin Oakes Jordan Correspondence [1918]
Effect Of Closing Order 1918
Effect Of Epidemic Felt In September Library Activities 1918
The Effectiveness of the Health Department Depends Upon the Co-operation of Physicians, Dr. Starkloff Says, in Reporting Contagious Diseases 1918
Efficacy Of 'Flu' Mask Is Proven 1918
The Efficacy of Existing Measures for the Prevention of Disease 1919
Efficient Work Of The Red Cross During Epidemic 1918
Efforts Made To Check Flu 1918
Efforts to Make This Healthiest City in United States 1918
Efforts To Prevent Influenza Doubled 1918
Eight Additional Influenza Cases; Two Deaths Reported 1919
Eight Cases; One Death 1918
Eight Columbus Doctors Respond To Nation's Call 1918
Eight deaths from "flu" 1919
Eight deaths from influenza 1918
Eight deaths from influenza 1918
Eight deaths from influenza 1918
Eight Deaths In 48 Hours Of Influenza 1918
Eight Deaths In A Day From Flu 1918
Eight Deaths In Dayton; Another At Wright Field 1918
Eight Deaths In Two Days From Influenza 1918
Eight Deaths Toll At Influenza Hospital And More Nurses Wanted For Patients 1918
Eight Die At Hagerstown 1918
Eight Die Of Influenza 1918
Eight In One Family Ill With Flu, Setting Record For Denver 1919
Eight Influenza Cases At The Crittenton Home 1919
Eight Influenza Patients Admitted To New Hospital 1918
Eight More Dead From Influenza 1919
Eight More Dead Of Influenza And Pneumonia Here 1919
Eight More Deaths Occur In Gloucester 1918
Eight More Die From Influenza And Pneumonia 1919
Eight More Die In Epidemic; 8 Cases Develop 1918
Eight More Die Of Influenza 1918
Eight New Cases Flu Total For Day 1919
Eight Ohio Boys 1918
Eight Per Cent Of War Clerks Are Stricken 1918
Eight School Teachers Die of Influenza 1918
Eighteen Deaths From Epidemic Total For Day 1918
Eighteen Deaths From Influenza 1918
Eighteen Die In Grip of Influenza 1918
Eighteen Die Of Influenza In Epidemic 1918
Eighteen Epidemic Deaths 1918
Eighteen Influenza Deaths Are Reported 1918
Eighteenth Annual Report Of The Commissioner, November 1, 1917 1917
Eighteenth Biennial Report Of The North Carolina State Board Of Health, 1919 - 1920 1920
Eighth Biennial Report (New Series) Of The State Board of Health And Vital Statistics Of Minnesota, 1918 - 1919 1919
Eighth Biennial Report of the State Board of Health to the Governor of Oregon and the Thirtieth Legislative Assembly Regular Session 1919 for the period October 1, 1916 to September 30, 1918 1918
Eighth Report of the Board of Education of Louisville, KY from July 1, 1918, to June 30, 1919 1919
Eighty Blankets Brought To Worcester From Camp Devens For Children's Use 1918
Eighty Cases, One Influenza Death 1918
Eighty New Cases Of Influenza Reported 1918
Eighty-Ninth Annual Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1919
Eighty-Two Deaths in Atlanta Last week 1919
Elation At Health Rate Discouraged 1919
Elder Ballard Here En Route to Lost River 1919
Elder H. P. Rogers, Missionary, Dies 1918
Elder Taylor Giles Dies Of Influenza 1918
Election Board Members Quit Over Flu Scare 1918
Election Officers Resign In Groups, Because Of Flu 1918
Electric Employees Issue "Flu" Don'ts 1918
Elevate to Fumigate Every Car on System 1918
Elevated Says it Lacks Men to Run More Cars 1918
Eleven Cases To 4 O'Clock 1918
Eleven Deaths From Epidemic Diseases 1918
Eleven Deaths From Influenza And Pneumonia 1918
Eleven Deaths From Influenza Tuesday Report 1918
Eleven Deaths Reported Among Chelsea Civilians 1918
Eleven Deaths Today's Record 1918
Eleven Deaths, 602 New Cases 1918
Eleven Die Of Spanish "Flu" At Fort Omaha 1918
Eleven Influenza Victims in Two Days 1918
Eleven More Deaths Reported As Epidemic Is Checked In City 1918
Eleven Nurses Have Influenza 1918
Eleventh Biennial Report Of The Montana State Board of Health For The Years 1921 - 1922 1922
Elk Dispensary Work Is Reduced 1918
Elkins Conquers "Flu" 1918
Elks Are Doing Splendid Work For The Needy 1918
Elks' Dispensary Has Twenty-Six Staff Doctors 1918
Elks End Campaign Against Influenza 1918
Elks Extend Aid To Many Victims Of The Epidemic 1918
Elks Give Service To Poor; Furnish Doctors, Medicine 1918
Elks Go to Rescue of Flu-Bound Actors 1918
Elks' Hospital Given Full Approval By Dr. Dowling 1918
Elks In Machines Deliver Medicine 1918
Elks Issue Call For More Autos To Aid Sufferers 1918
Elks Need Automobiles 1918
Emergency Aid Has Aspects Of Much Interest 1918
Emergency Aid Women Play Important Part in Fighting Influenza 1918
Emergency Aids Do Battle Here With Influenza 1918
Emergency and Post Hospitals Receive Donations From Local Citizens 1918
Emergency Bureau To Fight Epidemic 1918
Emergency Call for Gauze Workers 1918
Emergency Call Is Issued For Nurses 1918
Emergency Call Issued for Nurses at Camps 1918
Emergency Call Issued for Nurses To Serve During Influenza Epidemic 1918
Emergency Call To Local Nurses 1918
Emergency Canteen Service Offers Assistance 1918
Emergency "flu" hospital to open 1918
Emergency Hospital Closed Last Night 1918
Emergency Hospital Death List Is Light 1918
Emergency Hospital for Influenza Epidemic 1918
Emergency Hospital Is Urged For Providence 1918
Emergency Hospital Needs Voluntary And Paid Help 1918
Emergency Hospital Now Under City Health Board 1918
Emergency Hospital Of Y. W. C. A. Closed 1918
Emergency Hospital Opens This Morning With 60 Beds 1918
Emergency Hospital To Be Ready Latter Part Of Week 1918
Emergency Hospital to Be Ready Latter Part of Week 1918
Emergency Hospital Treats 75 Patients 1918
Emergency Kitchen 1918
Emergency Kitchen Very Busy Place 1918
Emergency Nursery of Red Cross Needs Help 1918
Emergency Plan For Flu Patients 1918
Emergency Service of the Pennsylvania Council of National Defense in the Influenza Crisis, Report of the Vice-Director, Department of Medicine, Sanitation and Hospitals 1918
Emergency Workers Needed For Masks 1918
Employees Of City Warned To Don Masks 1918
Employees Of Interurban Lines Are Getting Well 1918
Employees Of Store Are Vaccinated 1918
Employment Bureau Sends No Men To Grays Harbor 1918
Employment Service Helps Fight Epidemic 1918
Empyema As Seen At Camp Kearney During the Recent Epidemic of Influenza 1920
Encouraged As To Influenza Outlook 1918
Encouraging Reports From Camp Sherman 1918
End All Public Meetings, Edict In Influenza War 1918
End Of "Flu" Ban Hangs On Reports 1918
End Of "Flu" Ban Is Now In Sight 1918
End Of Epidemic Is Believed Near 1918
End of Epidemic Of Influenza At Army Camp Near 1918
End Of Influenza Ban Believed Near 1918
End of Influenza in Atlanta Shown by Death Rate 1918
End Of Quarantine Not Yet In Sight 1918
Endicott Appeals to School Teachers to Aid in Relief Work 1918
Endicott Praises Grippe Fighters 1918
Ends Suddenly 1918
Ends The Influenza Ban 1918
Enforced Vacation Worries Teachers 1918
Enforcing Ordinance Against Congregating 1918
Engagement Cancelled Owing To Influenza 1918
Enright Ordered by Hylan to Give Copeland Heat Aid 1918
Entertainment Held By Loan Workers 1918
Entertainment Planned For Camp Dick Cadets 1918
Entertainments Off Schedules For This Week 1918
Entire Family Ill With "Flu" 1918
Entire Family Is Found Dead From Influenza 1918
Entire Family Stricken With Flu In 24 Hours 1919
Entire Family Stricken with Flu--Son Dead 1918
Entire State To Don Gauze Mask 1918
The Epidemic 1918
The Epidemic 1918
The Epidemic 1918
The Epidemic 1918
The Epidemic 1918
Epidemic Abates 1919
Epidemic Abates County Report 1918
Epidemic Abates Only In Sections 1918
Epidemic Abating 1919
Epidemic Abating Ban Soon Comes Off 1918
Epidemic About Over 1918
Epidemic About Over Says Hoover 1918
Epidemic About Over. Many Attend Church 1918
Epidemic Adds to Death List in Pittsburgh 1918
Epidemic Affects Output of Mines 1918
Epidemic Alarms 1918
Epidemic Among Nurses Closes Institutions 1919
Epidemic And Expectoration 1918
Epidemic Appears To Be On Wane 1918
Epidemic Appears To Gain Ground 1918
Epidemic As Such Thought To Be Spent 1918
Epidemic Assumes Serious Aspects 1918
Epidemic At Aero Field Is Encouraging 1918
Epidemic At Camp Abated 1918
Epidemic At Camp Broken 1918
Epidemic At Camp Has Passed Peak 1918
Epidemic At Camp Sherman Is Declining 1918
Epidemic At Camp Sherman Thought To Be On Decline 1918
Epidemic At Camp Shows Letting Up 1918
Epidemic At Camp Still On The Wane 1918
Epidemic At Crest In South Counties 1918
Epidemic At End 1918
The Epidemic at Its Peak 1918
Epidemic At Navy Yard Now Under Control 1918
Epidemic At Standstill 1918
Epidemic At The Peak? 1918
Epidemic At Worst, Yesterday's Report 1918
Epidemic Ban Defiance Basis for Amending Law 1918
Epidemic Ban Includes Holiday Entertainments 1918
Epidemic Ban Mars Yuletide 1918
Epidemic Ban to Hold Week More, at Least 1918
Epidemic Bans On For Fortnight 1918
Epidemic Beating Retreat, Belief Of Health Officials 1918
Epidemic Begins To Yield Ground 1918
Epidemic Believed To Be Under Control 1918
Epidemic Blamed For Poor Spelling 1918
Epidemic Boosts Price of Oranges 1918
Epidemic Brings Big Money Loss 1918
Epidemic Brings Mercy Problem 1918
Epidemic broken at Camp Grant; death total 452 1918
Epidemic Broken But Ban Stays On 1918
Epidemic Calls For Individual Effort 1919
Epidemic Cancels Women's Meetings 1918
Epidemic Cases Light In State 1918
Epidemic Cases Off 25 Per Cent 1918
Epidemic Causes More Auto Travel 1918
Epidemic Causes School Closing 1918
Epidemic Child Homes Are Doing Immeasurable Good 1918
Epidemic Claims 101 Victims For 24-Hour Period 1918
Epidemic Claims 51 in State During 48 Hours 1918
Epidemic Claims 6 More Victims 1918
Epidemic Claims 7 More Victims 1918
Epidemic Claims 8 1918
Epidemic Clearing In Most Of State 1919
Epidemic Closes Public Places in City and State 1918
Epidemic Closes Superior Courts 1918
Epidemic Closes Theaters 1918
Epidemic Closing Order Revoked; Masks Urged To Stop Disease Spread 1918
Epidemic Continues To Decline In City 1918
Epidemic Continues To Rage Thru Italian Section Of Denver 1918
Epidemic Controlled in City's Army Camps 1918
Epidemic Cost City $10,500 1918
Epidemic Cost Enormous Sum; Shall We Prevent Repetition? 1918
Epidemic Costs Nation Dearly 1918
Epidemic Crest Believed Past 1918
Epidemic Crest Is Passed Here 1918
Epidemic Crest Is Passed Here 1918
Epidemic Cripples Albany Concerns 1918
Epidemic Cripples Albany Concerns 1918
Epidemic Cripples Hospital Staff 1918
Epidemic Crusade Started by State 1918
Epidemic cuts coal output 1918
Epidemic Danger Passes In Capital 1918
Epidemic Dealt Severe Blow To Christmas Plans 1918
Epidemic Death List 13 In Day 1918
Epidemic Death Rate Decreases 1918
Epidemic Death Rate Would Be Big In Year 1918
Epidemic Death Toll Totals 69; Advance Halted 1918
Epidemic deaths at Great Lakes reduced to 68 1918
Epidemic Deaths On The Decline In City 1918
Epidemic Deaths Reduced 1918
Epidemic Decline Seen By Officials 1918
Epidemic Declines In Larger Cities 1918
Epidemic Declines Steadily In Phila. 1918
Epidemic Declining 1919
Epidemic Delays Bransford Hearing 1918
Epidemic Delays Christmas Plans 1918
Epidemic Delays Food Conservation Move 1918
Epidemic delays loan tabulations 1918
Epidemic Disappearing 1918
Epidemic Disease, Writes Health Commissioner Peters From Chicago; Sums Up Report At Convention 1918
Epidemic Diseases Cause 15 Deaths Since Year Began 1919
Epidemic Does Not Exempt Draftees 1918
Epidemic Done After Harvest Of 5,577 Deaths 1918
Epidemic Ebb Not Apparent 1918
Epidemic Effects Cloth Output 1918
Epidemic Encephalitis (NONA) 1919
Epidemic Ends At Wright Field 1918
Epidemic Expected To Return 1918
Epidemic Expensive To Life Companies 1919
Epidemic Falls Off; Only 1,435 New Cases 1918
Epidemic Fast Letting Up 1919
Epidemic Fatalities On Marked Decrease 1918
Epidemic Fight Goes On 1918
Epidemic Fight Is Up To The People 1918
Epidemic Fighters 1918
Epidemic Figures Again Jump Upward 1918
Epidemic Follow-up Committee At Work 1918
Epidemic Forces Abandonment Of Victory-Columbus Parade 1918
Epidemic Forces Drastic Action 1918
Epidemic forces postponement of the celebration 1918
Epidemic Gaining Ground In Many Parts Of Country 1918
Epidemic Gives Slight Signs Of Improvement 1918
Epidemic Grows Worse as Death Rate Mounts Higher; Store Hours Are Lessened 1918
Epidemic Grows Worse In Some Parts Of Ohio 1918
Epidemic Grows, May Close State 1918
Epidemic Grows; Girl Succumbs 1918
Epidemic Halted, Declares Krusen; 3,831 Cases Today 1918
Epidemic Halts County Convention 1918
Epidemic Halts Draft Summons 1918
Epidemic Halts Grid Games 1918
Epidemic Halts Most Activities 1918
Epidemic Halts Society Affairs 1918
Epidemic Has Had Its Run 1918
Epidemic Has Now Run Its Course 1918
Epidemic Has Spent Its Force 1918
Epidemic Held To Small Gains 1918
Epidemic Here Appears Better; Report Six Deaths 1918
Epidemic Here Brings Imperative Demands for Help 1919
Epidemic Here Halts Influx Of War Workers 1918
Epidemic Here Improved Over Last 48 Hours 1918
Epidemic Here Not Alarming, Figures Show 1918
Epidemic Here Stamped Out 1919
Epidemic Here Still Increases 1918
Epidemic Hinders Red Cross Work 1918
Epidemic Hits Business 1918
Epidemic Hits Every Village In The County 1918
Epidemic Hits School Hard 1918
Epidemic Improving 1918
Epidemic In City May Be Subsiding 1918
Epidemic in City Shows Slight Gain 1918
Epidemic in Newark Is Reported Increasing 1918
Epidemic In Ohio 1918
Epidemic In Ohio May Be Subsiding Reports Indicate 1918
Epidemic In Rural Places Less Serious 1918
Epidemic In Rural Sections Decreasing, Reports Indicate 1918
Epidemic In State Continues On Wane 1918
Epidemic In State Is Losing Grip, Says Dr. Welch 1918
Epidemic Increases 1918
Epidemic Influenza 1918
Epidemic Influenza 1918
Epidemic Influenza (Chapter 12) 1921
Epidemic Influenza (Spanish Influenza), Instructions for its Prevention and Control 1918
Epidemic Influenza Account Salaries 1919
Epidemic Influenza And The U.S. Public Health Service 1919
Epidemic Influenza At Camp Greenleaf, Georgia [1918]
Epidemic Influenza at the Cook County Hospital 1920
Epidemic Influenza Disease of Mystery 1919
Epidemic Influenza Fatal To Three Men At Camps 1918
Epidemic Influenza in Foreign Countries 1919
Epidemic Influenza in GreeceandEpidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United States 1919
Epidemic Influenza Number 1918
Epidemic Influenza, Known Even to Ancients, Has Troubled World For Ages 1918
Epidemic Influenza. A Recrudescence of the Disease.andPreventing the Introduction of Communicable Diseases by Returning Soldiers 1918
Epidemic Influenza. Order Of The Indiana State Board of Health To Control Epidemic Influenza 1918
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United States 1919
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United States 1918
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United States 1919
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United States 1918
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United States 1919
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United States 1918
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United States 1919
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United States 1918
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United States 1918
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United States 1918
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United States. 1919
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United States 1918
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United States 1918
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United States 1919
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United States.andJoint Influenza Committee 1919
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United States.Epidemic Influenza Among Soldiers Abroad 1918
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United Statesand Foreign. 1919
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United StatesandDeaths During Week Ended March 15 15, 1919, In Cities 1919
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United StatesandGuarding Against Influenza 1918
Epidemic Influenza. Prevalence in the United StatesandThe Transmission of Influenza 1919
Epidemic Influenza: A Survey 1927
The Epidemic Is Abating 1918
Epidemic Is Being Well Handled Here 1918
Epidemic Is Believed On Down Grade 1918
Epidemic Is Believed On Mend In City 1918
Epidemic Is Checked 1918
Epidemic Is Checked, Guilford Figures Hint 1918
Epidemic Is Declining in City, Guilford Says 1918
Epidemic Is Lower But 557 New Deaths 1918
Epidemic Is Over, Says Dr. Dowling 1918
The Epidemic Is Passing 1918
Epidemic Is Reported Abating In Army Camps 1918
Epidemic Is Second To Occur Within Year 1918
Epidemic Is Subsiding; 3 Deaths And 64 Flu Cases Reported Monday 1918
Epidemic Is Unchecked Twelve More Deaths 1918
Epidemic Is Under Control, Says Baker 1918
Epidemic Is Waning 1918
The Epidemic Is Waning 1918
Epidemic Is Waning As Result Of Work Of Health Officer 1918
Epidemic Is Worse, Late Reports Show 1918
Epidemic Lessening Over State 1918
Epidemic lessons against next time 1918
Epidemic Losing Hold In Villages 1918
Epidemic Losing Hold On Seattle 1918
Epidemic Losing Hold Over State And In The City 1918
Epidemic Makes Gains In State 1918
Epidemic May Bar Annual Mum Show 1918
Epidemic May Put Carnival in Bad Way 1918
Epidemic Moves On 1918
Epidemic near crest, relief seems in sight 1918
Epidemic Near Its Peak Here 1918
Epidemic Nearly Ended 1918
Epidemic Nearly Eradicated Here 1918
Epidemic New In Name Only 1918
Epidemic Not Alarming 1918
Epidemic Not At End, Says Peters, But Easing Down 1918
Epidemic Not At Peak; Closing Order Extended 1918
Epidemic Not Feared 1918
Epidemic Now On Decline Is Report 1919
Epidemic Now Past In Boston 1918
Epidemic Now Said To Be Under Control Here 1918
Epidemic Of "Flu" Is At Standstill 1918
Epidemic of "Flu" to Cost the State $45,000,000 Total 1919
Epidemic Of 'Flu' Checked In City 1918
Epidemic of 1899-90 Was Much Worse 1918
Epidemic Of Flu Is Now Abating 1918
Epidemic Of Flu Is Worse 1918
Epidemic Of Flu Reported On Wane Thruout State 1918
Epidemic Of Grip At Naval School 1918
Epidemic Of Grip Blocks Loan Work 1918
Epidemic Of Grippe Hits Navy Very Hard 1918
The Epidemic of Influenza 1918
Epidemic of Influenza 1918
"An epidemic of influenza (Grippe) is spreading rapidly through the camp" 1918
The Epidemic of Influenza at Camp Devens, Mass. 1919
The Epidemic of Influenza at Camp Merritt, N. J. 1919
The Epidemic of Influenza at Camp Sherman, Ohio 1918
Epidemic Of Influenza Ends In Schenectady 1918
Epidemic of influenza quarantines 4,000 Jackies 1918
Epidemic Of Influenza Seizes Naval Forces 1918
Epidemic Of Influenza Still Raging Thru Worcester 1918
The Epidemic of Pneumonia Following Influenza at Camp Logan, Texas 1918
Epidemic Of Spanish Influenza Halts Dance 1918
Epidemic Of Spanish Influenza Halts Dance 1918
Epidemic Off, Says Dr. Boyd 1919
Epidemic On Run in Camps 1918
Epidemic On The Decline In Worcester 1918
Epidemic On The Decline, State Dr. J. D. Dowling 1918
Epidemic on the Wane, Synagogue Resumes 1918
Epidemic On Wane At Camp Stanley 1918
Epidemic On Wane Here 1918
Epidemic On Wane in Camps 1918
Epidemic On Wane In D. C., Is View Of Dr. Wilson 1918
Epidemic On Wane In State 1918
Epidemic Order Cancels Many Albany Affairs 1918
Epidemic Orphan Homes To Close 1918
Epidemic Over 1919
Epidemic Over At Two Camps; No New Cases For 24 Hours 1918
Epidemic Passing 1918
Epidemic Passing Away 1918
Epidemic Places Burden on Institutions 1918
Epidemic Plays Havoc With Plans for Weddings Here 1918
Epidemic Pneumonia (Spanish Influenza) in Pregnancy 1918
Epidemic Prevents Marshall's Visit 1918
Epidemic Puts 500 Men From The Recruit Camp In Syracuse Hospitals 1918
Epidemic puts ban on football drill 1918
Epidemic Puts Ban On Hospital Visits 1918
Epidemic Puts Off Meeting In Albany 1918
Epidemic Rages Thruout State 1918
Epidemic Rapidly Subsiding In City 1918
Epidemic Reaches Crest At Sherman 1918
Epidemic Reaches Height Outside Of San Francisco 1918
Epidemic Reaches Its Height, Is General Opinion 1918
Epidemic Reaches Its Third Stage 1918
Epidemic Recedes, View Of Officials 1918
Epidemic Record Had No Appeal For Remedy 1918
Epidemic Reforms Theaters 1918
Epidemic Relief Work Taken Over 1918
Epidemic Report Shows Variations 1918
Epidemic Reports Are Denied; Facts In Situation Shown 1919
Epidemic Resort Issued 1919
Epidemic Routs Convention Of 15 Hotel Men 1918
Epidemic's Force Still Lessening 1918
Epidemic's Grip On City Due To Be Broken Soon 1918
Epidemic's Toll Is Increased By Six More Deaths 1918
Epidemic Scare Inconveniences Visitors In State 1918
Epidemic Seems Checked By Drop In Temperature 1919
Epidemic Seems Under Control 1918
Epidemic sends camphor prices to dizzy heights 1918
Epidemic Serum Offered City for Benefit of All 1918
Epidemic Shatters State Death Mark 1918
Epidemic Showing Material Decline 1918
Epidemic Shows a Marked Decline 1918
Epidemic Shows An Improvement 1918
Epidemic Shows Big Improvement At Camps In City 1918
Epidemic Shows Decided Slump; End of Ban Near 1918
Epidemic Shows Gains, Is Report; Dr. Bullock Ill 1918
Epidemic Shows Gradual Decline Over Saturday 1918
Epidemic Shows Great Decrease All Over State 1918
Epidemic Shows Increase 1918
Epidemic Shows Little Change 1918
Epidemic Shows No Indication Of Early Abatement 1918
Epidemic Shows No Indication Of Early Abatement 1918
Epidemic Shows Sharp Increase 1918
Epidemic Shows Slight Decline 1918
Epidemic Shows Slight Decrease 1918
Epidemic Shows Slight Increase 1919
The Epidemic Situation 1919
Epidemic Situation Better 1918
Epidemic Situation Better In Nashville 1918
Epidemic Situation Continues To Improve 1918
Epidemic Situation Demands Restrictions 1918
Epidemic Situation Grave; Blake Forbids Sevices in Churches by Latest Order 1918
Epidemic Situation Greatly Improved 1918
Epidemic Situation Improving 1918
Epidemic Situation Thruout Colorado 1918
Epidemic Slightly Growing In Maine 1918
Epidemic Slowing Up State Totals Indicate 1918
Epidemic Slowly Receding in Boston 1918
Epidemic Slows Up 1918
Epidemic Slows Up, Deaths Increase 1918
Epidemic Speeds Up 1918
Epidemic Spread Must Be Stopped 1918
Epidemic Spread Shows Decrease 1918
The Epidemic spreads fast 1918
Epidemic Spreads in Ohio; No Closing Orders Here 1918
Epidemic Spreads in South; Army Cases Are Decreasing; Pneumonia Claims 781 Lives 1918
Epidemic Spreads In State 1918
Epidemic Spreads More Rapidly 1918
Epidemic Spreads Through The West 1918
Epidemic Spreads To States In West 1918
Epidemic Stage Passed at Meade 1918
Epidemic Starts Afresh 1918
Epidemic Statistics Show Decline in City 1918
Epidemic Status Over The State 1918
The Epidemic Stays Down 1918
Epidemic Steadily Declining 1918
Epidemic Still Affects Business 1918
Epidemic Still Decreasing 1918
Epidemic Still Forceful Here; About 120 Cases 1918
Epidemic Still On Decrease 1918
Epidemic Still On Increase In Buckeye State 1918
Epidemic Still On The Decline 1918
Epidemic Still On Wane: Schools Reopen To-Day 1918
Epidemic Still Raging In All Ohio Counties 1918
Epidemic Still Raging In All Ohio Counties 1918
Epidemic Still Shows Decrease; Only 88 Deaths 1918
Epidemic Still Spreading 1919
Epidemic Still Spreading Here 1918
Epidemic Stops Bond Meetings; Final Effort On 1918
Epidemic Stops Meeting Of Normal Teachers 1918
Epidemic Stops Tulane Classes 1918
Epidemic Strikes Baby-Saving Work 1918
The Epidemic Subsiding 1918
Epidemic Takes 23 As New Serum Is Offered Here 1918
Epidemic Takes 6 More Victims 1918
Epidemic Takes Fourteen In Day 1918
Epidemic Takes Turn For Better 1918
The Epidemic Test Tomorrow 1918
Epidemic The Big Test 1919
Epidemic Thought To Be On The Decline 1918
Epidemic Tide Continues To Ebb 1918
Epidemic to Be Felt in Christmas Service of St. Louis Churches 1918
Epidemic To Go Quickly 1918
Epidemic Toll In Denver Is 489 1918
Epidemic Toll in S. F., L. A. and Oakland 1919
Epidemic Trend In City Upward 1918
Epidemic Twists Field Day Plans 1918
The Epidemic Unabated 1918
Epidemic Unchecked In Western Colorado 1918
Epidemic Under Control 1918
Epidemic Under Control 1918
Epidemic Under Control 1918
Epidemic Victim's Identity Is Puzzle 1918
Epidemic Victims Are Laid At Rest 1918
Epidemic Victims For Day Total 14 1918
Epidemic Virtually Over 1918
Epidemic Wanes At Local Camps 1918
Epidemic Wanes Conditions May Soon Be Normal 1918
Epidemic Wanes in Army Camps 1918
Epidemic Wanes Over Entire State 1918
Epidemic Wanes; Nurse Call Issued 1918
Epidemic Waning At Army Camp 1918
Epidemic Waning In Bay State 1918
Epidemic Waning Outside Of City 1918
Epidemic Waning, Reports Indicate 1918
Epidemic Waste of Human Life 1918
Epidemic Well In Hand 1918
Epidemic Well In Hand So Far 1918
Epidemic Well Under Control 1918
Epidemic Work at the Boston City Hospital 1919
Epidemic Workers Thanked For Help 1918
Epidemics of Influenza in 1647, 1789-90 and 1807: As Recorded by Noah Webster, Benjamin Rush, and Daniel Drake 1919
Epidemics Well Handled At Camp 1918
Epidemiological Report 1918
Epidemiological Report of Influenza Epidemic at Camp Custer, Michigan 1918
Epidemiological report on influenza in this camp during the five week period from Sept. 20 to Oct. 20, 1918, inclusive [Camp Dodge, Iowa] 1918
Epidemiological Report [Camp Grant, Illinois) [1918]
Epidemiological Report, Camp Kearney, California, September 25, 1918 - December 9, 1918 1918
An Epidemiological Study of the 1920 Epidemic of Influenza in an Isolated Rural Community 1921
Epidemiologist On Duty 1918
Epidemiologist Summoned Here 1918
The Epidemiology and Bacteriology of Influenza 1918
Epidemiology and the Work of Epidemiologists: Conditions in the Camps in the Early Winter of 1917 and the Remedies Proposed
The Epidemiology of Influenza 1919
The Epidemiology of Influenza 1919
Episcopal And Catholic Churches To Hold Services 1918
Episodes Caught By A Chronicle Photographer In The Midst Of Yesterday's Red Cross Fight Against Influenza 1918
Era of Love Grows as Fever Wanes; Grateful City Blesses Teachers; They Nurse Sick, Cheer Families 1918
Establish Quarantine At Dallas Baby Camp 1918
Estimates Cases At 2,500 1919
The Etiology and Epidemiology of Influenza 1922
The Etiology and Prevention of Influenza 1946
Etiology of Influenza 1918
Evaders Sent to Camp Despite Flu; Russ Lead 1918
Evanston Kitchen Aids Influenza Victims' Kin 1918
Evanston Shuts Schools When Influenza Gains 1918
Evasion Of Flu Edict To Bring Big Fine 1919
Eve And The Apple Up To Date 1918
Even Hits Receipts 1918
Even Influenza Avails Not To Dampen Ardor of Voters 1918
Evening School To Being Again Tonight 1918
Evening Training Classes Delayed 1918
Events Postponed; No Place To Go Now; Home Again Home 1918
Every Church, Every School Is Ordered Closed, Also Playhouses 1918
Every "Cop" Takes Anti-Flu "Shot" 1918
Every County Now Reports Influenza 1918
Every "L" Car Has Been Fumigated 1918
Every Nurse Must Aid During Epidemic 1918
Every Precaution Taken To Stop Malady's Spread 1918
Every Woman Is Asked To Make Anti-Flu Masks 1918
Everybody Has His Own Cure For Flu; What's Your Remedy? 1918
Everybody Is Asked To Wear "Flu" Mask 1918
Everybody To Report On Flu 1919
Everybody Tries To Look Happy Despite Masks 1918
Everyone Is Compelled to Wear Masks by City Resolution; Great Variety in Styles of Face Adornment in Evidence 1918
The Ex-Service Man and His Lungs: A Study of Twelve Hundred Cases 1924
Examinations Of Those Who've Had Flu Being Urged 1918
"Examiner's" News Pictures From S. F. And War Fronts 1918
Excepts Children In Bans' Removal 1918
Excerpt from Our First Forty Years 1941
Excess annual death rate per 100,000 population, influenza and pneumonia (all forms) 1 = Highest, 41 U. S. cities, September 1918 - March 20, 1920 1920
Excess mortality caused by influenza, in three waves and in the entire period [1918]
Exclude Children From All Theaters 1918
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, December 16, 1918 1918
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, November 18, 1918 1918
Existing Flu Cases Are Of Mild Nature 1918
Exit influenza 1918
Exit Lady Bellhops From Los Angeles 1918
Expect A Freeze Sunday 1918
Expect Board To Lift Influenza Ban Today 1918
Expect Closing Ban Lifted By Saturday 1918
Expect Common Council To Raise Flu Fund 1919
Expect "Flu" Ban Will Be Lifted Dec. 7 1918
Expect Now To Stop The Grip Epidemic 1918
Expect Thousand Nurses Will Be Registered Soon 1918
Expect To Hold Influenza Wave In Check Easily 1918
Expect To Lift Closing Order Here Saturday 1918
Expect To Lift Influenza Quarantine At Early Date 1918
Expected To Lift Ban On Thursday 1918
Expects Grippe To Be With City Through Winter 1918
Expects Spanish Influenza To Be Common 1918
Expects Sporadic 'Flu' Cases 1918
Experience of Massachusetts State Sanatoria For Tuberculosis During the Recent Influenza Epidemic 1919
Experience with Influenza in 1889 and 1900 1918
Experiences Of An Oakland Flu Nurse 1918
Experiences with the 'Flu' 1918
Experiments Upon Volunteers to Determine the Cause and Mode of Spread of Influenza, Boston, November and December, 1918 1921
Expert Medical Service Free 1918
An Expert's Study Of Influenza 1918
Expert Tells What New Vaccine Really Is 1918
Experts Doubt Mask's Value 1918
Experts Studying Influenza Problem 1918
Experts tell way of dealing with influenza 1918
Experts To Meet To Fight 'Flu' 1918
Explains Death Rate 1919
Explains How 145th Treats Spanish Flu 1918
Explanation as to Way In Which the Influenza Mask Affords Protection 1919
An Exploit in Control of Influenza 1920
An Explosive Epidemic of Influenzal Disease at Fort Oglethorpe 1918
Extend Anti-Spitting Order 1918
Extend Fight Against Flu 1918
Extend Flu Ban At Once 1918
Extend Flu Hours For Cigar Stores 1918
Extension At Camp Sherman To Be Dedicated By Patriotic Speakers Today 1918
Extension Courses At University 1918
Extension Of Ban On Public Places Is Now Probable 1918
Extensive Epidemics Of Influenza In Camps 1918
The Extent and Control of Influenza in Washington, D.C. 1918
Extra Cantonment Sources Of Influenza At Camp Dodge, Iowa [1918]
"Eye Flu" The Latest 1919

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