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B: Letter To Board Of Health Of Cities Or Boroughs Or School Directors In Case Of Townships [1918]
B. U. Delays Opening 1918
B. U. Reopening Oct 14 1918
Babcock and Royer Confer on Epidemic 1918
Babcock Asks State to Lift Influenza Ban 1918
Baby Boys Go Over the Top Again; Health Record 1919
Baby Hospital Is Latest Red Cross Influ Addition 1918
Baby Influenza Victims Crowded 1918
Baby Saving Retarded 1918
Baby week Is Postponed 1918
Back of Influenza Epidemic Is Broken 1918
Back To School Drive To Start Monday, Jan. 27 1919
"Back To School" Drive Is Planned 1918
Backbone Of Epidemic Here Believed Broken 1918
Bacteriologic Findings In Cases Of Influenza At Camp Crane, Allentown, Pa. [1918]
A Bacteriologic Investigation of an Outbreak of Influenza in an Institution: The Inmates of Which were Previously Free from the Influenza Bacillus When Completely Vaccinated with Influenza Vaccine 1919
A Bacteriologic Study of the Influenza Epidemic at Camp Devens, Mass. 1919
Bacteriological Findings in Epidemic Influenza 1919
The Bacteriology of Epidemic Influenza 1920
Baffled Science 1918
Baker School Opens 1918
Baker Silent On Flu Call 1918
Baltimore's Death Rate from Flu Highest 1919
Ban Annoying? Look At Frisco 1918
Ban Assemblage, States Are Urged 1918
Ban Being Lifted Throughout State 1918
Ban Child Assemblage 1918
Ban Effective Another Week 1918
Ban For Children At Theaters Falls 1918
Ban For Churches To Be Off Sunday 1918
Ban Gatherings In An Effort To Halt Influenza 1918
Ban Has No Effect On Grid Practice 1918
Ban In Boulder Will Be Raised 1918
Ban In Cecil Lifted 1918
Ban Is Extended As Flu Spreads 1918
Ban Is Lifted And Shows Will Open Thursday Morning 1918
Ban Is Lifted At Deseret Gymnasium 1918
Ban Is Lifted In 20 Counties 1918
Ban Is Lifted On Wholesalers 1918
Ban Is Lifted, Board Voting Two To One In Favor 1918
Ban Is Lifted, But People Are Warned 1918
Ban Is Put Back On Sport Events 1918
Ban Is Still On 1918
Ban Is Taken Off At Midnight Hour 1918
The Ban Lifted 1918
Ban Lifted Here 1918
Ban Lifted in Cambridge 1918
Ban Lifted In Morgantown 1918
The Ban Lifted in Philadelphia 1918
Ban Lifted On Prescriptions 1918
Ban Lifted Too Soon In Ohio Towns 1918
Ban Lifting Is Left With State Board 1918
Ban May Be Lifted Sunday 1918
Ban May Be Replaced In City, Morgan Says 1918
Ban May Be Tilted 1918
Ban May Soon Be Lifted in City 1918
Ban May Stay Unless Death Rate Lowers 1918
Ban Now Reaches 16 Years 1918
Ban of Spanish Influenza Lifted 1918
Ban Off Again; On Again 1918
Ban Off at St. Mary's 1918
Ban Off Schools; To Start Monday 1918
Ban Off; Schools Open Here Monday 1918
Ban On Account Of 'Flu' May Be Lifted Saturday 1918
Ban On Account Of 'Flu' Will Be Lifted Saturday 1918
Ban On Amusement Will Last A Week 1918
Ban on Amusements Affects High School Football Contests Friday 1918
Ban On Camp Is Partially Lifted 1918
Ban On Camps To Last Another Week 1918
Ban on Draft Work to End Tomorrow 1918
Ban On Football Here Will Not Be Lifted This Week 1918
Ban On Funerals Lifted Partially 1918
Ban On Gatherings Here to Continue 1918
Ban On Influenza Holds Until Oct. 26 1918
Ban on Kisses Leads Influenza Don'ts 1918
Ban On Meetings Asked In Flu War 1918
Ban On Meetings Changes Plans of Candidate Bell 1918
Ban On Meetings Stirs Party Heads 1918
Ban On Meetings To Be Lifted Soon 1918
Ban On Meetings Two Weeks More 1918
Ban on Playing of Games Is Expected to Continue Throughout This Week 1918
Ban On Public Funerals 1918
Ban On Public Gatherings In City Continues 1918
Ban On Public Gatherings Off At Midnight Tonight 1918
Ban On Public Gatherings To Be Raised Thursday 1918
Ban on Public Gatherings Will Be Lifted at Midnight To-night 1918
Ban On Public Meetings To Be Lifted Sunday 1918
Ban On Public Meetings Will End On Friday 1918
Ban On Pumpkin Show Unfair, Says Doughty 1918
Ban On Schools And Amusements Still In Effect 1918
Ban On Shopping at Night 1918
Ban On Sports Lifted Today 1918
Ban On Theaters To Be Partially Removed Sunday 1918
Ban On Theatres And Schools May Be Lifted Today 1918
Ban On Tight For Election 1918
Ban On Until Deaths Decrease to 7 a Day 1918
Ban Placed on All Halloween Events 1918
Ban Placed On State To Check 'Flu' Spread 1918
Ban Probably To Continue A Week 1918
Ban Raised Here As Epidemic Ends 1918
Ban Raised Tomorrow 1918
Ban Remains; Babcock Goes to Harrisburg 1918
Ban Removal Is Expected Nov. 16 1918
Ban removed by Health Official 1918
Ban Rules Revoked By Board After Police Prepare To Ignore Closing Order 1918
Ban Saloons, Too, Pastors Urge City 1918
Ban Seems Harsh To The Christian Scientists Here 1918
Ban Stays On 1918
Ban Still on Sunday Schools 1918
Ban Taken Off On Gatherings 1918
Ban Tightened To Check "Flu" 1918
Ban To Be Entirely Lifted Monday 1918
Ban To Be Lifted Next Saturday, Is Announcement 1918
Ban To Be Lifted On The Flu Order Within Ten Days 1918
Ban To Continue Until November 2 1918
Ban To Continue Without Relief 1918
Ban Will Be Lifted Here Tomorrow 1918
Ban Will Not Be Lifted Tomorrow 1918
Band Held In Portland 1919
Banish Influenza! 1918
Banish The Influenza 1918
Banish The Influenza 1918
Bank Is Trying to Prevent Disease 1918
Banless Holidays Depend On Public 1918
Bans Raised by Health Official 1918
Baptist ministers ask divine help to check epidemic 1918
Baptists To Meet If 'Flu' Ban Lifts 1918
Bar-Closing Order Violated Is Claim 1918
Bar Meetings At Hotels 1918
Bar Public Dances 1918
Bar Schools To Exposed Pupils 1918
Barbers Fighting Flu 1918
Barbers Muzzled Under New Rule 1918
Barbers Put On Gauze Masks As Bar To Influenza Germs 1918
Bargain Sales Under Flu Ban, Is City Mandate 1918
Barrage To Drop on Epidemic 1918
Barred by Flu, Father Sees Baby With Spyglass 1918
Bars Are Lowered To Autoists Today 1918
Bars, Cafes In Dark; Patrons Are Missing 1918
Barton Family Correspondence, October 1918 - January 1919 [1919]
Base Hospital Filled By Influenza Epidemic 1918
Base Hospital Is Quarantined 1918
Base Hospitals Report 22 Deaths From Pneumonia 1918
Baseball Defies Spanish 'Flu' At Broadway Park 1918
Baseball Stopped by Spanish "Flu" 1918
Battle Against Epidemic Is Won 1918
Battle The Influenza From Milwaukee's Gates 1918
Battle Yet On Against "Flu" 1918
Bay City Banker Favors Cleanliness 1918
Bay State Hit Hard By Influenza 1918
Bay State Nurses Go To Harrisburg 1918
Bay State Towns Want Nurses 1918
Baylor Departments Have Not Been Closed 1918
Be Calm, Cool; Check Disease 1918
Be Careful of Your Health 1919
Be Cautious, But Not Inhumane 1918
Be Easy On The Mail Man 1918
Be Fearless; Advice Of A Health Expert 1918
Be Game, Whatever Happens 1918
Be Neighborly 1918
Be On Guard As "Flu" Drifts 1918
Be Sane 1918
Beach City To Lift "Flu" Ban Saturday 1918
Beach Teachers Balk On Orders Of Board 1918
Beard His "Flu" Preventative 1919
Beards Blush Unseen Under 'Flu' Masks 1918
Beat "flu" in fight 1918
Beat Up Influenza Carrier 1918
Beatty Explains 'Big Sales' Curb 1918
Beck Family Correspondence, October - November 1918 1918
Beds Are Available 1918
Beds Provided For Emergency Cases 1918
Beef Broth Given To 'Flu' Patients 1918
Begin Warfare On Influenza 1918
Behind Scenes In A Flu Mask Factory 1918
Being a Few Additional Remarks on the Treatment of "Flu" from a Medical Standpoint 1918
Being Made Familiar With Death 1918
Being Scared Is Not A Precaution 1918
Belfast Orders Everything Closed 1918
Believe Crest Of Epidemic Passed; More Places Closed 1918
Believe Crisis Is Now Past 1918
Believe Epidemic Has Been Curbed 1918
Believe Epidemic Has Reached Peak 1918
Believe Epidemic Is Under Control 1918
Believe "Flu" Crest Reached 1918
Believe Grip Is Checked At Newport 1918
Believe Influenza Is Under Control 1918
Believe Influenza Wearing Itself Out In Community 1918
Believe That Crisis Is Past In Epidemic 1918
Believe Wave Of Influenza On The Wane 1918
Believes Influenza Epidemic Has Passed 1918
Believes Open Air Is Influenza Preventative 1918
The Benevolent Society 1918
Berkeley Enforces Mask Wearing; Alameda Flu Cases on Decrease 1918
Berkeley Flu Cases on Wane; Crest Is Reached in Epidemic 1918
Berkeley's Cases Are on Decrease; Alameda Combats Flu Epidemic 1918
Berkeley Schools May Reopen; Sixty-Seven New Cases at Alameda 1918
Better At Hagerstown 1918
Better At Newport 1918
Better child care plan in grip cases 1918
Better In Frederick 1918
Better In Frederick 1918
Better In Frederick 1918
Better In Quincy 1918
Better Service by "L," Mayor's Demand 1918
Better Showing in Boston 1918
Better To Look Odd Than Be Dead 1918
Better Utilization of Hospital Beds 1918
Beware Lest Tuberculosis Follow Influenza, Warns Dr. W. R. Vis, T. B. Specialist 1918
Beware Of A Chill, It May Run Into Spanish Influenza 1918
Beware Of Cold, Hurty Advises 1918
Beware Spanish Influenza! You Can Fool It If You Will 1918
Beware the Contagious Cold! 1918
Beware The Dollar Bill! 1918
Beware the Germ 1918
Beware the Influenza Instep�Advises Famous Woman Physician 1919
Bi-Weekly Report to War Department, John A. Pearson 10/16/18 1918
Bi-Weekly Report to War Department, John A. Pearson 10/31/18 1918
Bi-Weekly Report to War Department, John A. Pearson 11/15/18 1918
Bible Institute in Services Long Held Up by Influenza Ban 1918
Bible Schools Will Not Meet 1918
Biennial Report Of The Board Of Health For The Parish of Orleans And The City Of New Orleans 1916 - 1917 1916
Biennial Report Of The Board Of Health For The Parish of Orleans And The City Of New Orleans 1918 - 1919 1918
Biennial Report Of The Board Of Health For The Parish of Orleans And The City Of New Orleans 1920 - 1921 1920
Biennial Report Of The Bureau Of Vital Statistics Of The North Carolina State Board Of Health, 1916 - 1917 1917
Biennial Report Of The Louisiana State Board of Health To The General Assembly Of The State Of Louisiana 1920 - 1921 1921
Biennial Report of the State Board Of Health Of Missouri Being The Thirty-Seventh And Thirty-Eighth Annual Reports, Nineteen Nineteen, Nineteen Twenty [1919 - 1920] 1920
Biennial Report Of The State Health Department West Virginia, July 1, 1922 - June 30, 1924 1924
Biennial Report Of The Texas State Board Of Health From September 1, 1916, To August 31, 1918 To The Governor 1918
Big Attendance Marks Opening Of City Schools 1918
Big Benefit Canceled. Seydell at Auditorium. "Flu" Breaks Up Plans. Many Moving for Winter. 1918
Big Campaign Against Flu Starts Today 1918
Big Celebration Increases Flu 1918
Big celebrations killed influenza 1918
Big City Nurses Must Help Smaller Places 1918
Big Copper Company Makes Good "Flu" Fight 1918
Big Decline In 'Flu' Cases; Mask Law Action Held Up 1919
Big Decline In Death Toll At Camp Sherman 1918
Big Decrease Here In New Grip Cases 1918
Big Decrease in Coal Shipments Due to Flu 1918
Big Decrease In Flu Cases 1918
Big Decrease in Influenza Cases Shown 1918
Big Decrease In Influenza Cases; 15 More Deaths 1918
Big Decrease In Influenza Cases; Only 937 Today 1918
Big Decrease In Number Of Cases Shown 1918
Big Decrease Reported In Influenza Cases 1919
Big Decrease Shown In Flu Deaths In Day, New Cases Diminish 1918
Big Decrease Shown in Influenza Cases 1918
Big Drop In 'Flu' Cases; No Deaths Reported 1918
Big Drop In Epidemic Is Shown Here 1918
Big Drop In Flu Cases; Care Needed 1919
Big Drop In Flu Figures 1918
Big Drop in Grippe Deaths in Boston 1919
Big Drop In Influ Cases 1918
Big Drop In New Cases Of Influenza Reported 1918
Big Drop Reported In New "Flu" Cases 1918
Big Drop Shown In Influenza 1919
Big Drop Shown in Influenza Deaths 1918
Big Fall-Off In Influenza Cases Shown 1918
Big Falling Off In Grip Deaths 1918
Big firms take up fight in influenza 1918
Big Flu Case Drop Shown In Report 1919
Big Funerals And Wakes Prohibited 1918
Big Glove Idle As Flu Reigns 1918
Big Improvement In Epidemic Of Influenza Here 1918
Big Improvement In Flu Situation 1918
Big Improvement Shown in Atlanta Influenza Reports 1918
Big Increase Friday In Pneumonia And Influenza Cases 1918
Big Increase In Flu Feared As Result Of Packed City Streets 1918
Big Increase In Influenza Cases Here; Report 119 1918
Big Increase In Influenza Victims Today 1918
Big Increase In New Flu Cases Recorded In Denver As Result Of Peace Fete And Ban Lifting 1918
Big Increase Shown In Influenza Cases 1918
Big Increase Shown in Influenza Cases 1919
Big Jump Here In Number Of Deaths 1918
Big Plants Adopt Masks 1918
Big Shipments Of Red Cross Goods 1918
Big Slump In Influenza 1918
Big Throngs Defy The Health Rules 1918
Big Victory Parade To Be Held Sunday 1918
Big Vote In Election, In View Of Flu 1918
Big Work Done By Nurses At "Flu" Hospital 1918
Biggest Death Rate In History Of This City 1918
Bills Of $12,790 Due To Epidemic 1918
Birmingham Agog With Humanity When the Influenza Ban Is Lifted 1918
Birmingham May Adopt "Skip Stop" Schedule For Cars 1918
Birmingham Presbytery Has Been Postponed 1918
Birth And Death Increase Shown 1918
Births In 1918 Outnumbered By Deaths 1918
Births Increase As Infant Death Rate Declines In Dayton 1919
Births Outnumber Deaths 1919
Births Show Decrease Deaths Show Increase 1919
Bishop E. S. Sheets Influenza Victim 1919
Bishop Johnson in Interview Protests Closing of Churches 1918
Bishop Orders Churches at Fall River to Close 1918
Bishop Russell Writes 1918
Bishop Russell's Reply 1918
Blake Doesn't Fear Epidemic of "Flu" 1918
Blake May Remove Closing Ban Today 1918
Blake Modifies Closing Orders 1918
Blake Will Not Close Theaters 1918
Blame Influenza For Bulge In Death Rate 1918
Blame Influenza On Diseased Minds 1918
Blames Baltimore For "Flu" 1918
Blames "Flu" On Crowds 1918
Blames Increase In Influenza To Peace Jubilee 1918
Blames Kelley for Delay in Epidemic 1918
Blames Public For "Flu" 1918
Blankets, Clothing, Needed For Influenza Sufferers 1918
Blessed Sacrament Red Cross Auxiliary Does Emergency Work For Grip Victims 1918
Blood Of Influenza Convalescents Asked 1918
Blue Sunday Here With All Churches And Shows Closed 1918
Blue Warns Of Spanish Grippe 1918
Board Acts To Enforce Street Car Ventilation 1918
Board Changes Hours In Stores 1918
Board Decides Schools Open Next Monday 1918
Board Discusses Influenza, But Takes No Action 1919
Board Favors Short Holiday 1918
Board Finds Mask No Help 1919
Board Issues A Flu Communique 1918
Board May Act To Veto Masks Today 1919
Board Means Quarantine To Be "Absolute" 1918
Board Meeting, Visiting Nurse Society of Philadelphia, February 7, 1919 1919
Board Minutes, Visiting Nurses (Toledo, OH) 1918
Board of Directors, December 17, 1918 1918
Board of Education Meeting Minutes for October 9, 1918 1918
Board of Education Meeting Minutes, December 3, 1918, 2:00 P. M. 1918
Board of Education Meeting Minutes, January 7, 1919, 2:00 P. M. 1919
Board of Education Meeting Minutes, January 9, 1919, 11:00 A. M. 1919
Board of Education Meeting Minutes, November 14, 1918 1918
Board of Education Meeting Minutes, November 7, 1918, 12:00 P. M. 1918
Board of Education Meeting Minutes, October 8, 1918, 12:30 P. M. 1918
Board Of Health 1918
Board Of Health 1918
Board Of Health Acts 1918
Board Of Health Advises Care To Avoid Infection 1918
Board Of Health Asks Physicians To Try Budd's Vaccine 1918
Board Of Health In Session Here 1918
Board Of Health Lifts Influenza Ban 1918
Board Of Health Meeting 1918
Board of Health Modifies The Rule Affecting Stores 1918
Board of Health Notice to the Public 1918
Board Of Health Orders Theaters In City Closed 1918
Board Of Health Plans Preventives Against Influenza 1919
Board Of Health Puts Rigid Quarantine On To Prevent Flu Spread 1919
Board Of Health Refuses To Lift Restrictive 1918
Board Of Health Reports 7 Dead From Influenza 1918
Board Of Health Sanctions Military Concert In Mechanics Hall, Oct. 18 1918
Board of Health Says Influenza Is No New Disease 1918
Board Of Health Sends Physicians 1918
Board of Health Tenacious Of Right 1919
Board Of Health Thanks Public 1918
Board Of Health Thanks The Public 1918
Board Of Health To Act Promptly 1919
Board of Health to Study Steps to Fight the Flu 1918
Board Of Health To Take Up Today Flu In Schools 1918
Board Of Health Wants Outlined 1918
Board Of Health's Mandate Is Obeyed 1918
Board of Lady Managers Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, December 16, 1918 1918
Board of Lady Managers Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, December 23, 1918 1918
Board of Lady Managers Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, December 30, 1918 1918
Board of Lady Managers Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, November 18, 1918 1918
Board of Lady Managers Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, November 4, 1918 1918
Board of Lady Managers Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, October 21, 1918 1918
Board of Lady Managers Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, October 28, 1918 1918
Board of Lady Managers Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, October 7, 1918 1918
Board of Lady Managers Meeting Minutes, February 10, 1919 1919
Board of Lady Managers Meeting Minutes, January 16, 1919 1919
Board of Lady Managers Meeting Minutes, November 11, 1918, Peace Day 1918
Board of Lady Managers Meeting Minutes, October 14, 1918 1918
Board of Lady Visitors, Visitors Book, reports for September - December 1918 1918
Board of Regents Meeting, University of Washington, October 12, 1918 1918
Board Prepares To Enforce Flu Mask Wearing 1918
Board Protests School Closing 1918
Board Refuses Blame For Pupils' Health 1918
Board Rescinds The Mask Order 1918
Board Tables Flannagan's Original Letter 1918
Board To Enforce Influenza Rules; 1159 New Cases 1918
Board To Force Mask Wearing By Ordinance 1918
Board Will Decide On School Opening 1918
Board Would 'Get Even' At Risk Of Pupils' Lives 1918
Bond Parade And Party Is Cancelled�Influenza Cause 1918
Boost Again Recorded In Cases Of Influenza 1919
Boost Of 15 Reported In Influenza Cases 1919
Bootleg Cargo Is Steered To Jail 1918
Bootleg Price Up As Scourge Rages 1918
Bootleggers Aid In Checking Flu 1918
Borrow $40,000 For War On Flu 1918
Boston Calls For Lowell Nurses 1918
Boston College High Closes 1918
Boston Death List Shows an Increase 1918
Boston Deaths From Grippe Drop to 71 1918
Boston Grippe Toll Drops to 144 1918
Boston Has 1,879 Cases Of Influenza 1918
Boston Has 14 Deaths 1918
Boston Joins State in Fighting 1918
Boston People Plan To Fight "Flu" Epidemic 1918
Boston Provident Association, Sixty-Seventh, Sixty-Eighth, and Sixty-Ninth Annual Reports, October 1, 1917 to October 1, 1920 1921
Boston Reports 17 Deaths From Grippe 1919
Boston's Epidemic Officially Ended 1918
Boston Schools Closed Today Until Monday 1918
Boston Schools Will Reopen Monday 1918
Boston Serum For 'Flu' To Be Tried Here 1918
Boston Stores and Shops to Go On A New Time Schedule 1918
Boston Teachers Register 1918
Boston Theaters Will Reopen Next Monday 1918
Bottling Plant Closed 1918
Bound And Gagged? - No, She Is Warding Off Influenza Germs 1918
Bowling Alleys Not Ordered To Close 1918
Bowling Season Again Under Way After "Flu" Scare 1918
Box-Barraging An Epidemic 1918
Boxing Is Resumed Gradually In East As Flu Ban Moves 1918
Boy Scouts in Charge 1918
Boys' Bible Clubs Are Postponed 1918
Boys To Be Kept Busy Thru Epidemic Siege 1918
Boys' Work At Y. M. C. A. 1918
Bp. Edwin S. Sheets Dies Of Pneumonia 1919
Braisted Urges Flu Fund 1919
Brake Put On Influenza 1918
Branch Society Announcements 1919
Bremerton Hit By Spanish Influenza 1918
Brief Masses in Catholic Churches 1918
Brief Meeting Of Board Of Health 1919
Brief Outline Of Activities Of The Public Health Service In Combating The Influenza Epidemic, 1918 - 1919 [1919]
Brief Service In Each Church 1918
Bring On Your Flu; Here's Preparedness 1918
Brings Influenza Vaccine When Supply Here Fails 1918
British Day Observance Postponed Account "Flu" 1918
Broad Closing Order Not Now Favored By Local Health Board 1918
Broad Plan For Health Work In Schools 1918
Broadside notice announcing that, by order of the City Health Officer, the street car windows are to be kept open in Columbus, October 10, 1918 1918
Brookline Gets 200 Sick Sailors 1918
Brothers Die 1919
Brothers Die in Day of Influenza 1918
Brunt Of Epidemic Believed Met Here 1918
Buffalo Bowling Alleys Close To Help Fight "Flu" 1918
Buffalo Casts Aside Fetters Of Influenza 1918
Buffalo Free Of Flu Ban Today 1918
Buffalo General Hospital, Sixty-First Annual Report for the Year Ending September 30th, 1919 1919
Buffalo May Close Tight To Check The Danger Of Epidemic 1918
Buffalo Suffers Tight Quarantine Because of Plague 1918
Buffalo To Hold Big Celebration For Liberty Day 1918
Building of Special Influenza Hospitals at Once Urged by Surg Gen Brooks 1918
Bulletin, February 1917 - February 1920 1920
A Bulletin Is Issued 1918
Bulletin No. 128, Headquarters, Camp Dix, NJ 1918
Bulletin No. 130, Headquarters, Camp Dix, NJ 1918
Bulletin No. 133, Headquarters, Camp Dix, NJ 1918
Bulletin of the American Red Cross, Northwestern Division, Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, October 12, 1918 - April 19, 1919 [1919]
Bulletin of the State Board of Health of Kentucky, 1919 1919
Bulletin to Members of the Faculties of the University of Chicago 1918
Bulletin To The Members Of The Board of Regents 1918
Bulletins and News Releases related to influenza, University of Utah [1918]
Bulletins to Instructors at the University of Chicago 1918
Bureau Of Engraving Fighting Influenza 1918
Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Dispatch (Circular) to various naval stations [including Yerba Buena and Mare Island], March 18, 1918 1918
Bureau To Supply Pneumonia Vaccine 1918
Burial permits, October 1918, Atlanta, Georgia 1918
Burns clothing of husband, five children, all ill 1918
Busiest Corner In The World, The Happy Hub Of 2,500,000 Celebrators In Peace Jubilee 1918
Business As Usual Is Lowell Program Today 1918
Business As Usual Is Order Of Day, "Flu" Ban Lifted 1918
Business Gains As Flu Wanes 1918
Business Girls Sew to Combat Influenza 1918
Business Hour Ban Removed By Copeland 1918
Business Hours Changed In Order To Fight Plague 1918
Business Hours May Be Changed to Curb Epidemic 1918
Business Improves Thruout Denver As Flu Epidemic Wanes 1918
Business Men Aroused Over Health Order 1918
Business Men Reported For Disobeying Order 1918
Business Reopens With Lifting Of Closing Order 1918
Business Slowly Becoming Better 1918
Busy Red Cross Unit 1918
But 2 New Cases of Influenza at the Recruit Camp 1918
But 4 New Cases Of Influenza 1918
But 55 New Cases Of Influenza And 10 Deaths Listed 1918
But Eight Flu Cases Reported 1918
But Few Deaths From The Flu 1918
But for That Spanish "Flu," the Smoke Would Go Up the Chimney Just The Same; Influenza Ban On Sports Not To Be Lifted This Week 1918
But Nine New Cases Of Epidemic Diseases In Overnight Report 1919
But Not For A Beverage 1918
But One Case of Influenza Found at Recruit Camp 1918
But One City Had Fewer Deaths from 'Flu' Than Atlanta 1918
But One Flu Death Reported Thursday 1918
Butler Nurses Wearing Masks 1918
Butler Thinks He Has "Flu" 1918
Buy All That Is Necessary Before Noon Says Manning 1918

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