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ThJ iB i3St Place in Columbus to Eat A modern, uptoonminute Restaurant, catering to part icular men, women and-children The CJrienlail Restaurant 30O6 North High Street (Oaer Krogre) Here you may choose from an extensive Bill of Fare of both Chinewe and American dishes, prepared os only the "Oriental" can, served in dainty and appetizing style, by courteous and efficient waiter. SPECIAL Business Men's Luncheon, 50c I I to 2Each Week Day Menu Changed Daily SAN PON, Manager yih f te t-.tO tdtteitcl et io:set o~sirmies k heot t rCaleghted hyloo O, lbtttelots t per etm oHlthO ocro.hnwescrsted id otd chrelttin llsetarOhtio theim eefhers, cbeard sns of M add Uct e itatet. tlotheatlth s bles ttlltomte p t tresses) rtotlt cdoplte cc aosipo h accoutant are Privte Daid Ry La hesssituato ed Co tlbsI anttobes n S i s. The osa ihctopantCtne odeofs)evtealet e ato he sta. ctn. 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